The revolution in our society will not take place from science, politics and/or pharmaceutical industry. It can only happen through a  revolution in the consciousness of Humanity.
We become aware that separateness only exist in our mind. We take full responsibility for what we essentially are. No longer we will point to a culprit outside of us. In short, we know that we create our own reality and let go off our role of being a victim

En route

Two months ago I felt a strong impulse to cross borders with our camper to Greece. Angels have guided us until this day.  We were always in the right place at the right time and have been in the magical Basque Country for about fourteen days now. We follow the flow called Love or Life and are grateful for every moment. The rain, the disorder and everything that makes life worthly to breath it in at the fullest.  Here you find my last report…


I do my exercises in the immense garden of the monastery on top of a hill.  I smile. What a wonderful world


Seven days ago we left Sunbilla with a little pain in my heart. We left the Basque interior and drove to the coast. Tourism literally took my breath away…


We decided to leave the coast and find a place to spend the night before dark. And so we slept at a farmhouse and had an interesting discussion with a Frenchman about the new religion of Science I should believe in. To be honest, I prefer to stick to my own reality…


We pulled up as it got light and saw that we were exactly where we wanted to be. In the quiet Basque villages where there is nothing to do for the spoiled tourist.  Where the camina del Norte runs through and where we camp for free on the roof of the world: the parking lot in front of the Trappist Monastery.  There where Brother Francis imperturbably greets every guest with a heartfelt embrace…

Art studio

On the way we pass an Art studio with African art.  Ofcourse, we cannot get around that.  And so we are cuddling with the radiant Amadu from Africa, his Basque wife Anu and baby Abu who carries the best of both cultures.

‘Anu why are you wearing a mask?’ I ask. She is visibly startled and immediately takes it off.  ‘Your culture is a symbol of Freedom.  That is what you are. That is what you radiate. You are not going to hide that behind a mask, are you…’


All four of us feel deey touched. There is still an English book in the car and two T Shirts ‘One Love – One Tribe’.  They are thrilled with it…


Knowing that distance and pandemics only exist in people’s minds but do not represent any Reality when you dare to live your own truth, we continue our way to the top of the hill.

Bodhi tree

We meditate two times a day under the Bodhi tree.  Wash ourselves with a bucket and our clothes by hand. We enjoy the activities in the weekend and the silences afterwards. The many exotic butterflies, the orchestra of countless birds, the wonderful nights with its beautiful starry skies.

Breath is Life

No longer we have to walk the camino.  We already did that. But there are beautiful walks in this wonderful pure nature. I smell more, I see more, I feel more…

Here you feel God’s breath in everything…

From Heart to Heart,

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