Face behind Refugee – Haaw from Iran

moria-detention-lesvosHis name means Lover. And Love is what he really is…

He looks at me and says. I have already met you before. In 1999 you appeared in my dreams. I remember your eyes – your face. I hold my breath…

‘I am born in Tabriz in Iran. My father died 11 years ago of cancer and left our family behind in poverty. I have four brothers and one sister. I am the last born. I went to high school and became a professional basketball player. Because of economical and religious circumstance I fled from Iran 5 years ago. I went to Athens. The police cached me and put me a year in prison. When I came out I took a lawyer and went back to Iran’.

– Life is just an inner journey. People take it too serious…

Moria is a place where people transform. Everybody is equal there. No grades and class distinctions. In times of war people are forced to transform fast to divine beings or they get deeper in there human suffering.

– Moria is the prelude to a world that will merge in all respects. Willingly or unwillingly.

There is no God outside of us. We are all God/Goddess ourselves. What we make out of our lives is up to us. We cannot blame our family, we cannot blame our teachers. Essentially there are no distinctions. No religions. No borders.

Europa has to accept that the roll they have played for centuries is over now. Europe has to step back and hand over the torch to others. We are all equal and we have to mix to transform the human race to a higher level. Now the time is ready for that. We cannot stop this process. Neither by fear – neither by war. Because our essence is the same spirit, we have to drop all religions. We have to drop all cultures. We have to drop our fear for changes. Live is not predictable. You cannot plan your future. You have to step forward in the moment. We evolve by experience. Living in a safe and stable world is just a fantasy. By accepting that life is changing every moment and that we are the directors of our life means that we can feel save in every moment, wherever we are, whatever we have to face.

Even if I not feel save in the outside world, I feel safe inside of myself. I came back to Greece because I fell in love with a girl from Russia. I do not need any papers. I do not care about that kind of things. I just need to go to Athens to meet the Love of my Life, so I can marry her and start my own family. That is part of my program. You know everybody has its own program. It is just embedded in our DNA. You cannot escape from that.

Even if we think we can control our life. It is not like that. Sooner or later we have to follow our inner dream. And that is what I do. Even if Moria is not a human place, Moria cannot take away my humanity. That is my own responsibility. Nobody else.

People are not asking for clothes, tents or food. Okay, that is a necessity, but what they really need is to be seen, to be embraced and to be excepted in their pure human existence. And you are doing this. You give people their dignity back. That is why I Love you and why everybody loves you…

I feel deeply touched. That night I have a dream. I see a world beyond borders. A world beyond religion. A world beyond ranks and classes. I just see LOVE…

Om Shanti, Yasmin

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