1. Dear you,

‘Love your enemies. They will show you the way to heaven…’

When we start to recognize and embrace our own darkness, we do not have to fear it anymore and we will not project it any longer onto others.
We embrace All that Is.
Our healing and the healing of Mother Earth will make a start.

No longer it is necessary to hide our divine face behind masks.
Our guilt feeling changes into compassion,
Fear into Love,
Death into Life.
We are losing the need to judge.
We anchor ourselves into our Earth Mother and raise our consciousness to Heaven.

Gratitude and ecstasy will fill our being.
We leave behind lives and lives of slavery.
Free inside, we start to remember who we essentially are.
We are coming home in the deep waters of our soul and in the infinite silence of our true Self.

We melt together into one body and take off our visible and invisible masks.
We climb the ladder of our endless and immortal being.
Rooted in the heart of our Earthly Mother we are no longer from the earth,
we unfold even more deeper depths, more silent silence, and more empty emptiness
in the invisible space inside our heart…

In the Light of Love ❤️

In the knowing that we are going true an tremendous transforming time, with all the love in my heart I embrace you and I wish you a blessed Christmas and a winged start in the New Year.