The show must go on – Refugee – a wake up call


‘There is nothing to worry about Yasmin’. ‘What do you mean?’
‘ The refugees – we have it all under control. They will not border you…’

‘But we come on the first place to meet people – so we come also for the refugees…’

‘Oooo…..’ The conversation get a bit uncomfortable. They have made just a documentary. It will be on TV to show tourists how ‘clean’ Kos is nowadays. The tourist has nothing to fear. There are no tents in the streets of Kos anymore. The immigrant or refugee in Greece is out of view. Safely stored inside HOT spots – either detention camps…

The show must go on

We treat the refugees as we treat all our problems. We store them away. But sooner or later all hidden problems will come to the surface. We get depressed, we get a burnout or whatever. What we call ‘normal live’ comes to a standstill. Our true nature will take over to give us the opportunity to look inside and to clear our old stuff so we can make a fresh new start…

Kos-hot-spot- show-refugeeWe do NOT seek the problems. We did NOT ask if all those strange people would come inside of our country to ruin our safety and to force us to think about a situation where we do not want to think about freely: the malleability of LIFE. But it happens – the refugees are there. Even if we like to hide them, it is impossible to deny it.



  • Apart from this the problems the Greek has to face are also not that small…

Her name is Tsifka. She has the appearance of a Greek Goddess. She has a university degree but never she got a job in that. Like many others she was working voluntarily – with heart and soul – for the refugees, here called immigrants, and kept herself alive with small jobs paid €2.50 an hour without insurance or whatever. Then she got a job within a NGO. Now she gets a good salary, bonus for special hours, an assurance, etc. She is happy. Her refreshing view is of great importance for everyone.

It is said that the situation is much better than before. Within hotspots such as Skarmagas in Athens and here in Kos the people are fed and clothed. There is tangible and intangible care, there is a free bus service to the city. Unlike the people who live in squads in Athens or elsewhere, they are registered and they get pocket money. They live in containers and are prepared for wintertime…

Kos-hot-spot- show-refugeeTents

But outside the camp you will find the tents. The tents of the people who in advance are excluded by the European Union. Here in Kos it are the Pakistanis. In Elliniko in Athens it are the Afghans. In Italia it are the Africans. Those people cannot go anywhere. The last ones are even not registered. They cannot go backward or forward. To put it gently: it remains a shame.


After the arrival of the NGO’s aid get structured. Overall it became a REFUGEE industry. Before they came it were the locals who took care for those people. They rescued the people literally out of the sea, they kept them in their arms, gave them food and clothing. The whole community was involved with HEART and SOUL. No distinction was made between race, religion or class. Money or no money, every MAN and certainly every Greek who is facing  this kind of suffering starts immediately to act like that. That is our true human nature…


The Greek is not business minded. ‘Yasmin, Europe has spent billions here in the tourist-industry. We lived merrily from one day to another without worries for tomorrow. And now we may learn our lesson in the hard way. But we cannot blame anyone else, except ourselves. We have just manifested it ourselves…’Who burned his ass has to sit on the blisters, my mother said already. And the Greeks sit on the blisters, I can tell you. The tourist season has a duration of 3 to 6 months and they have to cover the wintertime. Other employment is hardly to find.

Georgio: ‘This all happened guys – here at my door. Every morning we took thirty to one hundred and fifty people out of the water. Frequently there were dead body’s among them – children and elderly. A girl died in my arms. THEY – He moves his head to Turkey – they grind to nowhere. They cram 150 people in a boat and they just push them into the sea. It is all about money Yasmin…’

YES it is all about money. I cannot deny it. Human values have been replaced by economic interest. The show must go on…

Kos-hot-spot- show-refugeeTourist attraction

Why we do not make a Tourist attraction out of it. As it is shown in Brazil. Every tourist in Copacabana will visit the Favelas. It delivers great stories and it is not in your backyard so far enough away from our bed at home to get nightmares from it…

Solution Yasmin

I do not have guys. Anyway, no one leaves his house just for fun. Even those who not directly live in a life threatening situation. They want to explore the world, they want to push their limits. Examine whether their vision is true that the money grows on trees in Europe. Believe it or not, you can tell everyone YOUR truth – it lasts only as it gets experienced by the people themselves. Unfortunately that is how we all have to learn our lessons here on this Earth…


We live in a time that everything we once experienced as real seems to collapse. NOT only for the refugees – also and especially for every Westerner who wants to keep anxious what he has appropriated, because he still thinks life is feasible. Just for everybody who is NOT flexible enough to go with the eternal flow of change – the eternal flow of LIFE…

The end of time

YES it is the end of time. The end of a self-created illusion we fed frantically all together by exchanging the world of unconditional Love for a world of apparent security and deception. A world in which matter has taken over the place of the INvisible. We are totally forgotten that everything we SEE is only an illusionary DREAM we will cherish convulsively as long our EGO has us in its grip.


