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Kenya – Christmas time

Kenya-Said-Hussein-Serena-BeachIt is not necessary to fight evil. Evil exists only in our imagination…


No internetconnection – no computer for monthts. And then I am suddenly on Wifi…

– It is still in me. Deep silence and boundless spacious…


This time of the year all parties come together. Tuition fees are paid for the kids.  I was cooking for friends or took people along for a ‘dinner’ outdoors.
Loomen with the kids of Upendo. Birthday parties for Feith and Faith. With Beka and Hussein to the beach. Took Friends to Haller Park of Kilifi or to the beach. For us just normal. For them often the first time!


Beginning December 15 boys were arrested in my old village, including my friend Steve, because of a land issue. Land which was occupied by people from up north ages ago…

Conditions in prison are horrific. My friend the lawyer in Meru spontaneously offers to provide the case for Steve, even though he lives 750 kilometers from Mombasa. I visit the boys and went to court. It failed in two months to bring together the bond of 700 Euro by the family and his employer, despite I took on me the cost of travel and accommodation of my friend. After several sleepless nights I let go – I let God. The case should have taken place last week Friday. Not only for Steve, but for all 15 first arrested ones it should have been very important. Anyway, I gave the case back to his family and employer. On behold, the first 50 Euro are in! Well, this coastal area, it remains a different story…


After the trial I met the guys behind bars. Some have TB – some Typhoid. They sleep on the floor if there is a spot. The food is terrible, they do not have clean clothes and are beaten. I share bread and water and touch them. Tell me that I love them and have faith in them. They are radiating and my heart is full of compassion….


Although I still do my things, I feel that I am more and more take distance of the coastal area. It will still take several generations before there will come something in motion. And that is not up to me – I want to help but I do not like to carry..


Despite the doctors saw no other possibility than an operation of 6000 Euros, Fatma recovers rapidly after an alternative route that we have chosen together. Yes that’s a victory. Cost 500 Euros and no knives and screws in her body. She is extremely grateful – me too…


Yasmin please visit my brother – he’s really sick. And again, I make a great trip on the bike through the bush. He lies in a pile of rags and there is no awareness. I sit next to him and let the energy flow. No, I can not do anything, only mitigate the circumstances. He is bewitched…

Dennis and goats

All preparations are behind us. He will try his luck again in March with 5 young goats. Maybe this time they will not steal and kill them. We do half-half. Renting a shamba and starting with five baby-goats instead of ten for milking. A major investment but it has his whole heart…


They go fishing with seven friends. One of the boys is being dragged into the deep sea and drowns. The pain is softened with Manasi, the local palm wine. A shaman does a ritual to wish his soul a safe journey home. The boys are not fishing of respect for their friend this week…


I sit in a waiting matatu and thoroughly enjoy a guy who is dancing to his stall diligently. Suddenly he looks up and scares. I put my thumbs up. He runs up to me, gives me a hug and dances on. And despite the dirt, the heat and the dust I remember why I feel so at home here…

Black and Beauty

Never before I had such a love affair with animals then with these two kittens. It’s an incredible couple. Black is crippled for the 2nd time. But it’ll be fine. He comes himself for his treatments. In them I see every day the process of being here and now and of surrender. There is nothing like that one moment, their is no good nor bad…
– Ones I will write a book about them…

My host is busy from the time I arrived. We did not have time to really meet each other. I feel sorry for her...


In 2 weeks I go for a couple of days to my friends in Meru. A whole journey, but they love me and are longing to see me. The temperature is pleasant and it’s fine to be with people who have nothing requires then what is natural always there – if you dare to see it:  LOVE…


Enlightment is nothing else than embracing your dark side…

  • I love you – I love my cats and I love myself…


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2 comments to Kenya – Christmas time

  • Maria

    Heel mooi om te lezen Yasmin. Veel liefde en krokusgroeten uit mijn Lichte Leven hier. Maria

  • Sandra

    Lieve Yasmin,
    Fijn een teken van leven van je te horen, je was al steeds in mijn gedachten.
    Mooi weer wat je schrijft! Dikke knuffel,

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