Let us free ourselves of God


‘Let us free ourselves of God because God is the source of all misery…’

Do not dismiss reading this story out of shock from this statement; I invite you to relax and continue reading. Let us free ourselves of the image we have created of God, because that image – that which we call God – is the source of all misery. We like to say that God has created us humans according to his image. The truth is that we, with our limitations, have created God as an analogue to our image.


We narrow-minded humans are not able to comprehend the totality of God and that is all right. After all it is impossible to comprehend God. However, because of our need to understand, we try to make everything manageable and for that reason we have wrapped up God in tangible concepts for as long as we inhabit the earth. By means of images, pictures and names we have tried to reduce the Unnameable, the Intangible, the Measureless, and the Infinite within the limits of our human understanding. And so we create and re-create day after day the image of God that suits us the best but which is not worthy of God Himself…

For decades atheists as well as philosophers have been trying to convince each other of who is right. The one party is constantly searching for proof that God does not exist whilst the other party constantly tries to prove that God does exist. If God really did exist in a tangible form, He would roar with laughter till tears poured down His cheeks. Undoubtedly those tears would change every now and then to tears of sadness and despair about so much incomprehension…

God as a gardener

There is a story about God being like a gardener. I like this story; it is a very beautiful one, so I have used this story many times: God is like a gardener who cultivates his own garden. He creates Himself constantly in different forms; beautiful ones and less beautiful ones. The essence of His creation is the miracle. A miracle is just a miracle and by no means can we unravel it, however eager we are to try to do so. By unravelling the miracle we degenerate the miracle to that of cheap magic. We invalidate the miracle until the miracle is no longer a miracle. Sneakily we sit day and night at the edge of the garden and we try to catch and dismantle God, the gardener, but because of the fact that God is not showing Himself in a tangible form and we are not capable of catching Him, even in the shape of the gardener, we like to assert that God does not exist.

This has nothing to do with God, let alone with the gardener and his garden. Both are a reality beyond question but because of our limited imagination we are unable to look beyond the visible form. It has to do with the fact that we are too narrow minded to make a real image of God. And that is truth; we are too limited to create a real image. God does not let Himself be caught in a tangible way, whatever image it is. Every image is a direct disgrace of God – invalidation.

God is the totality

God is the totality of ALL creation and at the same time God is every single creature. We have limited ourselves so much, we have forgotten that we can sit quiet and peacefully in the garden, just to experience it. We can experience God IN the garden, in His whole creation, in the flowers, the insects, the birds, the animals, even in the humans itself! God is the gardener AND the garden. You will never find God separate from His garden. You cannot see God, you can only experience Him. If we empty our minds and free ourselves from all pictures, all concepts and all images where we have defiled our system through many incarnations and ages, we will be closer to God than we have ever been before. It asks the willingness to settle up with the past. The willingness to settle up with everything we once took for granted. To settle up with everything we derived our identity from and we used to distinguish ourselves and to raise ourselves above others.

Our God

OUR God is the poison, the source of all misery, the source of all suffering. OUR God is the cause that we fight each other for in the name of. OUR God is the cause why the Muslims in the north of Thailand have decided to exterminate the Buddhists in their area, until only the pure race, in this case the Muslim, will remain. OUR God is the cause that the Jews nailed Christ to the cross for because they got stuck in their own thoughts, in their own self created images. OUR God is the cause why the Christians seriously felt that they had to convert the poor black children, because THEIR God – nature itself – was so primitive… OUR God is the cause why Christians worldwide have destroyed temples to build their own churches on the foundations of them.

OUR God is the cause why the Chinese invaded Tibet to demolish an old culture. OUR God is the cause why the United States of America have forgotten there initial mission and raised themselves to the state of God based on power and money. They have put themselves on Gods throne in the figure of Mr. Bush and they like to show the world that they seem to have the right to intervene in a, in their eyes, godless world. Murder does not seem to be murder anymore if it happens in the name of God. Hundreds, even thousands, of people got and still get murdered everyday in the name of God. Not one of the mass murderers disappear behind bars, like my friend Edward and all Edwards, in that godless United States of America.

