At the end, everything is about Love. How we point that Love is not important as long we realize that separation does not exist in God’s dictionary…


There are times when everything effortlessly flows through us. There are also times we cannot be move ahead. We get sick, we feel abandoned from God and everything. In short, nothing flows out our hands and our hearts. I think we all recognize this. When we can embrace also those periods in our life without judgment, life becomes a miracle. We become one with our true nature…


Connected with All That Is, without belonging to anything, without possessing or being possesed,  I walk my path. The Heart of the Universe lives, moves and beats inside of me. We create our world of beauty and decay from this center. Each of us is part of ALL.


The book ‘One Love – One Tribe’ seems more and more a Love book. It is like a seed that will bear fruit at the right time. True change never occurs at the top, but always at the base. When the field has modified, miracles will happen. Someone is touched, something is opening up and suddenly there is a network of loving souls who carry the book into the flow.

The refugee is only a means to a goal. At the end it is not about Muslims or Christians. It is about you and me. Are we willing – am I willing to break through my own borders, to give up my privileged position and to share my abundance with All…

The word

Growth only occurs through headwinds and demands the utmost confidence. You do not see it when you are in the middle of the storm. Looking back at this period, I feel a deep gratitude. My horizon has broadened; my freedom and space even more limitless. My feet are firmly rooted in Mother Earth. In short, the word has become incarnate.

Love is not sweet

Commiseration is patronizing and humiliating. Compassion comes out of  is mutual respect, daring to feel, standing next to someone and connecting yourself from heart to heart.

Wake up


In essence, I love everyone. When others pollute my world, I will lovingly request them to leave my home. Whether that is my simple rental home or my country.

In this world of forms, we need them: the Trump’s, the terrorists, the politicians, the pharmaceutical industry, the refugees, our partners, parents, caretakers and above all our children. They keep us awake and show us the way inside. Do we dare to let go our old conditioning and to stay for our own truth, even if the whole world is against us. In short, do we choose the safety of the herd, the temporary material path of fear and manufacturability, or dare we to distinguish ourselves and do we choose the path of authenticity, soul connection and unconditional love…

I wish you a boundless loving summer,