We are born naked and slowly but surely, we dress ourselves with the veils of oblivion. We start to create our own beliefs systems, related to our culture and religion. One morning we wake up and start to realize that everything we have ever assumed for truth is nothing more and nothing less than an illusion.

Your carefully build-up self-image collapses. You feel abandoned from God and everything. You end up in a depression, your relationship breaks down or you get sick. You can do two things. You continue your life as you have lived it so far and you let yourself be treated. Alternatively, you start to realize that your depression is a gateway to a higher goal: a first step towards spiritual awakening, what only can be achieved through an inner war.

The situation in the world attests to chaos, resistance to everything that is common and open violence. It is a perfect reflection of our inner universe.

We always want something different from that what is. We want peace on earth, we want to be happy and a life without pain, while deep inside we know that this is impossible.

We are used to ad ourselves to systems that provide us with a sense of security. Whether those systems are culture, education, religion, new age or politics does not make any difference. We live in the spirit of the herd and this fits us well until the moment we wake up. The bomb bursts, hell breaks loose and we start to rebel.

We are not going to argue about enlightenment. Nothing can be said about that. After all, when you are enlightened, there is only void…

The process of awakening is a gradual process. A process of true warfare. From now on we experience  war no longer in the outside world, but inside ourselves. Believe me, the outside war is just a weak reflection of the war inside. There is only one enemy we have to fight, and that is our ego. The ego is an enemy that cannot be combated with outer weapons, through denial or under the guise of love. This enemy asks for a fair look inside. Slowly but surely, you will see that everything you project on the outside world as good or bad comes from your own inner world, in short it is war…

Yasmin I am longing for a world of peace for all humans

Sorry guys, we need to understand that this world of opposites has been given to us as a divine gift. How for god sake we can learn the difference between good and evil, as we cannot experience this by ourselves? To transcend the world of duality we must first descend fully into our inner world to open all hidden treasures to find ultimately the harmony between light and dark. At that moment, everything is as it is. No longer will we make distinction. We do not feel the need to be anywhere else. We have transcended duality and came home. No longer, we feel the need to fight evil in the outside world and we want everybody to have his or her own initiation path. In short, an inner war is the only, very lonely, way to find our inner true.

We start to drop all belief systems that give us the appearance of security. We drop all images of a heaven or a life in the afterlife.  We start to realize that nothing can be achieved. All we have is this moment…

Love has little to do with wanting to be sweet. Love is clear and chaotic. Love, unconditional Love, makes everything painfully visible we do not want to feel or experience.

Freedom is an inner state of being. The way inside is the only way. You will feel lonely. All escape routes are closing. I could tell you that the reward is big, but you will only know this afterwards. In short, it is jumping from the high diving board without life jacket and without any security. Jumping with closed eyes, in full surrender…

Love does not close her eyes for this earthly reality, even if we know that all of this is no more and no less than an illusion: the violence, the wars, Mr. Trump of Geert Wilders. Love is knowing that everything and everyone has a function to become a true Human Being. To say it clearly: happiness cannot be found in the material world. Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying the good things in life. This becomes a delightful activity if we desire nothing because we are no longer attached to anything.


Camp Moria-Lesvos

We can use the law of manifestation as a way to fill our inner emptiness. You can crave for material luxury, a bigger house, a bigger car and even a more luxurious holiday in the hope you will be more happy. You can meditate and affirm until you weigh an ounce. The moment you discover you are perfectly imperfect, you discover that your essence is emptiness and that you do not have to fill that emptiness with surrogate. That emptiness is filling itself if you do not interfere. You get more clear in what you essentially are: I am who I AM – either emptiness. You embrace all what manifests knowingly that this is what you need. Even if you do not understand it that moment and it is not your desire, on the contrary.

When I took the assignment to write a book about the refugee, I did not realize that I would end up literally in a warfare against the refugee. It was in all respects an inhuman half year and that is physically visible and tangible. However, under the outer sufferings there was an inner knowing that I could not do anything else as I did. The first edition of the book has seen the light and even there is still headwind, I start to feel what the process has done to me. Even more ballast has disappeared. There is nothing left what stands between God and me.

I am not for or against refugees. I do not try to help them, to save them or to solve their problems. I am part of them, as I am part of everything and everyone.

‘Yasmin, this book is a top-notch’. Although the true seeker has loved my books always, my inner world is even deeper polished and no longer I put statements about things I do not have experienced myself.

Maybe the word God will annoy you, but the biggest problem we experience and where all problems arise from is that we have banished God from our lives. For all clarity, God for me is not a man in the clouds, but a boundless consciousness. We think in our separation that we can create everything ourselves. In my opinion, everything is predetermined. Perhaps you think you have a finger in the pie. However, as the process of awakening progresses, you begin to realize that you do not want to interfere. You embrace all that is without judgment and start to clear everything that is between you and the truth. Your experiences will be different. Better to say, your perception becomes different. You begin to see divine perfection behind every manifestation. In that sense, we absolutely create our own reality.

My world probably looks different from yours. I accept life in all her abundancy and her misery. I do not fight but I embrace. ‘Yasmin, why do you think people are treating you like that? It is easy to preach. To walk your talk is something different. I do not know anybody who bring that into practice like you do it…’

‘Do you really think Yasmin that you would attract crowds of people? Come on, sweetheart. You send people home with even more questions. You challenge people to find their answers themselves. In my opinion, the only right way. Unfortunately, people want a ready-made concept, a highway for enlightenment…’

Of course, that is right. We are raised like that. We go to the doctor and say: ‘Doctor here is my body, make it better.’ Our welfare state has also a huge patronized side. It has made us unimaginably dependent and killed much of our creativity. Slowly but surely, we live in a police state where everything is controlled. Where everything already is divided and decided. We live only one part of our being. Our rational male side. We suppress our feminine and receptive side with man and power. We fight all forms of natural healing. We ban natural seeds. Shelves in supermarkets and bookstores have been bought on forehand. In short, our freedom has a price tag.

