RefugeeA wave of refugees is flooding Europe. It brings an explosion of emotions to the surface. The refugees are not the cause, the whole thing is merely a result of a global revolution that we can no longer deny…

Suddenly everyone seems to have an opinion and want to ventilate it. Social Media unleashes a war between supporters and opponents. Wow, what happens? I wonder…

How is it possible that we can have an opinion about something we have never experienced. Even as we believe we can step into the shoes of a refugee, they are still ideas in our head. But every war starts in our mind and each change also starts in the same mind.

Heart and soul

A teacher in Hungary is watching a group of skinheads taunting a girl from four of Syria and takes care of her. Gratefully the girl is smiling to him and start to dance. Instantly his vision of the world changes. No longer he is the same and he decides to commit himself with Heart and Soul for these refugees…


The coastguard from Lesbos can only do what his heart tells him to do. He is surrounded by a flow of refugees and has no time to form an opinion. He does what every human will do in the same situation; he puts his hands out of his sleeves and saves hundreds of refugees…

Every situation is an opportunity. You should only be able to see it and to go for it.
We can close our hearts and stabbing our heads in the sand, unfortunately there is no way back. The new world unfolds itself step by step. People mingle, willingly or unwillingly.

Light and Dark

If we cherish our hate feelings or feel the need to send love over the world, we are still choosing sides. One pole attracts the other. March for peace eventually unleashes a war. Only when we stay in the middle – the middle between light and dark – we are neutral without judgment and we can flow with an open heart out to others. At that time we are authentic. We dare to choose because we know that we ourselves – and no one else – are responsible for our actions. We do what we have to do, but no longer we are attached on our actions.

Let us not be fooled by people like Geert Wilders. Also he does his job. What he only can do because he represents the voice of all those people who do not dare to raise their voices openly…

Action and reaction

Every re-action calls for action. It is art of living to keep our mouth shut if necessary – and pulling it open if needed. That is how we react if we face the world without judgment; without pros and contras. In short, if only those people would speak, it would be silent. Stock-still…


I do not follow the media. I am a computer illiterate. Now and then I plant a seed in the soil. No longer I feel worried if it blossoms, yes or no. That is not up to me. I distinguish but do not judge. This does not mean that people cannot experience my statements as an judgement…


‘Yasmin I have a big problem.’ ‘Oh dear, tell me’. ‘I can get terribly angry…’ ‘But that is not a problem, that is natural’. She is holding her breath on the other end of the line! ‘But our leaders has some problems with it.’ ‘Honey, that is their problem! If you are still angry after a week, then it is a problem…’

Good and evil

We were brought up in the belief that some emotions are good and others bad, depending on our gender. On an early age we learn to control our emotions and not to show them.
But that is even as much a big lie as that the pharmaceutical industry willfully is cheating us and keeps things in class that can only be maintained because we do not dare to decide ourselves, let alone we dare to take the responsibility for our own body and well-being.

To be able to form a clear picture about this, we have to go back to the base of our humanity; the purity of our childhood were we have been deprived – with all good intentions – by our educators and education.


We cannot deny that we are framed in the tradition, religion and so on, where we were born in and raised up. That can be seen as a disaster, it is also an opportunity. Like any challenge in life is an opportunity within itself. That is what we decide ourselves and no one else…


Now the time seems ripe that we can no longer hide ourselves behind refugees or whatever. We can continue to deny the situation or we can decide to be sincere and to look in our own mirror. Dare to see where we are not perfect and to welcome, embrace and accept this. No need to go for therapy, no need to work on it, let alone that we have to earn it.
The moment we realize that we ourselves are not whole – without having a judgment, we will not project our discontent on to others and we start our own healing process.


Great if there are people who support this. More importantly that we get everyone out of the way who is not supporting our true Self. No longer you belong to any group. You are an outcast and this is where you always was afraid of. Unfortunately, it is not the flock that initiates life and inspires others here on this earth, it is the one man in jail, that one refugee with his open eyes, that one human being who ceased to hide behind public opinion, who makes the difference in life…

– Such a human I wish to be – and no longer I care what you think of it…

At the moment I love myself unconditionally – I respect myself. I will not allow others to come into my house with filthy ideas or opinions which not even are from their selves. I love everyone, but not everyone is welcome in my house…

The Netherlands

That principle should we apply also in our country house. We Dutch have a huge lack of self-esteem. We are constantly trying to please others, without asking what we need ourselves. We are out of balance. We have given away our self-esteem for the stuff that is called matter, because we thought we could arrange and manifest a safe and secure life. Unfortunately, while walking the road we have forgotten who we truly are.

Big Heart

Anyway, we are a wonderful spacy with big hearts. No longer I let fool myself by others that I am discriminating or not social enough. Those who put their fingers on others, surely do not face themselves in the mirror and are discriminating themselves.


Translated to the house called the Netherlands, I ask people who enter this house that they treat our achievements with respect. We have room for dissent, for small groups such as refugees, Muslims, etc. But if they do not respect our achievements, then I have no qualms about putting them on the plane and return them home…


Arguing is fatal for the soul. Discussion is nothing else than to say that you are right. We over shout ourselves and others. We fail to listen. Any discussion is the start of a war. At the time we respect everyone’s view, without wanting to form an opinion about it and without labeling it as good or evil, we can see each other as we are. Beautiful, special, all different colors in the rainbow called Mankind…

The question of whether we should do something about the flow of refugees is irrelevant. Those refugees are still there. They are on our doorstep and we can only act as our heart is open. All the shit that is ventilated has nothing to do with our refugees, but with ourselves. As always!

