Every person is looking for Love. The moment you have found that source of love inside yourself, no longer will you search for it in the outside world and your energy will flow abundantly…

Babies who do not get love stay behind in their growth. A person dies if he does not get love. Maybe his body does not die, but certainly his spirit. At best, he becomes someone who survives, in the worst case he becomes a criminal and will kill without emotion as he has been killed.

Funny that we pay so much attention to fight evil, to acquire knowledge and outside matter while all we need to bring up a healthy and self-evident child is love. That last one seems to be a forbidden fruit…

Do you experience that everything you give attention grows?

The world is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. Until we take full responsibility for our own lives, we will continue to shop in the outside world, we will fill our emptiness with surrogate and we will continue to project our misery on others.

When all the shortages was filled in me, I discovered that I no longer had to do anything. I only had to be what every human being is in essence: an eternal source of love. Being love is another thing than covering everything under the guise of love and the shine of holiness! Love exposes everything that has been hidden carefully. Love begins by recognizing and embracing yourself fully.

No longer I feel the urge to bring all the misery of the world into my house by social media. I cannot change that. Every change is taking place within myself.

We cannot change the world. You can only change our view of the world

Ellen and Yasmin

Meantime I can say that I embrace myself with my perfect- and less perfect sides. In this material manifestation, I cannot only be light. Embracing both poles means harmony and wholeness. The heart is the engine. Life is full and fulfilling without filling in anything.I am very sensitive and everything I experience is going through my body. Unlike in the past, it will no longer stick on it. I am more a observer, an open channel. How arrogant to think that I had to bear the suffering of the world. It may be there. This also belongs to perfection. I can only be present, grateful in any moment.


I cannot change the flow of life. I can fight or let myself float on the stream. The moment I was tired of fighting, I surrendered: I let go – I let God. No longer I was a willing sheep. I got rid of the herd that makes evolution impossible and went my own way. It was painful and not always they loved me. No longer this is important. It is not about what others think of us, it is all about daring to live our own truth.

I take responsibility for my own actions. I cannot blame anyone and certainly, I cannot use God to justify my actions. If you do, I will not stop you. I will respect your way and not debate with you, what is another form of war.

Edith Rinckes AZC Heerhugowaard

Since I no longer want to hold on, not a partner, children, friends, and certainly no material possessions, love flows effortlessly inside and outside me. Fear is disappearing like snow for the sun and I feel free as an eagle in his flight.

After a half year with refugees in Greece, I experience a same openness here. People come to my house and feel charged. It is not my intention to make them depend on me or to hold anyone. To transform you have to experience the depth of hell and the height of heaven. Why should I stop someone from this process while I know this is the only way to wake up?

Om Shanti – Let us be in peace…