As long as we are not whole inside, we will look for an enemy in the outside world. As long as we are accusing someone else, we are not free from our inner pain. Hating causes inner suffering and alienates us from ourselves.

Suddenly racism is a hot topic. Worldwide huge demonstrations are taken place. Police and ME are not interfering. It suits the rulers well. It takes the attention away from the real problem. Be sure that people start to hate each other and you have created the perfect climate to push through the controversial emergency law…

Divide and rule

What are we doing now we are in a global crisis that affects all of us? After years of discussions about our black Piet tradition, the murder of a black man in the USA is being used to prove that discrimination still exists. We do not understand that divide and rule is the method that leaders nowadays use to set us up against one another, so that our attention is diverted from that what really happens.

It is important to recognize what we have done in the past. We cannot be proud of that. Not the Dutch, not the Moors, not the Americans, not the Africans with their tribal wars, not the Arabs, or you name it.

The moment we can forgive ourselves, we can forgive others. No longer do we have to feel guilty and we can draw a line under the past. Hand in hand and fully in the present, we can go for what concerns us all: our democracy, our blood-fought freedom…

Challenges polish our soul

We are born as boundless free beings in that special place where we can learn the lessons our soul has chosen to become a better and more sincere person. The path we walk is one of trial and error: of challenges and desires, of division and connection. The goal is no more and no less than to transcend our ego so we feel in every way one with ALL that lives. We are all brothers and sisters. At the end, we can no longer speak about I and you, but only about us.

It does not matter where we are born. Innocence, freedom and wholeness are the birthright of every human. Rather than honoring our children for their wholeness, we are gradually taking everything away from them that reminds them of heaven, totality and perfection. Slowly but surely we are framed in a dualistic world of good and evil. Depending on where we were born, our color or our origin becomes superior…

Discrimination is timeless

Whites have also been trafficked as slaves. I dare to say that my father’s situation was no more and no less than slavery. After my parents’ premature death, I struggled tremendously with my health and my past. I surfaced and learned the power of forgiveness. On behold I learned to embrace myself and discovered the power of gratitude. The result was that I could embrace everything and everyone. Every soul on earth is longing to be recognized and to be known.

Did you think it was a coincidence that you were born in a black, white or blue body? Did you think it was a coincidence that you are the daughter of a king or the son of a drug dealer? Of course not. Your soul chose the circumstances to get to know yourself in all depth. As a child, you do not know discrimination. You learn this during your upbringing. That has little or nothing to do with being white or black.

Recognition is freeing us

It is the time for us white ones to recognize that we have dominated the world long enough. Do not  think it will be better if Africa takes over that role. When people gain power and are not ready for it internally (and who even is that far?), even the most honest will collapse.

Every human discriminates

I was against rich people: they had an easy life in my eyes. Until I  real poverty in India and realized I was cherishing my past. In this way I could be against the outside world and I did not have to take responsibility for my inner world. This insight gave me the opportunity to remain an eternal victim or to become a master of my own life. I chose for the latter.

I corresponded with a black man on deathrow in Texas. When they killed him, a part of myself died. I loved him unconditionally and did not judge what he did. Later I visited Aaron, another beautiful soul, on deathrow in USA. I was with him every day for a week – behind glass. I loved him and he loved me. However, I did not want to marry him…

It is a challenge to be in the world and to share your skills with others, without belonging to the world…

The art of living

We did not come to the earth to escape our earthly reality. Nor do we need to be attached to suffering to earn Valhalla. We are on earth to perfect ourselves in every way. Since I woke up, I can embrace every experience. There are no good and no bad experiences. Every experience is food for our soul. Life is a gift.

It is a pity that we link wealth to money, status and power.

By embracing myself, I learned to recognize and to embrace others in their true essence. I like people. My friends are in all colors of the rainbow. I honor my origins and feel at home with the scum in our society: the homeless person, the beach boy, the refugee, the person in prison and so on. When we have nothing to lose, when there is no past and no future, we are close to the Source and we learn the real art of Life.

Everything we fight is growing

By fighting against disease, we are increasingly creating a sick body and a sick society. By fighting discrimination, we create more and more division. By living through a disease, we not only honor our immune system, we become healthy and strong. We should not protect the weak ones, but challenge them to stand in their own strength. We should not demonstrate against discrimination, If we would like to demonstrate we should demonstrate for freedom. That does not divide us but connects us and that is true Love…


By being roused by the government and its affiliated media, we are systematically brainwashed to hate and distrust each other since September 11, 2001. Believe me, not only in the rich west. Christians hate Muslims, blacks hate whites, the rich hate the poor and vice versa. Of course, that suits our rulers well.

The government is a reflection of ourselves. It makes no sense to point our finger. Honesty commands us to look inside and accept that we have completely given away our responsibility. Out of laziness, we let our lives be determined by the pharmaceutical industry, the government, the media, and so on. If that is not slavery. If working on conveyor belts with time clocks is not slavery…

Tame sheep

It is time for us to stop polarizing. We weaken our position and are only helping those in power. By systematically giving us a little more freedom, we let ourselves be dazzled and be metaphorically lead to slaughter like tame sheep. At the end, we are even willing to accept that emergency law and even the mandatory vaccination. For the sake of convenience, we are overlooking that this is not only the end of our freedom, but also of our democracy.

The art of not knowing

To be clear, we cannot go back to the past. It is time we realized that we have exploited not only each other, but also our earthly mother. It is time for a new world order, a new morality that has nothing to do with the new normal.

Of course, we do not yet know how we will color this in. First, we have to learn to embrace the art of not knowing. If the desire is big enough and we continue to dream actively, we can face this time as the greatest adventure ever, in which we bundle the Love that we essentially are together to give it shape through trial and error.

In my childlike innocence, I regularly ask somebody about their roots. Not always this is appreciated. This time I felt not only his pain, I also recognized mine and openly I shared my feelings. By doing this, I was not only healing this part in myself, I gave him also the opportunity to recognize and to heal his own past.

Unity in diversity

A black person will never become a white one and being on time is a problem for many. Therefore, we can learn something from them and they can learn something from us. None of us is any better. No longer I will accept this nonsense, like I will never will accept the 1.5 meter distance and the mask. It is not natural and sick making. If you do not pay in the bus, you are not a rainbow-rider, you will be still a black rider (dutch expression) and our tradition of black Piet can stay. Everyone can decide by himself or herself whether you want to be annoyed by that or not.

Being a victim is a choice

Stopping blaming others is the hardest thing there is, but it will set you free. You give up your victim role, your false sense of security. True spirituality is in every way taking responsibility for your own being and your life. I do not only mean our behavior towards each other, but towards every living being. We have to find back the respect that we lost for the feminine aspect in every person, for our society and for our beloved earth mother. It means that we have to accept that peace, security, equality and so on do not exist on the material level.

True life

In essence, we are all born naked and all the same. If you dare to feel this deeply within, you lose the need to point your finger at anyone. No one knows the other’s blueprint. The outside may look beautiful, but it says nothing about the inside.

When we stop bringing up the past, we can join hands and connect our hearts.  Ultimately, we can stand together for the most precious thing we can acquire here on earth: Brotherhood and sisterhood. True Life can only unfold in Freedom. True Love is unity in diversity and it colors the world a bit more beautiful…

Om Shanti – Let us be in Peace
– July 7, 2020