Inner freedom

The first step toward inner freedom is to admit that we have created all this out of greed. We are fooling ourselves on the economic situation.  We prefer to believe in economics. Years ago when the prices of houses explode, we did not have the courage to let the housing market collapse. We have created a huge problem. That time the pain would have been fierce, but reconstruction was possible. Now we have created a disastrous situation and no longer we know how to fill the gaps.

Perfectly imperfect

Half measures are never a solution. Now we have to cut down, we discover that healthcare can be a lot cheaper. We are forced to think for ourselves and to take responsibility for our own lives…

The current situation forces us to wake up. It forces us not to play the game of the mass but to ask ourselves what we want. The false shine of certainty works stagnating and is fatal for the soul. Life is movement and constant change. As long as we live in fear, objective action becomes impossible. I do not like to discourage you, but any change, any new form, is eventually doomed to disappear. In this respect, we are like nature.

The oak tree does not hold her acorns, because she is afraid that next year she will not wear new ones. She surrenders herself to the rhythm of nature.

Our ego opposes with man and power the process of surrender: Not my will but yours. It is the process of dying and being born again. There is a moment when life takes over. You lose your job, you get a burnout, your partner or your child dies. Literally, you end up in a war. As a true westerner, you probably do not give yourself the time to feel and embrace your process. You immediately begin to fight that war with ready-made solutions, such as pills or other forms of oblivion. All we fight is growing. The more we fight and try to deny the flow of refugees in all kinds of bizarre ways, the more the flow will grow. If you have left the herd behind you, you will descend into hell and experience pain and suffering. This time you do not look for half solutions. However, there is nothing wrong with supporting the process without suppressing it.


You emerge reborn from the battle. Do not think you are anywhere. That is an illusion. You are on the way and the road never stops. If you have mastered this universe, you go to another universe. You will receive other assignments. Increasingly difficult, but you have more luggage. Slowly but surely, you end up in Neverland. The battle goes on, but no longer are you part of the battle. You do not judge but embrace all that is. You stand like a rock in the surf in the midst of the noise. You do not understand the world anymore, but you do not condemn her either. You see clearly that the need to help or protect people is arrogant. Your ego grows enormously, but you do not serve the victims by keeping them away from their own unique path to inner freedom.

You need less and less because you are fulfilled within. You eat or you do not eat. It does not matter. You sleep or you do not sleep. It does not matter. You do not need the approval of others anymore…

You do not live in the past. No longer will you blame your parents for anything what happened. You know you needed all of this to get where you are. You no longer support the public opinion. You do not find pleasure in condemning and crucifying others, including priests, nuns, homosexuals, lesbians, Muslims and Christians. Definitely, you are not going to pollute the social media with your stuff. Let alone that you are going to wage war with the one who pinched you in your ass thirty years ago. You know that there is something like action and reaction. However, you do not judge those who do so. You look at the perfection in nature with wonder and realize that there is only one imperfect aspect. That is man, or the ego, who constantly tries to control everything and justify itself.

I do not know

We do not dare to say: ‘I do not know.’  This could be the beginning of a huge revolution. ‘Yasmin, how would you solve the refugee problem?’ ‘Sorry guys, I do not know’. In my opinion, nobody knows. The first step might be to express this loudly: ‘I do not know’. Funny enough, I suspect that all problems resolve by itself the moment we stop interfering…’

‘Yasmin may I be honest. You were chaotic.’ I am grinning. I am no longer afraid of chaos. After all, out of chaos a new order is born. We try to control everything, but the chaos is growing. Anyway, I was who I was. At the end of the presentation, I got a standing ovation. ‘Yasmin, I have never met anyone who is so bright, so sincere and so authentic.’

What I know is that I need to clear up within everything that stands between the refuge and me. It is a hell of a job, but definitely worth it. I did quite a bit of work before, so it was not too bad.  My heart is open, my borders are disappeared. I respect myself, so I respect the refugee, the beggar, the queen, in short I respect -almost- everyone. However, I do not wish to waste my time discussing whether or not we keep the tradition of Santa Claus and the black Pete. Let alone whether Islamic teachers should shake hands with their female colleagues yes or no. There are a few rules and arrangements we made with each other. Anyone who wants to participate in our society will have to respect that. I also do that. I do not build churches elsewhere and I cover my head in the mosque, to name just a few things. Is a matter of respect.

Compassion is not love. Respect yourself and be clear what is important for you. Then you lovingly can respect and embrace others and you will appreciate the differences in cultures, which make life so colorful…

My being is boundless. Men and women are not equal but equivalent. Blood killings do not fit into our culture, and burka’s are even not allowed in Mecca. If we do not dare to be honest, we get stuck in misunderstanding and blame. For clarity, understanding is something that must come from both sides. The moment we no longer want to fight, we do not have to combat anything anymore. Our life takes its natural course. No longer have we to convince others. All therapists and coaches are suddenly unemployed. All NGO’s are dismantled. All churches are closing. In short, life gets boring!

However, inside of us there is an overwhelming richness.  Through wind and weather, through war and peace, it will bring you deeper and deeper into your sacred space, your inner silence…

Om Shanti – Let us be in peace…


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