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Profile Yasmin

Yasmin is an authentic spiritual teacher and author, a clear mirror and a living example for many. Her books are inspiring and pioneering… 

She travelled the world giving healing classes, lectures and awareness training.

In Australia she completed her first book: Way to the Light, others followed…

In South Africa they give her the title ‘Ambassador of Love’. She does not like titles – but that is what she likes to be…

You can even find her in prison or in Africa between the beachboys. In all simplicity she is a bridge between head and hearth…

– If you like to invite her use: contactform

Others about Yasmin

‘If you met Yasmin you get touched by her: not only by a warm and welcome embrace, but also figuratively: something happens with you, something awakes inside of you or there is ‘something’ opening up …’
– Karen Hamaker – astrologer and author

‘Whether Yasmin likes it or not, she shows the characteristic of someone with the same state of development reached by some Gurus or Spiritual Teachers: Releasing the form, accepting life out of unconditional love, experiencing life as a continuous meditation and directly speaking, writing and creating from the Divine Source. Sometimes you are lucky to meet someone in whom the light freely shines. Today was my lucky day ‘.
– Peter Thijssens, spiritual teacher