The moment we left paradise we not only lost our wings, we became further and further removed from our true essence. The current situation in the world forces us to make a choice. Either we hide our heads in the sand and blindly follow the guidelines that slowly but surely rob us of our freedom, or we turn inward and find the gateway to wholeness and true freedom.  In short, it is time for an inner reset.

Most of you don’t know that I had absolutely no intention to cross the borders four months ago, unprepared and with a mini camper. As always, I listened to my inner voice and began to clean up our house thoroughly.  “He my dear it looks like we’re going to leave for a long period,” I said to Giri.  And here we are now in Portugal. Almost three months on the road  without a specific goal. I let myself be led by my inner guidance as I have been doing always…


Last week I woke up in our campervan after a dream that told me that I had to read again my book ‘Masterbeyond death’. As my readers know, my texts from years ago are still relevant in the here and in the now.

This gem was self-published. Together with other publishers we attempted to curb the power structure of our Centrale Bookhouse and Unfortunately, these structures within the book world are comparable to the power of multinationals and the pharmaceutical industry.  It is fighting a losing battle. But slowly but surely the world is changing course. The moment the water is not only up to the lips, but even higher, we begin to realize that all the interplay in the world has nothing to do with health, but that we are slowly but surely being robbed of  our freedom until we have become controllable minicomputers…


The booklet ‘Mastery Beyond Death’ could not make a real breakthrough. In our makeable society we scrupulously avoid the subject of death. Now we are confronted with it every day. Although this has little to do with the virus, on the contrary. The measures, but especially the fear that has been systematically sown and since that 9/11 in the form of hatred against Muslims and terrorists has been firmly and practically ineradicably planted in our souls, has become so deeply rooted in our human hearts over the past one and a half year that we ostensibly willing to follow all measures, even if we cannot reconcile them in any way…

September 11, 2001

I remember as if it was yesterday that I gave a lecture on that particular September 11th about my latest book: Love is ‘All That Is’. I did not knew what happened that day when the people trickled in, but soon I was aware.  People were angry: what was on my mind to talk about Love? They were emotional and above all very scared. It had nothing to do with compassion for the victims. No, they were suddenly aware of their own vulnerability, their own mortality…

This fruitful evening stimulated me to write a peace message that same night. Thanks to the Internet phenomenon, it was widely disseminated and broadcast by Canadian radio. The message also ended up on the desk of the Prime Minister President and the Vice President in the USA.  The answer was clear: Let the Dutch never forget what America did for us in World War II…

My Peace message

“We are no doubt stunned by what happened in the States yesterday. Once again we become aware of our vulnerability. The fear literally takes our breath away. The earthquake in Gujarat in India, which killed 20,000 people is far away for us, but the unbeatable USA does brings our mortality very closeby. We start to realize that the foundations of our social illusion are very fragile.  We believe that life is manufactable and that we can insure ourselves against all disasters, but there is no insurance that guarantees us the physical right to exist.

Let’s look at USA with love and compassion.  Let’s highlight the victims, but don’t forget the perpetrators either. Let us not call for retribution, but for forgiveness.

We have replaced respect for Life with respect for matter. From this respect, love for all living things has turned into deadly fear. Deep down we know that we have forgotten who we really are: divine immortal beings, creators of our own reality.

When my reality is peace, then I create peace within myself. Then I work as a spiritual warrior to face, feel, live and transform all fear in myself into Love.  Then I no longer exclude anything, but I know that everything that is happening in the world right now is part of me.

I don’t have the arrogance to make the world a better place. I strive to improve my own world, myself. I choose to live my own truth and no longer hide myself behind social structures born of fear and not of love.

As Mandela said in his speech written by Marianne Williamson:

‘We were born to reveal the glory of God present in each of us. We don’t serve the world by keeping ourselves small.  We serve the world by letting shine our inner light. In doing so, we give others the opportunity to do the same. When we free ourselves from our deepest fear, the fear of death, just our proximity will set others free’.

We can do our part to solve the war by ending the war within ourselves.  We end apartheid by tearing down our own inner walls built to hide ourselves behind.

I do not wish to retaliate, I am willing to forgive. I forgive myself for all the mistakes I made in the past. These mistakes have polished me into an open and loving person with room for everyone who is different, everyone who thinks differently.  This is no longer threatening, it gives color to my life. I forgive myself and others in the knowledge that forgiveness will open our hearts to universal brotherhood.

Every moment we choose which pole we want to connect to, with fear or with trust, with hate or with love.  Mandela used his time in prison to transform hate into love. He used the energy of hate to grow the seed of love.  I challenge myself, I challenge you to do the same.

