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Back home…

Aristote DR Congo in GrenobleWhy you like to go to the refugees in a place like Moria – Lesvos. Why you even seems to enjoy it…


‘Anyway – the more I listen to the stories behind the refugees. The more I conclude that we are all refugees, and that every man who has the courage to make the crossing – and mostly literally looks death into the eyes – has a reason to be here. It is not to me to judge whether they have a good reason yes or no. They do not ask us why we go to Africa to explore their country and to play careless tourist without having a slightly idea of the fact that the majority of the population is suppressed or poor. Let alone that we like to think about the fact that their oppression or poverty is perhaps the result of our intervention…’

Here on earth were the visible world is divided into good and evil and where the law of the jungle applies, we will continue to fight for our rights and freedom until the moment when we realize that the Universe does not make a distinction between rich and poor, Muslim or Christian. That we are all sons and daughters of the same Father/Mother, and that it cannot be that the one seems to have only rights and the other only duties…

How can we survive

In a world like this. How can we relate to the fact that we live on a time-bomb. That every minute somewhere a terrorist attack takes place – that this just might be in our backyard. How can we embrace life as we hear it is the end? How do we relate to the refugees who seem to sit everywhere now we want to keep them with might and force outside our doors and borders?

Yes HOW…
  • By getting despondent and depressed…
  • Well NO – it does not seem a solution…
What then
  • By going to realize that what we SEE is not what we ARE…
  • By accepting and mainly by feeling that THIS is as it IS
  • That life here on earth IS suffering
  • That it is an illusion to dream about PEACE on Earth
  • Then you DO NOT understand that the planet earth has been created to transform and to polish ourselves and to return – by moving forward – to that state of consciousness that we were in when we were born. How for God’s sake would it be possible if there are no challenges on our path…
WOW life is wonderful
  • WITH the sun and the moon – WITH the light and the dark
  • With or without immigrants
  • WITH you and without you
Life is an incredible opportunity to give yourself back to your SELF…
  • IT will happen only when you stop wanting it to be it DIFFERENT
  • IT will happen only when you realize that you are constantly brainwashed by the media
  • IT will happen only by ceasing to believe what you SEE – but dare to experience that what IS
  • IT will happen only when you take the responsibility for what YOU feel and experience
  • IT will happen only when you allow your Hearth to reign and let your mind be a willing servant
  • IT will happen only when you let go your control and let yourself drift on the flow of LOVE
At that moment
  • There are no problems – only solutions
  • There is no limitation can still closed at the time – because your heart is open and goes beyond all boundaries
  • You have understood that life is perfect and it is up to YOU ​​whether you dare to look to it, yes or no…
  • At THAT moment your arms are wide enough to embrace the world…

Does not mean that you have to accommodate everyone in your backyard – but there is room for everyone…

On the road

Giri and I we were almost half a year on the road AND in Athens, Lesvos, Kos, Rhodes, etc…

We went – as always – with two empty hands. We did a lot – without DOING anything. Let me speak for myself. I lived among more than seventy cultures. I hugged hundreds of people. We took them to our special place. Gave some of them a shower – a drink – something to eat.

We made music – we sang and we danced. Sometimes there was fighting.

Some of them needed a new phone or whatever and when necessary we helped them to flee to the mainland.

Little things that you cannot think of on forehand. What was flowing above all of this was the stream that never dries up – and that is LOVE. I put them all in my HEART. The lovely people and the less lovely ones. The one cannot exist without the other…

Never I felt pity. Never I felt the need to patronize. I felt compassion and wrapped my arms around people. ‘I cannot do anything for you. Know that you do not have to do on your own. I am here – always and forever…’

I love you

We are home. Whatever that may be. Because I was home also in Greece and in Kenya. The money in our foundation is gone. We stay firmly on our feet. Grateful for the support we received without asking anything…

Those who are following me on Facebook are aware where I am talking about…

I was barely home when I got a call: ‘Would it not be time to publish all those wonderful stories. ‘Oh’ – I said – ‘who is still interested in that.’ ‘Yet we do it’ – she said – ‘we make a book of all those wonderful stories from all these wonderful people.’ ‘Okay’- I said – what do you need…’

Now I am like a hamster. I am collecting. The thirty stories of the refugees AND all anecdotes AND all nice pictures. It seems that the book is coming – in Dutch AND in English..

Giri and Yasmin in TorinoWhen you go back again

I do not know. One morning I will wake up and I will know that I have to grab my backpack. Until then I enjoy my garden – my hammock and all the wonderful people around me.

Connected in Love,

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