At the moment I am willing to meet others, there is no longer a problem. Two or more hearts will touch each other and we discover that there is no difference between the internal and external heart – there is only one heartbeat…

Rules and structures

It is simply al about ideas and prejudices in our heads, which funny enough are not ours, but shaped by our upbringing and society. After world war 2 we decided to build a society in which we could feel safe and should be able to acquire whatever material is possible. We have translated this into more and more rules and structures and, above all we claimed all of this as an acquired right. And for sure, apparently we have reached a certain goal. But somewhere along the road, we more and more forgot where it finally came to.
At the time we started our journey on earth, it was our intention to experience life in all fullness, to get to know ourselves at all depths, too unravel everything what is not us and eventually to return to the essence of our being, the source of Wholeness and Oneness that is called God or Love or how you wish to call it. In short, the one place where every person on earth is longing for and what we can experience here on earth at the core of our being: the spiritual Heart which beats in every living being.


Every morning when I open my eyes, I feel gratitude for the gift called Life; the gift I now dare to embrace in all its fullness. I realize that most of us have forgotten to be grateful for this divine gift. It is not our right but a privilege that we live in a western society where we seem to have acquired abundantly freedom and space.

Pure love

I am visiting Jos in jail. Behind his back I see a beautiful Asian woman. She put her son from 1.5 over the separation. Hi start to cuddle his father. I feel touched in my heart and melt together with this divine and innocent being. He is pure love, unconditionally. He has no judgment about his father – no judgment about anything or anyone – and strolls around in prison if he it is his home. And that is how it is for now…


And that is the way we were before we were framed within the ideas and structures that alienate us more and more of our essence. And we let it happen because we love to point it that we were doing so well and that we are so much more civilized then all other cultures. But the truth is that the role of the rich West has been finished. It is time for us to play a new role.


We have God – or whatever we call it – put outside our door and sold our soul and our salvation to that what is temporary and fleeting. We want to change things. We want to replace God, we want to replace money for another payment. Laughing! As if all this has not the value that we assign to it. Soon a new form of payment will evoke the same emotions as our current payment. Money is not dirty – the way we deal with it can be divine or dirty. In short, our ideas about God, money, sex and so on are not kosher. We can do anything to control our thoughts – but unfortunately our true nature, we cannot hide. As long we do not have acquired the harmony between money, Love and power, we are not in balance.


In short, if I am willing to meet and to embrace myself, it is an automatic result that I wish to meet and embrace anyone, regardless of color, religion or whatever. For everyone is part of me. We cannot possess or claim the earth. Today we can be rich in matter and tomorrow we are living on the streets. Today we are the ones that receive the refugees, tomorrow we are the refugees ourselves. Nobody has a right to so-called achievements. We are born naked and naked we will leave this earth. The earth is the place to experience everything but there is nothing to acquire. What we once saw as true, is totally collapsing at this moment.


And please: let us touch each other again. Jos is flowering by the embrace I give him when I visit him in prison. Because he feels that I accept him the way he is. And that has nothing to do with the crime he committed…
Let us give back to our teachers the right to touch and to cuddle our children. It is our spirit! Let us appreciate our children for their uniqueness – and not for the points they get or the backpacks we entrust them with. Let us not deny each other traditions but embrace them, provided they do not harm others. And most importantly: Let us tell others every day that we love and appreciate them instead of waiting with this until we die or limit this for people with a visible disability. We all have our limitations and at hence our specific capabilities.


To me the truth that I have taken in at an early age no longer is truth. I look at the world and I smile. Pity has given way to compassion. Guilt feeling for space…

-From this space I can act without even wanting to act…

The government

It is too easy to shift the blame onto the government or anyone else. To do that, we need to stand in their shoes and then we do not like to do it anymore! Nobody knows how to deal with this situation. We all do our best, no more and no less. The best mates are always ashore. There is nothing wrong as we dare to say, ‘I do not know.’ From this point of not knowing we can try to ventilate step by step our ideas and to inspire each other. Through trial and error we can work together unfolding a new world…

Think differently

Change starts with mirroring ourselves and thinking differently. Change begins with taking responsibility for all our actions without any excuse or blaming. We have to get rid of everything we have been imposed and taught to get what we truly are: all brothers and sisters…

Everything will be dismantled. Willingly or unwillingly. Mother Nature takes back what we have taken from her in all of our ignorance and greed. Whether we find it or not, the world is a place for everyone. Man is a vagabond, a gypsy. He goes in wartime where he is forced to go or in times of freedom where his feet want to wear him. And if the experience is learned and integrated, it is time for another chapter.


Safety does not exist in this earthly form. Safety does not come from controlling by creating rules and structures. Even more, there is no safety in this earthly reality. Life is twisted unsafe. Safety is nothing but an inner state of being in which fear has given way to Love. Love for myself includes automatically love for the other. Love for my own house – hence my love for Mother Earth…


Yasmin – Ambasador of Love
20th of October – 2015


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