If all sounds are stilled and we have gone to the bottom of our fear, there remains nothing else then to surrender ourselves to the flow of silence. We finally come home to the world we were constantly looking for…


I wake up and stretch myself. While chuckling, I feel my heart is opening up. It is not a disaster to be alone. I am not bad company! I embrace myself in compassion and my heart opens up further and further. From the boundless flow of unconditional love my compassion is going to our Refugees. I am thankful that I am not in their shoes! In my imagination I embrace them with an open hearth while offering them a bunch of roses. I feel compassion for a world that feels alienating and split up because we live in the illusion of a separate I…


Although different than before, it can be pretty quiet around me now I am pulling back again from the visible world of activity. At the same time there is a huge need for silence inside of me. The moments that I feel uncomfortable, are those moments when I think I finally have to do something! Unfortunately, it is not working like that anymore. Once I let go and return to the boundless space in myself, there is no compulsion, and I am utterly boundless. I know I am doing what I have to do – even though my contribution seems less visible in the outside world.
People who are a tad alienated of this society feel at home with me. I accept them the way they are. Eventually I am also not a ‘normal’ tribe-member.


Regularly I go into nature. There is nothing that distracts me and I immensely enjoy the silence. All difficulties disappear like snow in the sun and I feel truly safe in the arms of the Father/Mother. I become one with nature – my nature.
Once you leave the beaten track you come to mystical places. In front of me a deer stands on the path. A buzzard is looking for the right thermals. What a power! How lovingly the couple coots take care of their young. A lapwing cries desperately after losing her nest. A swan with kids is swimming in the river. A lamb calls for its mother. Mother sheep breaks away from the flock and knows unerringly to find her child. A group of geese expels an intruder in their territory. Everything seems to be in bloom and the diversity of greens are a blessing for body and soul.
My energy is flowing abundantly and I feel grateful and privileged that I can walk, that I can enjoy…


I am grateful that I am born in the Netherlands. It is in many respects a great country and in essence we are a hospitable race.
We have, in my opinion, one weakness. We like to arrange everything and that deprives people of the possibility to discover the essence of life. Children need to learn the difference between good and evil. They can only learn this by experiencing this by themselves.


If we allow ourselves to make mistakes, if we dare to be rebellious, if we have the courage to question the established order, especially within ourselves, we eventually learn that we can only be responsible for our own Self. When we playful and curious dare to explore our own lives, when we honestly dare to look in our own mirror, we stop pointing to others. We accept that is what is, without having an opinion or a judgment. We reveal what the Creator intended with his creation. Words lose strength, silence takes its space. We quit to believe that we have to do something. We are what we are: pure Love…


Embrace your fear and it will disappear like snow in the sun. It does not matter which path we have chosen. It is always the right path! And if you need something from someone else, you just have to ask. It is that simple!

Om Shanti – Let US be in Peace…
Yasmin – Ambassador of Love