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One Love – One Tribe

Today they are on the run, tomorrow we may be the one

The more I listen to the stories behind the refugee, the more I discover that every human who has the courage to make the crossing, and literally looking into the eyes of death, has a reason to be here. It is not up to me to judge whether this reason is correct, yes or no.

All borders will disappear when we open our heart and dismantle our inner borders…

The book consists of

– 29 Stories about Refugees
– 29 Anecdotes
– 29 Encounters

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Hard Cover:

Volk van mijn VOLKE-book EPUB

Volk van mijn VOLK

€ 9,95

One Love - One TribeE-book EPUB

One Love – One Tribe

€ 9,95

Volk van mijn VOLKE-book PDF

Volk van mijn VOLK

€ 13,95

One Love - One TribeE-book PDF

One Love – One Tribe

€ 9,95

Μία_Αγάπη-Μία_ΚαρδιάE-book Greek / ελληνικά

Μία Αγάπη – Μία Καρδιά

€ 9,95

Cover: Eine Liebe – Eine Menschheit - Yasmin Verschure E-book German / Deutsch

Eine Liebe–Eine Menschheit

€ 11,95


To Be or not to Be

The true spiritual traveler does not fool him/herself by ready-made concepts. He/She discovers that truth is a land without path, and starts ‘with childish awe’ to search for his/her origin. When we rise above the identification with body and spirit we start to experience increasingly deeper layers of being…

Life is like the tides. Things appear and disappear constantly in our awareness. When we begin to remember our original nature and surrender to the rhythms of the seasons, we become like the tides. No longer will we associate with the wave, we become the water itself…

Twenty-four ‘Pearls for the Soul’ and ‘Original’ stories of journeys through Peru and Hawaï take you to the quiet waters of your heart…

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The Power of Being

The Saint and the Hooker

The transforming power, the feminine face of God, is the world-mother who is at the base of the complete visible creation. To become complete and to restore the balance on earth, we have to descend in our own underworld to initiate this lacking part in ourselves again.

Our amputated other half, the power of the receiving and creating Mother, yearns to be acknowledged. Integration is the only way to make the transition to the new world, in which both men and women, lovingly and respectfully will work together. God is male and female; light can only exist by grace of the darkness.

The safe closeness of a lovely Sweden forms the bedding on which Yasmin, during her vision-quest, could reinforce this process in her to the full.

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Love is ‘All That Is’

The third book of Yasmin is about the power of unconditional love. Unconditional love remains after we have been through the fire of purification. We open our heart to the vibration of love, the Christ within. We throw away the robe of separation and wake up in our true reality. From that moment we experience ourselves and others as divine beings; there is no longer a separated I or a You.

We are constantly searching for fulfillment of this love outside, and forget that we are the source where everything springs from. When we wake up in this love, our soul’s desire starts to fulfil. Material desires disappear to the background. Our compassion and our presence become the instruments through which miracles can unfold.

Our ‘being’ in South Africa with all its contrasts; its beauty and unprecedented possibilities, its suffering and its joy, have inspires me to write this universal story.

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Mastery beyond Death

And he spread his newly acquired wings and flew along the way back to the light…

We like to believe that health is only a manifestation of the physical body. Yet, the body is of minor position. A true healthy person will be recognized in the way he is living life. A true healthy person is vital, enthusiastic, creative, careless and joyful. A true healthy person is not worried about tomorrow, he is aware that all his needs will be provided at the right time. A healthy person can be handicapped or even been affected by AIDS, but the brightness of its soul will radiate his true being, and his environment will experience him as a divine personality.

We all have to die in the physical sense, yet our soul is eternal. It is important to realize that the quality of death is determining the quality of the hereafter. Let us, like Everhard, become a Master in dying, Master beyond death.

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With an Open Heart

In ‘With an Open Heart’ Yasmin breathlessly takes you to unknown depths. On her pilgrimage through India and Nepal, in her stories and during her illness, she describes, in all openness and clarity, the process of unshakeable faith and trust. By constantly projecting herself in the here and the now, she uses all circumstances, good as well as bad, to grow into light and love.

‘In all simplicity, love contains the essence of life. In a society, mainly based on personal benefit and status, there is no appreciation of our true essence, and we constantly try to avoid pain and push away our feelings. Through awareness and insight it is possible to transform pain and suffering into inner wholeness.

Meditations and exercises give With an Open Heart an extra dimension, which everyone following his/her path will appreciate.

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Way to the Light

Pilgrimage of a Reiki master

If you have taken a Reiki class with an American master, you have everything you need to work with the principles of Reiki: just for today don’t worry; just for today don’t anger; honor your parents, your teachers, and elders; earn your living honestly; show gratitude for every living being; just for today be grateful.

However, many who have experienced initiation of the first or second degree still have questions, and yearn for more information. Yasmin Verschure explains what happens when you take the first initiation. She also reveals the experiences that brought her to Reiki.

The book concludes with her travels as a Reiki Master through the Near East, India, Australia, and some of the Caribbean Islands.

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