While I am walking along the beach, it strikes me that I am shining since a few days. My smile goes from ear to ear, does not even stop when I go to sleep and is still there when I get up. Behind all of that is a field where there is no restriction – there is unlimited space…

It has to do with the fact that for a number of days my body has been fearful out of harmony and suddenly I knew the reason. I wanted things being differently as they were! Without wanting to let go it compulsively, I just let go of. Not only my body feels much better, my soul is shining and brilliant as before. Not yet, it shines even more: there is another bit of insight – a little polishing…


I thoroughly enjoy my morning ritual. I wonder why the boys on the beach, in the hotel and even on the street seems always so happy to see me. I watch some tourists. Most of them ignore those guys or irritated they try to skip them as if they are flies! And as we know, this even does not work with flies! Everyone wants to be seen and recognized. First and foremost these guys. Moreover, they are just doing their job and this is their home. They have every right to be here!

I do not like to compare, simply there exist no law of the Medes and the Persians, but if I should have the guts, I would say that these guys usually have more inner civilization than many Westerners have. Sometimes tourists go beyond limits of the permissible. Most Afrikaners loke more tolerant, they seem not likely to pay the same coin back!
Africans are generally still rooted in the rhythms of nature, although they seem to lose their innocence as they have more money. In short, the sense of Mine and Yours has made its entrance. Fear of loss and shame seems to be a logical consequence.

Radiant smile

I grab my backpack to go home and look into the smiling eyes of a singing security man, named Stephen. Having no teeth not even hinders him to show his bright smile. I compliment him about his voice and there’s a wonderful exchange of energy. No, he speaks, I listen. What arrogance to think that I could learn those people something!
‘God has given me this life and I am grateful. I have a job so I can maintain my family. As a gift I love singing, so on Sunday I sing in church to praise God. For all this is not my merit, it is purely God’s. Just take this Indian Ocean. Is it no miracle? The tide comes and goes. No man can change that. Only God can. Listen to the trees. They are silent now. Where is the wind? Suddenly there is wind again and the trees start to sway. We can not change this, it is just there. Life is a miracle. There is so much to be grateful for…’


Yes dear Stephen, there is so much to be grateful for. I feel overflowing with love for you, for your beautiful country, for all the great people I daily met, who eternal seem to shine, whether they have anything to eat or not. It is so easy to love you since I love myself unconditionally!

Occasionally I feel that it is a bit difficult to understand and appreciate people I am really close with. There are still some expectations which no doubt has to do with my vision of reality, what of course not have to be their reality! Letting be that what it is, without wanting to put a Tag on it, is still a challenge! So there is always something that can be polished without actually necessarily wanting something to polish!

The understanding, the insight, is more than enough to change what can be changed and what not can be changed to accept…

Om Shanti,
Yasmin – Kenya