Nothing lasts in the world of the ten thousand things. Everything once has taken shape will eventually dissolve again into the great emptiness that contains the total fullness. Change is the only constant. This too shall pass. Every ending is a new beginning. The road we walk is eternal and not subject to physical death.

Our earthly reality, the material world, exists by the power of opposites. We are born, we give ourselves an identity and we feel different from others. We think in terms of good and evil. We forget that we are essentially one and the same.

Frederick Franck discovered the empty space and named the difference between looking and seeing. Looking is part of the earthly reality. We see images but are not connected with our heart, or with the great emptiness from which everything arises. We watch the news. Watch the disasters, the murders, the traffic victims. We send a donation to ease our conscience and move on to our everyday reality.

The moment our hearts open, we transcend three-dimensional reality. We feel more and more connected to everything and everyone. Nature comes alive. We are a drop in the ocean and at the same time the whole ocean. We experience everything we see as part of ourselves. We feel pain and joy and full of wonder we see all nature, around and in us, come to life. When we look someone in the eye, all differences dissolve. We are becoming more and more aware of the great emptiness from which all forms emerge. Our existence is no longer rigid and static. Life becomes magical and everything becomes a dance of energy.

Heaven and Hell

The moment we begin to see creation as it really is, we begin to understand that life is a miracle. There is nothing outside of ourselves. My visible reality is a projection of my inner world. That explains why some people experience heaven on earth and others feel that they have reached the bottom of hell. We descend into the dark dungeons of our souls. Slowly but surely we start to wake up and realize that we are fully responsible for all our creations. Although we can’t always change the situation, we can choose to see it differently. We make peace with ourselves and our creations.

Sometimes I am shocked by the reactions of awake people on Facebook. Being awake doesn’t mean you haven’t been vaccinated or tested. Being awake means knowing that everything in creation is geared to support us to show the way home, even if we don’t understand the scenario. That we never, ever feel better than anyone else and certainly don’t point at or ridicule others. We feel compassion because we know all too well that we once stood there ourselves.


Being awake is a matter of awareness. That process takes place in the great void or at soul level. At that moment we know with a deep inner knowing that creation is divine perfection. We understand that life on Earth is a learning experience. A place where everyone can follow their own blueprint. That life knows mountains and valleys and can be quite intense. But behind this visible reality there is another reality. We understand that we may support others but we cannot  save anyone else but ourselves, because everyone will wake up at the right time.


Now is the right time to perfect ourselves and find our way home. Life itself is the true way of initiation. Through highs and lows, man is polished in order to find himself again. That’s when you realize that everything you’ve ever believed to be the truth is one big lie. You no longer see the world through rose-colored glasses, but with a clear view. Like you did when you came into the world. You were perfect and untouched by the earthly reality. Because of your upbringing, society and so on, slowly but surely your purity faded into the background. A process that is inevitable. You must first lose yourself completely in order to find your Self again. Then you are back at the point where you were born. However there is a difference. Now you know that you are awake. You don’t feel the need to join groups of awaked people. Groups give a false semblance of security, but maintain polarization. Therefore, the awake person is not affiliated with any particular group. He or she is part of everything and everyone.


She is the only one of ninety-eight lab technicians who has not been vaccinated. Although she loves her job, she has closed her heart to survive. How understandable. When I observe her, I realize that because of this she no longer feels that a change has taken place in her colleagues. I challenge her to open her heart a little. By doing this she will give her colleagues the opportunity to share their current situation with her. After all, she is there for a reason.

Coming home

She who had such a big mouth that she didn’t get vaccinated did it anyway. The fear of losing her loved ones was stronger than the fear of death. I listened to her story and felt genuine compassion. Seeing her so many months later, I feel deeply moved. Geez she is beautiful. She came home. Truly she has become herself through that one decision. Fear became trust. Her ADHD and all psychological features are gone. Husband and daughter can do what they want. She doesn’t need it anymore. She is awake and feels compassion.

As long as we still need to divide the world into awakened and sleeping people, there is inner work to be done.

We are all on our way. And the road is one of trial and error. It is an art of living not to be afraid of fall down but to get up again and again. Like children do. The more we fall, the more we perfect ourselves. And slowly but surely the pearl within is polished and the light of our soul begins to shine through our eyes into the world. And people recognize your soul. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops. You don’t have to convince them that you are right. They feel you know. They become curious and start asking questions. And that’s the right time to share your wisdom.

The time is now

In this time when we can no longer rely on so-called certainties, we are given the opportunity to reach our full potential. Don’t get carried away by all the doomsday scenarios, but go into nature and discover the empty space, the great silence, which animates everything. Feel your fear to the core. Let go of what no longer serves you. Create your own reality. Live the world you would like to see outside of yourself. Everyone plays their own part in the drama we call life and it is not up to you or me to judge that. All you need to know is where you stand for. The outside world, people, mother nature can mirror that to you. They show you flawlessly who you are. To be a living example, all we have to do is polishing ourselves to the core. And it should be clear that I’m not talking about our outside here.

Change is the only constant. This too shall pass. Every ending is a new beginning. The road we walk is eternal and not subject to physical death.

Om Shanti,

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