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Sometimes you meet people and they touch you. With their words, with their way of being, with their appearance. Yasmin Verschure is such a person. She is authentic in all her being, and so are her books. Her ninth book ‘Inner Reset’ is a gateway to freedom. A harbinger of the new era.

Interview with Yasmin

True living is not about eating or not eating, about wearing face masks, about being pricked or not. True living is about common sense and self-confidence, about personal responsibility and the deepest state of Incarnation.

How it started

“I am who I AM, and I don’t fit into any box. I explore the world with the wonder of a child. After years in which I gave workshops Consciously Living and shared the Power of the healing touch worldwide, fate or love brought me for six winters to Kenya where I was allowed to support small-scale projects. In 2015 it was time to shift my focus to the refugees. Together with my buddy Giri, we spent five winters between our brothers and sisters in Greece.

The book ‘One Love – One Tribe’ was published on request. Although the borders closed, the connection remained. The Love between us told me I had to cross boundaries. And suddenly we were on the road for eight months. We did not reach Greece. There was another purpose to fulfill. My ninth book ‘Inner-Reset’ was asking to be born in the feminine Sardinia. According to insiders, this book is the completion of a cycle and the crowning glory of my work.”

Western world

“People adore me because I was in Kenya and lived with the refugees. “Oh what a good person.” For me it has nothing to do with goodness. I experienced the art of true living there, by acting together, living together, by being connected from heart to heart.

I do not know a place in the world where people are so unhappy as in the West. People are always wishing something else as they experience and searching for something to be fulfilled. Feeling a void that needs to be filled. An emptiness that symbolizes a deep inner longing that there must be more. That emptiness is usually filled by desire, by addictions or the pursuit of material possessions.

It is also understandable. As children we are told that we are not good enough. We learn not to rely on the magic of our bodies. As a baby you already get a heel prick. At school you will be judged on your mistakes in a test. It does not check how many questions you get right.

We are born as gods but before you can walk you are completely indoctrinated that you have to become something in your life. How sick is that.


“Life itself is a path of initiation. The rawness of life itself was my initiation path. My parents died when I was young. I was born with a bad constitution and was always sick or on the go. Back from a long journey around the world again I underwent some operations. Everything I derived my identity from I was forced to leave behind to become truly human. Everything I thought was true, it was not. I am a product of society, a product of my upbringing.

I was 32 when my mother died. I wrote my life story and decided: I let go – I let God. Since then I started to discover more and more the mystery of life and everything changed.”

Dare to be a rebel

Dare to be a rebel and kick all the holy houses – inside yourself

“A rebel is someone who starts living his/her own truth. You will not be thanked for this. Living your own truth takes courage. I mean the truth from your heart. Not the truth forced upon us by society. People always have an opinion. I like this… I think that… I don’t think that refugees should come to here. Then I ask: ‘Have you met one yet? No? Okay, just start with that and then we will talk again.”

In order to be seen and accepted, we all want to belong to the herd. The latest Nikes… the latest iPhones… wearing the clothes others wear… having the thoughts others have… fill it in. Television is one of the biggest culprits. The news, which is no longer news but is directed from above, works like a mantra. You have to be confident to live authentically. To break free from the group and to dare to feel who you really are. Find your unique connection to the source you had when you were born. Discover that there is only one like you. Discover where you really stand for.

I challenge people to think for themselves and not blindly follow the rules but to feel from the heart whether that is your truth. Although we experience light and dark on this earth, they are both needed to find the middle. I no longer judge. All facets of society are equally important. They are also inside of me. In my experience, no one is exclusively good or bad. When I hate someone, I hate their behavior, not the person.

As long as you reject people for whatever reason, there is still something to do in your inner world. As long as you hate people, self-hatred is still present in your inner world. Know that everything you see is a reflection of your inner world. Look honestly into your own mirror and decide if you want to play the game even longer.
We all together have created this society. When you want to see another world, be a living example. Not by preaching but by doing. Stop pointing at others and take your own responsibility. Even though the outside may look different, in the end we are all one.”

Love is all that is

“Fear makes us disempower ourselves and willingly surrender. My message with everything I design and therefore also with this book is love. Love connects. Love heals. We don’t have to do anything for it, we just are. There is nothing good or bad in love. Love is.

Love to me is another word for God. I know some people have trouble with the word God. I myself have literally kicked God out to finally come to the conclusion: There is only one God. And we cannot appropriate this God. God is the power of unconditional Love and it is there for everyone.

I would like people to learn how to look inward fearless and honestly. Dare to feel, dare to look, who they really are. It takes courage. After all, it is much easier to tell others how to live


When you start your journey, when you start to wake up, your first and only question should be: “Who am I?” You can meditate on that forever. For God’s sake, don’t try to find an answer to that. God or Love is a mystery. And mysteries we cannot comprehend or unravel with our minds. Since I relinquished control of my life, I began to embrace everything that came my way, without wanting one thing and fighting the other, and my life became an accumulation of miracles.

Thanks to my first GP, a real healer, who led me on the alternative path, I healed my body with the right means, even though this was impossible according to experts. I took full responsibility for my own life and befriended death. The latter made me live without fear and perform things with my body without wanting to achieve anything.

Years ago I lived a year and a half on Prana or Light, on Life Energy. Since more then two years now I eat when I want to eat. Eating is a social event and my friends in Kenya and Greece don’t eat when I’m not eating. It’s not about a new religion, it’s about being flexible.

I rarely see a doctor. When I’m sick I know exactly what my body needs. I am the owner of my vehicle. No one can dictate to me what is good for me. I will be supported if necessary. The moment we embrace death as a natural step, we lose the fear of living. We enjoy every moment of our time here on Earth. Life becomes a godsend.


“We are born with a blueprint of what we have to work out in this life. The way we do this is our free will. Do we feel victimized or do we feel that we are masters of our lives? In the first case it becomes a drama . In the second case we realize that being sick means getting better. When you look back on your life, you realize that you became more Human because of the things that didn’t go so smoothly.

We usually wake up to a crisis in our lives. A divorce, the death of a child, an illness. A pandemic. All tools of the universe to wake us up so that we can discover who we really are. When we wake up, we see everyone as a part of ourselves and stop pointing at others. You forgive yourself and the other and we become again like children. No one is guilty anymore. We walk our unique path and do not want to convert anyone. This process is more divine than divine.

When I go to sleep I thank the universe for my experiences of that day. When I wake up, I am grateful that I can experience and celebrate this new day again. Sometimes I wake up and I vibrate all over with energy, with love. I know that love is no longer personal, but it is the energy to wake people up. I am only an instrument and have come to earth to show people the way to their inner source. I don’t want to make people dependent. I want them to live their own authenticity.

In a lecture or workshop or by reading my books, people feel touched by my naturalness of being. Not like: Ooooh I know everything. No! The more I think I know, the more I know… that I know nothing!

“Love is the force that drives me. Love is the essence from which I act without acting. Whether I work in the garden or do the dishes or the shopping, I do it from my inner connection – with attention – with love. I don’t lecture to sell books. Although that’s fun too! It is my soul’s desire to show you the way in. To find the love and peace that you are constantly looking for in the outside world. In short, to learn to see and experience the beauty that you really are. That you don’t have to do anything because there is nothing to achieve. Because everything that you are is already within you and there will come a time when you will realize this, so you can come to full bloom. How beautiful is that.”

My books

If you would like to read the book ‘Inner Reset’ or another book by Yasmin Verschure, you can order all her books in English as E-books. Inner-Reset as E-book is €9.95. You can order it directly via her website and this link