Gathering – Meditation – Aura-reading


is not a tool to achieve some specific  goal. Meditation is the willingness to live in the here and now, to be fully aware of every moment. It  is a process of surrender, it is the pathway you have to walk to discover your true Self.

Dare to be a rebel. Dare to kick down all your  sacred beliefs  – not outside yourself, but inside yourself…
– from the book Origin



‘Being together in spirit…’

Allowing to flow all what is to the outside. To be seen and embreace means it will transforme…



Is a reading of the energie in- and around you. It gives you inside in yourself and the power to transform old habits…

Appointments for aura-reading or organizing a gathering – use contact-form
Payment can be in the form of a donation for Kenya or the refugees in Greece



Yasmin can be invited for a day, a weekend or a week in all different settings.

  • Gatherings and Medition will be supported by exercises increasing awareness…
  • For assignments use the contact-form.