Guardian Angel

My little secret,
hidden within me,
only to be red, when I unlock what lies inside.
At my innermost sanctum, my thoughts gathered,
sealing my emotions, my feelings.
A path of the past,
then, I took the courage,
the courage to relive once more,
reading what lay inside.

A morning child, shrouded in Darkness,
drowning in tears of blood, a river of emotions,
screaming for someone to notice.
Cloaked under his own feelings,
pain withering the soul, an insatiable scar.

A bundle of light,
shining through the thick mist,
finding its way to me,
hoping to cure what scar remained,
my deepest sorrows,
my grief flushing away.
The secret I have known so long,
reasoning me with your blinding light,
seeing to it that I should never fall.

The trail of tears, fading away,
into the midst of night, then I knew
You were my guardian angel.

– Dennis