Athens and Lesbos, Greek and Refugee

We are all refugees. We are all homeless. We are all lost. Since I found my Self, every human being, every living being, every unknown situation, adds something to my plan, makes me healtier and more complete…


Because of short time we fly this time. We make a stopover in Brescia where we embrace our beloved Osama from Egypt.


We reconnect with Greek and non-Greek friends. Joy and sadness because you are waiting forever with your family for papers because you, as an African, falls under the category of economic refugees and therefore you are not welcome in Europe…


We are heartwarming welcomed by our many Greek friends. Our refugee friends from before are now in Athens or elsewhere. Except Mohammed…


Mohammed from Afghanistan is excited. His mom is back. We walk hand in hand, do not stop talking and take him to Giorgios Place. We are enthusiastically welcome, have lunch together and listen to Greek live music…

Tax debts

Despite their possessions, many Greek are in debt. An old man drives his car into the sea. The beautiful and young Pennelope has to work her entire life to repay the debts of her winery, which business is no longer her own. ‘Our own greed Yasmin. After we became part of Europe, we let ourselves being fooled by the banks and we took loans and bought things we did not need…’

It is not just the refugees who suffers…


Last week an Afghan friend and translator was beheaded inside the camp. He had a love relationship. Sex before marriage is not allowed in this culture and her brother put an end to his life. The camp is in supreme state of readiness. 15 people have been locker up till now. 

New friends

We make them faster than I can breathe. In the shop, at One Happy Family but especially in our teastals. We touch and get touched, I hug and dance and most important we listen…

Bashi from Sierra Leone

I heard it from Saikou in Athens and could hardly believe it. But now I come across with one of the 35 African victims who were imprisoned for 9 months in Chios, mostly innocent. After their release, they were either deported or, like our friend, thrown in jail again in Moria for 6 months. His inner light is off. What else can I do then listen and wrap him in my arms. My heart cries with him…

Jihad en Oscar. Syrisch Kurdistan

Hamid from Afghanistan

Like Abdulrahman in my book, Hamid worked for the Americans. Because of Trump the USA no longer accepts those guys. He had to flee and unlike Abdulrahman, he had enough money to bring his family. He lost a brother in Iran and his parents are still in Turkey. His heart is crying. Your parents, especially your mother, are more important than your own children. The situation in Turkey is many times inhuman than here. Refugees have to waith for years on there papers and have care for themselves in every way. Whether they can ever come to Greece to unite with their children is a big question…


Tonight we are invited by Maro who started a project for Greek and Refuge in the former Pikpa camp to make festive ornaments for Christmas…

Grateful for All That Is we wish you a Merry Christmas and a ground-breaking New Year ❤

Yasmin and Giri

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  • Johannes Bikker

    Ik vond deze gedachte vanmorgen op mijn vensterbank :

    We zijn eral !
    Wat nooit verloren is kan nooit gevonden worden’

    Het heeft in woordelijke zin weinig met Kers(mis)feest te maken en jullie kennen het vast wel, maar ik wil dit zo graag met jullie delen

    Voor 2019 en volgend, Alles wat jullie Hart wenst.

    Liefs Johannes aan jullie beide

  • Dida

    Het sneeuwt Liefde en laat onze harten smelten……liefss

  • Theodora

    May your light keep glowing so that souls can feel warmth and hope. Merry Christmas my dear Yasmin and Giri. You have surely spread warmth and hope in mine ❤❤❤

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