People who say that there is good without the associated evil or a good government without the associated misrule do not understand the main principles of the universe, nor the nature of creation…
One might talk about the existence of heaven without an earth or the negative without the positive, which is obviously impossible. Nevertheless, people talk incessantly about it. Either such people cannot be wise or they keep fooling themselves…
– Chuang Tzu –


It was my deepest conviction that I was not okay, so my life was a sequence of misery and unhappiness. I believed I had no right to live. People around me tried to convince me daily of that, and see they were very successful! These recurring affirmations got stuck in my head – eventually that became a conviction that I began to experience as truth: ‘Lord I am not worthy!’ On behold, my unworthiness manifested itself in my body as illness. Slowly but surely I lost my childlike innocence and my self-confidence and I died little by little…


During this process of decay I got more and more insight into the true meaning of life, so I started to improve myself. Initially I was angry at my parents, educators and churches that they had restricted my divinity. This anger has been the engine of my movement. The moment I stopped to blame them I demanded my birthright back. I did not see myself as sick anymore, but as someone who is constantly improving. The whole process of guilt, inferiority and sickness has taught me that it is no longer necessary to walk the path of decline and to associate myself with illness. Altogether I am healthier than ever and my body is more youthful and more flexible than many years ago!


I believed in mortality because they wanted me to believe it. How should they have been able to suppress me and to mitigate my divine spirit if they had told me who I really was? I became immortal at the moment I was allowed to catch a glimpse from the infinite vastness of the universe. From that moment my fear of death disappeared, and I started to transform the whole process. More and more I began to realize and also to experience that I was a divine and immortal being who could not improve herself because I was already perfect in the moment!


No longer I feel the need to blame somebody else for my shortcomings and I take full responsibility for my well-being. I am self sufficient and do not stick to any religion anymore. In short, I do not believe in anything or anyone, only in myself. I see God or Love reflected in nature and in everything and everyone around me. I am open en flexible en willing to examine everything, but I do not take anything for granted, until I have experienced it myself.


I do not need to blame churches or educators. I do not like to see anyone behind bars. Overall, I have manifested all of this by myself, partly because I needed to experience things to learn who I really was! Without this process of apparent contradiction I would never have been able to experience and to enjoy real Life; so viva the Church, viva the government and especially viva my educators. We cherish our image of the outside world as long as we need it. At the moment we wake up they will lose their power over us.
I am a divine being – just like you. I hold the same powers than the Master Jesus and many others – just like you. No longer I feel ashamed to stay proudly and grateful into this world. I honor myself in me and in you. Because you are me and I am you.


God is Love with a capital letter and that Love is the engine of my existence. There is nothing outside of that Love or whatever you like to call it, so it is impossible to include or exclude anything or anybody.
We do not fall in love because of appearance, age or gender. We do not like a certain person because the body where we cling a certain age and certain mortality to – as if there would exist something as time!
We love each other because of our spirit – which is eternal and immortal. Our divinity will increasingly reflected itself as soon we purify our emotional and spiritual body and fully dare to admit and to embrace ourselves.
From the moment I recognized myself and started to love and to embrace myself, I could look everyone in the eyes and say convincingly: ‘I am worthy, but not I alone, you too. And no matter what you ever did or what you might do yet. Now you are worthy and there is no need to improve yourself because you are already perfect!’


All over the world I see people following the same path. We give our responsibility in the hands of sources outside ourselves. Churches and educators have given us the feeling that we were not good enough; that there exist a God and a devil. As if Gods creation is not Oneness. By believing in good and bad, we create good and evil. We cannot even blame God for that! Also, we cannot expect Him to save us because He has no judgment so he finds it all quite amusing how we get stuck in our ego plays here on earth. To say it frankly, more than this you cannot name it, can you?


As long as we live in this self-created world of uncertainty we try to undermine each other with words or with powers. My tribe is better than your tribe. My God is better than your God. What a joke! Unfortunately for most people, deadly serious and not something to joke about! Anyway, by now I know it all pretty well, the power games and the tricks, so I can understand it too. The smaller we are, the more we like to blown up our ego. And as long as we can impress others we will continue to play our game with gusto. But eventually we out voice only ourselves and once we close our mouth, our self-created reality collapses as a house of cards, and we fall into the abyss of self-pity and sheer misery; at this moment a process worldwide is happening and what some of us will call hell!


I believe that I am improving myself every day; that every day is worthy to live and to experience at the fullest. My body constantly renews and rejuvenates itself. Bumps in my life are only there to make me more aware of my Self. I may take those bumps without nagging. And when I am occasionally nagging, let me be aware that I am nagging! Even that I do not have to change. That is just what it is at that particular moment and when I let it be without judgment, it will disappear as fast as the rain showers from this morning.


I love myself. Wow, I have created a wonderful life, a gorgeous body. I have created a beautiful environment and what a beautiful people are surrounding me. But even if all off this will disappear, I will stay upright. Because within me is a wealth that is independent of anything and anyone and cannot be expressed in money. It manifests itself as an eternal field of flowers which bloom continuously without ever withers. There is so much to be grateful for. There is only gratitude…

I love myself – and because of that I love you…

Yasmin – Ambassador of Love

‘The moment I fully embrace myself, I embrace the world without exception’.