Dare to be a rebel

eagleIncreasingly I understand what my inner teacher meant when he incited me to be a rebel years ago. It is not necessary to climb the barricades. It is not necessary to worry about government rules, which seem unkind by definition in popular language. It is no longer necessary even to demonstrate for peace in the world. I am just here on this earth to discover my true nature and to LIVE.

Be a rebel

Knock down all beliefsystems inside of yourself. Do not play the game of the collective any longer. Be IN the world, but not OF the world. Do not let yourself be guided by fear. Fear which you ARE not, but which you absorbed at the moment of your birth. Fear, which tells you that you are not good enough if you do not play the game. Fear of lack if you do not fit yourself into the undefined laws, which started to create our group code. Fear that you no longer belong if you do not walk with the crowd and be assured of a well salary and an index-linked pension. Do understand me well; there is nothing wrong with a good job. On the contrary, we are in this world to share our unique gift in ‘work’. Work is supposed to be that thing in which we can fully express the purity and essence of our being. Payment, in any way at all, is a logical result. Money however does not create our happiness. Happiness is what we experience in the path itself, in the being of the work.

Outer fight

Free yourself from your fears, which restrain you to be LOVE. Which restrain you to live and experience your true NATURE. Dare to differentiate from the masses by no longer joining the endless drivel about things that are not essential: the amount of National Health contribution, the -yes or no- anti conception pill in the National Health-package, go ahead, fill in the rest of the line…

The outer fight against the evil without dealing with the essence creates always more chaos in and around us. Chaos, which becomes more and more visible. Everything that is dark is lighted up. Old structures are falling apart. Do not get discouraged and tricked, it is only part of the game. The game of illusions, the shadow-work from mind in the substance. The game, which hopefully leads us to awakening. The game that we once have chosen to play here on earth.

Are we already a little bit apart from the substance and do we preach the message of Love and Light and do we let down our brothers and sisters after that, because they dare to show their anger? Or are we patiently waiting for the heaven, which is coming, for the next energy-flow, which is going to manifest itself soon so that it finally can happen? Can what happen? Well, we are getting closer to enlightenment, right?


That enlightenment is already here. In the Here and Now- in this ONE moment (there is no second). You do not even have to strive for it. On the contrary, it will only lead you further away from the truth. Man and woman are one. Denial of one makes the other unreachable. ‘I am only Light’, tells the man full conviction. I say: ‘ Congratulations, I am not that far’. In this manifestation I am light and dark. Because I know by now that the dark is not my essence, I am no longer afraid of it. I step into my fears with an open sight and a big amount of humour. I do not try to deny them any longer, not to project them on my neighbour or who-ever, but I try to look at them in myself. Not to judge, but to see the quality that is at the base: pure spirit. In the essence of anger is a seed of the un-conditional Love, who I Am.

They allowed me to be at a therapy-session. Expertly and honourably, the therapist is discovering all in-completeness in the client. Material to work with that is what keeps us social workers off the street! Suddenly I realized that the therapist in me has quit existing. I do no longer feel the need to save or correct and I have taken more the role of the ‘person present’. When I look at people now, I do not see their shortcomings; I see their potential, their pure beauty. Okay, sometimes nicely covered with different human or even un-human trained behaviour, but anyway. When I dare to see the inner beauty of people and I talk about their possibilities, then they feel themselves being seen AND loved and they begin to remember who they are. Their essence will grow stronger. The trained outside is going to disappear and the shining inside remains. Spirit shines through the essence increasingly. This happens when the person is ready for it. Not before, not after. I am just the sewer. The time to awaken is the choice of Spirit and everything I do in it is part of the game. My “I Am” is the only “do-er”.

We, in the west, have time for endless therapy. It is one of the many addictions we cherish. It is not good or bad; it is part of the game.

Dare to be a rebel

Dare to say that you do not like to talk about silly things, which spoil the energy, by what you become alienated more from yourself, and the collective fear will only get stronger. Okay, it is scary that first time, but it will get easier and you are growing more into your own energy. Moreover, by your choice, you open that path for others.

We will not grow when we keep confirming each other in old behavior. We are not in this world to be stuck cosy in relationships. We go into relations to grow by each other and to raise the most elevated in the other and ourselves.

Stop it; do not try to be nice. It is not only un-natural, it constrains. Just dare to be yourself. Dare to be honest and pure with your sunny and your less sunny sides. There are so many groups, which see it as their job to send love into the world. At the very first conflict, they burst. Yes of course, we are and stay human! As we aim more for conflict-les situations, we are manifesting more conflicts in ourselves and around us.

There is no good and bad. Those are labels, which we created and which we like to stick on a situation to control it. Everything we like to control becomes finally ‘uncontrollable’.

Fear of death

Fear to stand-alone and fear of lack is at the root of our choices. Is fear something that has a life of its own, is fear real? Is fear something of ourselves or did we feed our cooperative consciousness with fears to that extent, that we are now being spoon-fed by it?

How is it possible that people in other places can live in very primary circumstances and like to share from a feeling of abundance? I think I know the answer by now. As long as we feel apart from the Essence, we will hunt our needs and everything we collect will fall into a bottomless well.

It has to do with belief and faith. It has to do especially with surrender. With knowing that you and I are ONE and that we are all part of the same Source. From an inner conviction that our being has no limitation, we can get together at that Source of Unity and we can receive from the endless flow of abundance. It has EVERYTHING to do with dignity.

I am worthy to receive that what I already AM. I am worthy to radiate the LOVE that is in my being into every cell in my physical and other bodies. It is not necessary to do more than that. The effect to my environment is endless.

Situations come and go

A Surinamese boy from Sneek has no arms. He did not want to be dependent. His feet took over the function of his hands. He cooks, cleans and has a full job in information science. He is a lightened example in his environment. Another one in the same circumstances is constantly worried why for heaven’s sake this has to happen to him… Two people are sitting in the same train. The train gets a breakdown and it seems to take hours before help is coming. The one person is constantly moaning about the bad services from the railway. The other uses his time to be in the moment and to strengthen his source of love. In both situations, the circumstances are not that important. The point is how we use the circumstances. Do we feel as a victim and do we leave when there is a conflict, or are we lord and master and do we use the conflict to become more LOVE.

Love is ‘All That Is’

There is nothing but LOVE. You are Love and I am Love. Together we are the visible expression of the divine flow, which is constantly creating and expressing itself in different forms. Together we write books, we make sculptures, we compose the nicest music and sing the highest SONG.

Let us not elevate the form into our purpose. Dare to be flexible. Let go off the form the moment it has done its duty. May our message of Love by means of our books, our sculptures, our paintings, our helpfulness and our music flow into the world so others can quench themselves as it quenched us. Let us do this without any attachment. After all, it really is neither your gift nor mine. It is the gift from the father AND the mother- the gift from all of us.

Wake up

We do it at the right moment. The creation and creator are One. I do not have to change that creation – I just have to sing my own sound IN that creation so we can all together sing the HIGH hymn…


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– Yasmin