I decide today to be Love and to live Love. To be a living example of love in all simplicity. I invite you to do the same. In doing so, we lay a solid foundation for a new world in which Love will triumph. A world in which our children and children’s children can freely discover and develop themselves into humane beings. A world in which competition makes way for support.  A world where our only weapons will be Love and respect for Life…”


A few days later, on Wednesday the 17th of September, I saw the following ‘image’ during my meditation. I saw that America was heartbroken by the attack. You could compare this to a physical heart attack.  People who survive a heart attack are usually more ‘open’ afterwards.  The heart attack has literally helped them to release certain blockages. Symbolically you could say that USA, and with the  USA the whole western world, may open their ‘hearts’ to learn to listen candidly to our brothers and sisters from other cultures and other faiths: the Christ consciousness awakens in human.

Later that day I finally got around to sculpting again.  Under my hands the stone suddenly began to take shape. I held my breath when I saw what was going to happen. A Phoenix was born: America rises from its ashes…

There is no certainty but the ‘certainty’ of uncertainty: everything is in constant motion and moves in a certain order.  When we dare to let go of our fear, we can face that no one on this earthly plane can guarantee our safety. There is only one way to experience safety and that is the inner way.  The moment we dare to recognize that we are nothing on our own, we open the gate to inner peace…

Here and now

Little did we know that all this was a taster to get us ready for the great reset.  Those preparations had been going on for a long time. Not everyone remembers the first time clock. Solidarity between employer and employee was reduced to an elusive emotion. People became increasingly alienated from themselves and thus from the other. Small-scale projects, such as post offices, were merged.  Small congregations followed. Efficiency took the place of interpersonal contact. The monetary system, the multinational, the banks and ultimately the 1 percent at the top, were given absolute power. Homes became unaffordable and people degenerated more and more to the caliber of modern slavery. For the appearance of safety and security, we handed over our responsibility: to our employers and to the state…

Pros or cons

And now we have all made our bed and we must lie in it. We no longer talk about black and white and gender stuff, but about pros or cons. Not only our safety is on the street, but also our privacy, our intimacy, our authenticity. The moment the government reduced us to machines and took ownership of our lives and our bodies, by forcing us to donate our organs and have ourselves ‘gen-shot’, we have gone one station too far. Getting out is no longer an option. But as I said in my preface: When the water is at our lips, it is time to turn inward and regain our inner strength. Together we are strong. Stand up and don’t let yourself be divided into pro or con, vaccinated or not vaccinated. The heart of the true human beats in each of us.

Global Citizens

Let’s sacrifice our little self – or ego – in the fire of Love. Let’s realize that we are essentially one, even if you don’t see it immediately on the outside. Let’s realize that everything we create, consciously or unconsciously, has an effect on the total society, the whole world order.

Let’s honesty look in the mirror and admit that we can’t go back to where we came from. With our gigantic greed we have exploited Mother Earth, who carries us and nourishes and supports our physical reality, to the bone. We have forgotten that we cannot take with impunity without giving back. We have forgotten that sharing is the engine of a loving human heart.

Let’s face the fact that the whole visible world has become one big lie, one big projection. That there is nothing we think we see that exists outside ourselves. Afraid of terrorism? Grab the terrorist inside of you by the horns. Embrace lovingly whatever you not dare to face within yourself so that it can transform into wholeness.  And YES it is absolutely true. Whatever we think of, our bodies will die, sooner or later. But if we dare to feel and embrace the fear of death, we can at least live this short time here on earth at the fullest. Then we no longer have to hide ourselves under a bushel, visibly afraid to breathe, but proudly we will present ourselves in full glory.

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but what I do know is that I have to make the best I can of this moment, sitting here in our campervan behind my computer. That I may show myself as I have always shown myself in this time: without fear of being plugged out. Honestly, truthful and divine.

We can only turn this lie around by ceasing to participate. By stopping blaming others and putting the responsibility for our own Life and our own bodys where it belongs: on our own shoulders. In the end, we only came to Earth with one mission. To remember who we are: to wake up. That is only possible in the quiet space of our Heart. At that moment we become truly immortal. We let go of the role of victim and become masters. We rise to mastery, Mastery beyond death…

In times of disaster, in times of war, we can no longer put things off in front of us and hide our authenticity. It’s high time for an inner reset…

In loving connection,

Mastery beyond Death

If you like to read ‘Mastery Beyond Death’ you can download it here for free: E-book epub