The earth belongs to everyone

Apparently, the book ‘One Love – One Tribe’ is about refugees. However, on the first place it is about borders. We westerners, we think we can draw borders to exclude others. Borders by which many criminal and non-criminal organizations earn lots of money. Borders that make those smugglers recruit people by promising them golden mountains when they leave their homeland and go to the Promised Land. Smugglers who do not flinch by asking people huge amounts of money. Money raised by family and sales of family property. Borders that make that innocent people drown in the sea. That people, out of pure despair, sell their organs for almost nothing, which are been resold for big money to rich clients by doctors who do not take it so seriously with ethics. That people like you and me are sold as slaves to rich landlords or ending up in prostitution. Deported, murdered or slowly but surely disappearing into oblivion.

Greed creates separateness and raises borders

In short, all of this is about borders. We still think we can possess the earth. We still think we have the right to explore and to plunder the world. To travel unlimited while we force others to stay inside their borders.

We have forgotten that in the past we were all migrants. In times of scarcity, we would try our luck elsewhere to build up a new life, a new home for ourselves and for our children…

The Turkey deal

We want the world to believe that we have succeeded. That we can exchange lives for money. That the Turkey deal is working. We do not dare to feel. We do not understand that as long we draw borders, others will discover the loopholes. Those criminal organizations will continue to earn money on this and smugglers will not stop recruiting. That the routes become more and more dangerous and more and more people will die. That nor only Athens but also Europe is getting full of illegal refugees. In short, closing the borders will disrupt Europe. We can continue to close our eyes. We can blame our politicians. Or we can choose to wake up and to face our fear. By opening our hearts, we eliminate our inner borders. That is the beginning of real change. The world belongs to everyone…

Everything is connected with everything

Whether we take the exploitation and poisoning of the earth, the fight against age-old natural healing, the pharmaceutical industry, compulsory vaccination, human trafficking, child pornography, sex industry, drug industry, food industry, radiation, the Monsanto scandal or the shelves in stores bought on forehand by wholesalers. It is all about the same thing: it is all about misusing power.

Wake-up call

Real change always starts at the bottom. Do we dare to let go the role of victim. Do we dare to stand up and to take the responsibility for our own life, our own well-being? Do we dare to look honestly in the mirror where we have our share and where we are fooling ourselves, while we continue to point our finger at others? Do we dare to see were we elevate ourselves above others because we have more property, a better status, or we believe that we are the enlightened one?

Our Mother

In my opinion, enlightenment does not mean that we live with our heads in the clouds without caring for the earth. Enlightenment means to stay in the middle. To put our feet on our earthly mother and being connected with All that Lives. To love and to cherish the earth, our mother, as we usually do with our own mothers. Where it is in our power not to pollute or to exploit her. Neither her residents. In short, do we have the courage to descend in our inner world? To look ourselves in the eyes, honestly and sincerely. To decide where we want to stay in life, regardless the opinion of others.

Do not worry

Life is trial and error. That is the only way we learn our lessons. He who makes no mistakes does not live. Be like a child. Fall and get up again. Continue your journey happily, without judgment. In spiritual sense, this world may be an illusion. As long as we live in it, we better stop complaining and contribute our bit. The earth is our nurturing mother. Surrender to her brings heaven to the earth: we are coming home. Deep inside we wish every living being a loving, evolutionary and educational existence. Not only ourselves and our children, but all children and all adults. Right?

One Love - One Tribe

‘Love is All that Is’
I love myself – so I love you

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