Master Jesus

So let us free ourselves of God. Let us forever free ourselves of all images we have created of a God that gives us a feeling of safety and security. Although we assert not to believe in a God anymore, we still use these pictures as it suits us, to raise ourselves above other cultures, other civilizations. YES, by recreating symbolic meanings in the pictures of the master Jesus and Mary Magdalena and putting them into historical images, we create knowingly and unknowingly new pictures, new images. And we sling these new discovered images into the ether as being the only truth by which we can free ourselves from the so-called limited pictures from the past.

If we are not willing to jolt ourselves awake, if we do not take the responsibility for all those pictures and as long as we bury our head in the sand, we will continue to create these kind of images and we will base new religions on the fundaments of the old ones. We do not seem to understand that divine impulses are born in every moment and immediately are frozen as we put them into form and hold them up as truth. Every moment we are creating afresh everything we have loathed in the past.

Jesus and Buddha

Did Jesus not start like this? Did Gautama the Buddha not start like this? No, they did not create new churches or new temples. They knew all too well that true religion is alive and renewed in every moment and can never be put in a rigid structure. Religion is an experience, an adventure, a state of pure being. They did not have any intention to found a new religion, a new church. If there were followers, it was the disciples who created this. Christianity, Buddhism, the Islam and all churches, temples and mosques are the result of a concept, the result of a conviction. In that sense they have nothing to do with the authentic message of the master Jesus or the prophet Mohammed. Gautama the Buddha never initiated a new religion. Nevertheless you will nowadays find Buddhists temples everywhere where Buddha is honoured as a God, as a person.


So let us free ourselves of God. Let us knock down all temples and all churches. Not the real ones but the ones we have created inside of us. Do not fool yourself any longer and do not cling to a faith of the clan to feel safe in a truth which is not ours but is passed on to us from tradition to tradition. Concepts are always old and outdated and God can never be old. God is always new. God is always this one moment. God creates Himself anew in every moment. God is all different forms and at the same time God has no form at all. You cannot comprehend God. You can only experience God in all His different forms, His different images, the beautiful ones and the less beautiful ones, with no exception.

God is not a concept

Thus let us not put ourselves outside the garden and let us not wait until the gardener appears. Let us put ourselves in the centre of the garden. Let us be ourselves. Let us be divine and experience the divine in all different creations in the garden.
Let us stop spreading the deadly concepts we spread around and which have been used by the intellect for centuries to control the mob. Let us free ourselves from the false respect for these kinds of concepts. They are empty phrases, put together from already actual sources, but not lived through by the Self. God cannot be put together, God cannot be put in any concept, God can only experienced directly as LIGHT – as LOVE – as ENERGY.

God is Love

Sit down for a while. Make yourself empty and let go of all images. Experience yourSelf as you really are. No solid form but energy – trembling – vibration – resonance. Fall apart in billions of particles. Feel that those particles are faster than the light itself. That is TRUTH, that is what you really are, that is what constantly births and perishes – births and perishes – births and perishes. God is constantly in movement. God births and perishes Himself constantly in His creation. God is faster than the LIGHT and at the same time God is the light Itself. God is beyond all forms and at the same time God is all forms. God is LOVE with capital letters and embraces everything in His limitless Love – even that which thinks it is loveless. In essence everything is Love. Everything comes forward out of Love, out of the same Source and will return into the One Source which is named LOVE…


Because of our limitations of being incarnated in a human body there is nothing wrong in honouring God in a kind of picture as long as we need one. In our manifested form we need this kind of images to express ourselves. There is nothing wrong with it as long as we know that it is just an image, a form far from the truth, only a weak reflection of the reality. As long as we respect other peoples images and we do not use our images to fight each other or to saddle others with it as being the only truth – there is nothing wrong with it. As long as we do not use our fear to divide and to create unrest, to derive the right to raise ourselves and to impose our will on others, there is nothing wrong with it…

Yasmin Verschure
1th of April 2007