Life is not manufacturable

Life is not manufacturable, life is suffering. We liberate ourselves from the circle of suffering as we begin to realize that life on earth can only be lived by the grace of contradictions. We see that one cannot exist without the opposite. We embrace All that Is: the light as well as the dark. No longer we are searching for happiness outside ourselves, we discover that it was all the time under our feet.

What can I say to the 21-year-old Bryson, my motor boy from Kenya, when his little girl Yasmin – named after me – dies in hospital of malaria because the doctors are on strike? Rationally, Yasmin is now an angel and relieved from her suffering. On the coast of Kenya there is no future for her, because tourists disappeared and life in Kenya is not manufactural. My compassion goes to her parents and to all parents who lost a child.

  • Grateful that I can do something for them by paying the hospital and funeral bills.

As long as we live in separateness, we will not realize that our greed creates a lack on the opposite. That process does not stop by fighting for- or against. That process will stop when we wake up. The moment we embrace the mystery again, our fear will be replaced by trust and there will be abundance for everyone…

Om Shanti,


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  • Dearest Yasmin,
    This, your Blog,the beautifull books U already wrote & the words straight from your heart ♥ , stories about a life lived in loving Connection to All That Is, have a very special place in my Heart ♥ .
    Thats why I Love to share them with the World at large !
    May We All Work Together for the Highest Good of All. What Happens to our sistars/brothers in any place, anywhere on this planet, also happens to us. We Are All Connected. We Are ONE Humanity, living on ONE Beautifull Planet & Here to learn to Love One Another,as we Love ourselves. I Am Love & So Are U. We Are ONE Heart ♥.

    Namaste , I bow to the God(dess) in U.


    Warm Hugzz from my Heart ♥


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