Joy and frustration around ‘One Love – One Heart’ – Face behind the refugee

Never before the birth of a book has been accompanied by so many labor pains as the testimony ‘Volk van mijn VOLK’ and her English equivalent ‘One Love – One Heart’. From the moment the twins were born, I could feel my own power again and my physical recovery started. The phoenix arises from her ash…

The whole route I dare to compare with the path of the refugee. While the ‘upper-layer’ with man and power resists against their arrival in Europe, thousands of people at the base are lovingly caring for them. In short, the ‘under-layer’ wants the book in the stream…

The energy turned 180 degrees. The book ran immediately and touched everyone who read it. Readers wrote powerful responses, shared through Facebook and tried to interest bookstores and media. This testimony cannot be stopped anymore; the book wants to flow into the world.

There are always two sides to a story. Although it was not my intention to write a book, in all respects the forced me to stand up for it. This process has polished me again.

Against all tribulation, the network of Love becomes more and more tangible and visible. Never before so many people were standing next to me. It seems the right time to wake up. I am only an instrument. On my own I am nothing, I need your support. We do not win a battle by fighting with an imaginary enemy in the outside world; we win the battle by standing up and turning inside.

‘Make sure there is a team around you that can carry your book into the world,’ Rinus said. That team spontaneous takes form. Due to your actions and support the book get attention and comes in places where I do not have access. I feel that you carry me – I feel Love itself carries me…

Despite all obstacles, the drop will become an ocean and will find her way to the sea. That is what I feel. That is why I keep standing. For the refugee inside of myself – for the refugee outside of myself.

It is not my intention to solve the refugee problem. I do not know how. Apparently, it was my job to give the refugee a face. I trust that the tone of the book will touch hearts and blur boundaries…

I love myself – so I love you.


– According to insiders, the book is a precious Christmas gift.
– You can support the refugee:  by ordering a book


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