We did not ask for the refugee. But they ARE there! We can NOT deny it – we can NOT push them back into the sea. We can lock them up in detention camps and let them disappear into oblivion – but early and certainly not late this situation will return back to us as a boomerang…


We can choose a president who wants to throw the hot issues outside of his country. Unfortunately, sooner or later, the problem will return through the back door. So blame not the president. Blame yourself who helped the president into power.

Kos-hot-spot- show-refugeeImmigrant

The refugee or immigrant: Un-regarded African, Afghan or those Pakistani guys in their tents here in Kos, we need them. They can help us to explore the island. They can pick the olives, or whatever. They want to do EVERYTHING – but they are not allowed to do ANYHING.

They will bring fresh blood into an aging and rigid society. Mixing of cultures will topple old values and norms, so there can appear new ones. It gives us the opportunity to get rid of or to transcend our self-created limits.

No solution

There IS a solution. But this we will not find outside ourselves. The solution is inside of me – inside of you. I am living already that solution. I found inner peace. It is not to say that life not occasionally takes its crests and valleys on me. This is NORMAL – we should not confuse that with the TRUE thing. But inside of me there is always that eternal place of silence – that eternal place of peace…


When our fear of the unknown disappears – we are curious as new-born children. We want to investigate everything and suddenly there is room for everyone. It does NOT mean that we indiscriminately anyone who thinks that we represent paradise on earth need to take inside our borders. NO certainly not! It means that we DO have room to SHARE and that we trustfully deliver some material ‘security’ in order to get intangible better human beings…


‘I get paid 900 Euro a month. Previously it was 1500 Euros and my wife had a well-paid job as well. But I am happy – I am healthy. I have a lovely wife and children. What do I want even MORE Yasmin…’

‘And you know when we had the drachma we were poor also. But it did not feel like that . We had our family possessions and no debts at the bank. We lived together and we shared together. There was always enough for everyone. Then we became a part of Europe and they started to make us believe that we needed a lot of materials to be happy. And see, we exchanged our freedom for mortgages and loans by the Bank and we wanted more and more. Overall, we became greedy. And this is the result…’

‘Yes this is the result. We get to compare our situation with others that are seemingly better, we get dissatisfied and no longer we appreciated what we HAVE. We love to blame others outside ourselves. But the truth is that we cannot accuse anybody except ourselves. Why we had to buy that car with a loan from the bank. Why we could not be satisfied with a bike or travel by public transportation. All exterior  and from no importance Yasmin…’

Kos-hot-spot- show-refugeeWake-up call

Over and over we people get our lessons on a silver platter. NATURE – The REFUGEE – all of this happens as a wake-up call: Human realise who you are and wake up. Stop hiding your problems after a big smile. Face your problems openly but do not moan about them. Do not point your finger at the government or anyone else. This story is about YOU and ME. Are we flexible enough to face that what we are going to see and to surrender to the flow so we can let take ourselves into the eternal new power. NO, we do NOT know where we flock to – but we have NEVER known this. We get depended of the believe-system that we could create a world of PEACE – a malleable world of matter and exterior things by appropriating ourselves as much as possible…

A dream

NO there is no instant solution. Life is just a dream. But as long as we are dreaming in Separation, the connection will not take place. It can only happen with an open HEART. So do not wait till your neighbour will change. Do not attempt to proclaim your truth by convincing people how to do it. Clean your own backyard. Walk your talk and be a living example in live for others. Open your HEART and embrace the whole world in your arms…

Om Shanti – Let US be PEACE

I Love myself – so I Love YOU

Kos-hot-spot- show-refugeeCats

Greeks love cats and they are usually well attended. Here in this place are living seven cats. Five females and 2 males. There are also 9 people: 7 women and 2 men. In all respect it is a world where Love reigns. There is – literally and figuratively – place for everyone…








Kos-hot-spot- show-refugeeAthens

Giri and I we are grateful and healthy. We had a lovely time with our friends in Athens. We move – sometimes literally – through storms on the sea. We are carried by the ONE spirit I call LOVE and always at the right time at the right place…



After an exciting and inspiring time at Kos, Giri and I arrived finally in Lesvos – the real HOT spot. The lovely and sunny  weather became rough and wet. At this moment there are 6.000 people in the hell of Moria…


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  • Anastasia from Kos-Greece

    i totally agree with you about mixing cultures.
    is globalization only for the trade market?
    NO! it should also be for everything that comes with it.
    and culture mixing is the good side of globalization.
    it needs time, but i know it in my heart it will happen.
    thank you for coming in my life at the right time! …
    god bless you both ❤

  • Tsifka Greece

    Yasmin,thank you very much!I am,deeply,honoured…and a bit embarassed!
    Very glad to meet you!Let’s keep in touch my dear Northern Lady Jasmin!

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