The great turning around

Yasmin Beach

‘I let go, I let God…’

This I said years ago when I lost fully control over my life. Still I am saying it. To be clear: For me God is the eternal Source of Love that animates and directs everything…


We are like nature. Sometimes we grow in width, sometimes in height; sometimes we literally go into the depth to expose new worlds. As long as we not interfere in the process, nature just continues. In other words, when we embrace our live with All that Is, without preferences or dislikes, afterwards we will see that during those fierce periods we experienced a major growth spurt or transit. The storm has subsided, we feel lighter in every respect. In short, we have descended into deeper layers of our true Self.

The process is turning into suffering when we cannot accept that what is…

Life and death

The past year was a tuff process, a process of life and death. At Pentecost, I woke up and literally, I felt reborn. The ‘Spiegelbeeld Congress’ in Eindhoven was the beginning of a new start. Lovingly but clearly a friend told me that I had to stand for the book myself!

You and nobody else are the creator of this beautiful pearl. This book is the embodiment of all your previous work. It is free of duality. It confronts us with fear of finiteness, with the refugee in each of us. Also with beauty and strength. You have given the refugee a human face. Difficult for politicians and those in power. They can no longer pretend that the refugee does not exist…’

Heart and soul

Now I can fully say that I stand for this creation. With heart and soul. The book will find her way in the right time. I do not determine that. I have to be patient and to follow her flow. Yes I will do!

The book is my mission, a means to a goal. Meeting people, touching and being touched. The way we view the world is the way we experience it. Again, I live at the fullest. Life is just a miracle…

To bow my head

The process around the book ‘One Love – One Tribe’ reminds me of the time that I was instructed ‘from heaven’ to take my books back from my publisher and to publish them myself. I vigorously protested: ‘Listen guys, you can ask me everything, but not this!’ Finally, I had to bow my head! For seven years we were at trade fairs, I gave lectures and embraced people. It was a fascinating time in which I exposed new facets inside myself. The people I embraced felt loved, seen and healed…

I brought Giri to the monastery and started a new trajectory. I stopped giving lectures, consultations and workshops. My publisher, from the beginning aware of the value of my books, took them back. I went to Kenya with empty hands and an open heart. Seven years later, I went to Greece. This time again with Giri…

By taking on new challenges, we are not only pushing our limits. We are polishing ourselves and descend deeper into our true human nature. Restrictions are no longer there. Judgments cease to exist…


Today I look back to see where I stay now. Even more authentic, simple, but undoubtedly my Self. Every day I feel grateful for All that Is and trying to serve all living beings. To do has made way for To be. Again, people appeal to me. There is plenty of time, when we dare to be in the moment; empty-handed and openhearted. This heart is filling others and get filled.

Never before so many people walked out of my life as this year. Yes, they did the time we returned from our world trip because I was seriously ill. Also then, I touched the same fear; the fear of death. I was completely denied by my students. That is the price when you no longer play other peoples game. It hurts but the process of illness, loneliness and silence has polished my soul.


Although my blog members has been halved, in recent month’s quite some new people appear in my life. They support my universal love journey, which is also theirs, and confirm the prediction of old friends by bringing my earlier books back into attention…

feel good marketUnfolding

Now I can see why I had to keep standing. The book is the fulfillment of my Self. The unfolding of my divine plan. Where I threw boundaries, I demolished walls and made room. No longer do I have to exclude something or someone. I am not afraid of criminals, neither terrorists. They are not born like that but made by an inhuman system.


We are all refugees or homeless. We are all lost. I have found my way back. Every person, every unknown situation, adds something to my Plan and makes me feel healthier and more complete. Long live the multicultural! We need to communicate; we need to listen to each other, to learn to respect each other. The differences and the similarities. Let us be mature, open up to the pain of the other so that we no longer feel the need to discriminate or feel discriminated.


‘One Love – One Tribe’ opens hearts. It is the glue to connect people. Many people do not dare to touch it. They are afraid of the pain. Pain is part of life. Our deliverance from suffering begins when we connect with the pain of others. Doing this, I not only transform my own pain, I also open the way for the other. Compassion fulfills my being. The by-product is that others get better from it. That must not be the reason to do it…




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  • Yes, dear Yasmin,
    We Let GO and We Let God. Thats when the Light comes In. Sweet Yasmin, at Times I may not have found time to review your Beautifull Blog but just know That I Love U All Through These Years that I have followed U in your Way of Life as such a Truthfull Being of Love. Always Being in Full Integrity in Whatever New Project U have undertaken, yust like me. Thats Why I Can Say From the Depths of my Fully Openend Heart, I Love U EXactly as U Are. Even if I am on a path that takes All of me & I have no Money to buy your book, I Know it is Bringing So Much Light To this World where the darkness is not easily acknowledged! Bless U For Being the Courageous Soul that U Are. Warm Hugzzzzzzzzzz, Anne

  • Theodora

    You are a pure light in this world of darkness!!! I love you for who you are! You are love…you are truth…you are spirit and light!!
    With total respect

  • Fiona toohey

    Hi Yasmin
    Your words are so true just like your book you tell it like it is .
    Some people can Handel this and some can’t unfortunately for them .
    Your book has touched me in so many ways and you my my dear friend have touched my heart and soal. I am so greatful to have met you and I truly believe I was ment to ❤️❤️❤️

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