Yasmin Verschure is author and  spiritual coach. She loves people and after her first trip to India she never stopped traveling  and went to many countries. Worldwide she gave personal coaching and seminars on healing and inner growth. She brought peace and love to the sick, the dying, the refugees and prisoners and sees the confrontation with the rawness of existence as her path of initiation. From the moment she no longer wanted to control life, her life was guided on a magical way. Three weeks ago I saw her interview for the podcast and was impressed by her life experience and her wisdom.

In her hospitable flower garden in the Netherlands, I had a special encounter with a woman who is so versatile that she does not fit into any box.

Your latest book is called Inner Reset – the journey within. When did your inner journey begin

I was born with a weak health and had a huge inferiority complex. I married young, get children and around the age of thirty I obtained my diploma ‘Social Academy’. After my marriage ended, I was left with some savings from the sale of our house. I wanted to give my son money to travel for a year before he went to university. He didn’t dare. I realized that I wanted him to do something I had to do myself. It was my soul desire to go to India. I had just been seriously ill. It was a huge challenge but my inner guidance told me I should survive and I went. India became an initiatory journey on all levels. I was greatly triggered by the poverty I saw. As a working-class girl I knew what poverty was, but in India I realized that my poverty gave me an identity so that I could point to people who are well off. I decided to let this go. That proces went through trial and error, but since then I’ve experienced enormous inner growth.

Life is a miracle if you dare to see it. Since I said: I let go, I let God, I experience that my life is guided in every way.

How do you stay so positive in life during this time

By being in nature and seeing God in all of her creations. By going back to the perfection and innocence of a child, that part which does not judge and is pure and original. Every human being has the divine within, you can see it in their eyes. I start each day with gratitude for the gift of life. I am like a big kid and live my life with confidence and dedication. I can marvel and be perfectly happy with something small.

We are born as gods. Pure and innocent.

Then we begin to fit our children into the three dimensional world of the forms. We spoil them with sweeteners they don’t ask for.
They want to be held and feel safe just because you are there. Life is a wonderful adventure if you dare to see it. I dare to say this is the best time ever. If we ever want to wake up, now is the time.

When are we awake

The integration with our physical reality is deeply rooted and feels lifelike. The matrix is ​​a consciousness that we create in our mind. Fear of living, fear of not belonging to the group and fear of death, makes us voluntarily lock ourselves in our cocoon instead of being a butterfly. When we have the courage to go inward and explore the darkness within ourselves, we experience unprecedented freedom. Freedom is not doing what you want. It is freeing yourself of aversion, hatred, old pain, old patterns, fear of lack and attachment. Dare to live from confidence without any certainty for the future that only exists in our fantasy.

Everything starts with a thought. You plant a seed and it will grow into a poisonous plant or a beautiful flower. That’s up to you.

If we all think we’re going to get worse, it certainly will. Be aware that you are the creator of your own life.

You have traveled a lot. In Africa you took people with AIDS and even dying people in your arms, how did you manage that

When I was ill for a long time, people couldn’t be there for me, they had to do something, make me better because they didn’t dare to feel where I was going through. I withdrew into myself, closed myself off from these contacts and learned through shame and damage to do things differently.

It felt  like a gift to be with dying people. It gives you an opportunity to take a look into heaven.

At first I completely gave myself away. I had to learn to receive and to love myself. That eventually became the base of my being. As I was able to embrace myself, with my light side and my shadow side, I became more and more whole. The more I give, the more I receive. Connection is the energy you feel with your heart. I don’t go to the sick, the refugees, or poor black kids because they need something. On the contrary, they give me many times more than I can ever give them. Everyone wants to be seen and embraced. I just need to be myself with an open heart. I have no pity, I feel compassion. I am no better or worse than anyone. We have everything inside that we see or reject in another. We attach too little value to our humanity and too much to things. In Kenya I saw children with nothing, they took rubbish out of the sea and made a bouncy castle out of it. Children don’t need anything to be intensely happy.

In ‘the ten thousand things’ the Tao describes the emptiness that fills creation.

From 2015 you decided to go to the refugees. How did you experience that

As always I went to the refugees empty-handed. They are just like you a me. Very grateful if you dare to see them. If you really start looking at people, you see what pain, but also what beauty is hidden behind people’s facade. I also saw that in people we portray as criminals. It is being created that we should hate refugees. It’s too horrible for words.

Refugee camps contain all our fears, all our shortcomings and our hidden dark sides that we not dare to face and project outside of ourselves.

At the same time we are constantly on the hunt for more. We cross all borders and are allowed to explore the whole earth. We have stolen all of Africa and saddled them with national debts that they will never get over. There is a lot of power in Africa, from which we can learn a lot. I call that the art of living. People don’t understand that everything you attract, you have manifested yourself. People who say they are being discriminated often discriminate themselves. It’s projection. Dependence takes the creativity out of humanity. We are always busy solving things in the matter. We collectively create a president like Mark Rutte. If we want a different government, we must change ourselves.
We have created a huge victim culture. It keeps us small and vulnerable.

Do you see a new world emerging

We are the new world. It takes place in our consciousness. I create my own reality and take full responsibility for it.

I live heaven on earth every day. We don’t have to earn that. It has been waiting for us all along until we wake up and realize that we are not our bodies but pure consciousness, light and love. In short, we are born as gods and we make slaves of ourselves.

The group that dares to mirror itself is still very small. Also among the so-called awake people. I’m not going to talk about guilt, penance or whatever, it’s the ego’s game. Let’s create the world we wish to see within ourselves so we can shape it outside. Let’s take an example from people like Nelson Mandela and color the world a bit more beautiful.

With thanks to Anja Veerman and
Photographer Markus Kamphuis from newspaper De Andere Krant

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