Be still and know

Be still and know

I am the hole in the flute through which the breath of Christ is moving. Listen to this music…
– Hafiz – Sufi

During a 21-day period of silence, in which my only food was my garden, the birds and the unseen world, my physical vehicle failed on many fronts. While the body had a really hard time, I dwelt in peace in the boundless space of my heart. Primal trust, surrender and the process of alchemy pushed the boundaries between death and life. Literally and figuratively, I am getting lighter…

From my diary*

‘…We are pure consciousness. Boundless, divine space. Silence. We are Nothing. We are God. By denying who we are, what we are, we create human-unworthy situations. It is divine intervention to intervene in visible reality. As painful as it is to see what we do to ourselves, how we deny and destroy ourselves, behind that outer destruction Awareness is still at work. Even though it may seem far away, this is the perfect time to realize who we really are. Now is the time to wake up and to stop giving our responsibility out of hands to anyone, to anything. To God, to politics, to the pharmaceutical industry, to our leaders…’.

‘…We are, I am, the divine power that animates everything. The moment I take full responsibility for that and don’t wait for it to reveal itself, I create pure divine vibrations in my inner world and let them flow out into the outer world so that others have the possibility to pick them up and awaken…’.

‘…We are not meant to deny what is. We are meant to no longer connect with that which is. By denying we create that what is. By being awake, seeing what is and no longer connecting ourselves to it, we give what has been created the opportunity to fall apart. Everything that arises perishes. Everything that is created is eventually doomed. Every material form disintegrates. What remains is pure Consciousness. And that is what I am. That is what you are. That is what we are…’.Paradise

The world would instantly become the paradise the Creator intended it to be, if people realized right now who they really are. No one, absolutely no one, will be able to support the lie that reigns, once all the lies in our inner world have been resolved.


By transforming my inner world, I create my own reality and transform the world outside me. The step to freedom is an inner step. The only weapon on my path is Love. By breaking down myself, all my belief systems and attachments to the bone, I am closer to the truth than ever. Life is a mystery. I still exist in this physical manifestation to be a Beacon of Light for others during this transforming times.


In this state of being there is no need to demonstrate. Have the guts to look honestly in your own mirror. Embrace what you essentially are and dare to stand for it, without analyzing or judging. When we realize that time and space essentially do not exist, we can be everywhere without a physical presence and nonviolently support what we wish to support. In silent connection with All That Is.

Everything that could be said about the current situation has already been said. Everyone creates their own reality. Everyone is waking up at the right time. I cannot add anything to that or change this.

Unity in diversity

Living in Oneness means that our little self is no longer central. Living in Oneness means pushing boundaries and opening ourselves to renewal. Living in Oneness means not denying the dark, but not accusing anyone. Because no one is to blame. It is ignorance, no more, no less. Living in Oneness means being in connection with everything and everyone. When we feel fully responsible for who we are, for who I am, I am a signpost for others without seemingly to do anything.

Art of living

In times of deep darkness, there are many unseen forces in the universe who are willing to support our transformation. You can experience them in the quiet space of your heart. This is the perfect time to wake up This is the time to choose momentary happiness, or to realize that the visible reality is no more and no less than an illusion. It is true art of living to die before you die. Sacrifice the ego in the fire of Love so it can leave without losing face. At that moment we leave the world of fear and there is no longer anything to fear. You can stand up in full glory, in all eternity, for your own truth, for your own divinity…

Be still and know…

  • I recorded the three quotes ‘From my diary’ during this period…
Birth of a new time

Birth of a new time

We are on the eve of a New Time. The great upheaval, of which the ancient and sages have already spoken, is taking place right now. Before that revolution actually can happen, a major purge must take place. After all, we cannot build a new world on old foundations…

Every change starts with the individual. The ego will not surrender without fight. It will do everything to preserve the old and familiar. There is no surrender without struggle.

Everything we have once accepted for truth turns out to be nothing more and nothing less than an illusion.

Chaos precedes any transformation. Old structures -in and outside ourselves- collapse. A new order can only emerge from chaos. There is nothing we can cling to anymore. Nothing to hide behind. We must show our true face. A mask will not help. In short, fleeing is no longer possible.

We can continue to blame others for our misery. We can point our finger at officials, governments and world leaders. But that won’t help us. The solution is us, humanity. We have all created this together. The change starts the moment we turn inside and take responsibility for it.

Don’t let fear frighten you. Feel compassion for all the relief workers, pioneers, rebels, and doctors on the front lines who feel threatened to their existence. Like a dear friend, doctor in France who, after an enormous internal struggle, decided not to participate in the vaccination campaign. A campaign that is dictated letter by letter and which doctors have to follow indiscriminately…


She is busier than ever. Not with the virus, but with the consequences of the inhumane measures. According to her and other experts, there is no vaccine that can protect you from a virus. And it is crazy that people here in the Netherlands stand in line for a vaccine that is banned in America because it is still in the development phase until the end of 2023.

And that while every virologist knows that viruses have always been there. They are our buddies in acquiring a powerful immune system. Nevertheless, doctors are suspended for refusing to wear masks in their practice. If that is not enough, they get the health inspection on their door and they are forced to work in the prescribed manner or to resign from office. How far have we gone that we get so brainwashed that we even start to believe that 2 plus 2 is five. Is this the world we want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren?

When we are willing to embrace our fear and let go of our attachments to my body, my family, my property, my religion, my culture, and so on, we can actually make the transition. A transition to another dimension where control and head may make way for heart and soul: for connection and trust.

The more we bond with the world of forms, the more we will suffer. We will continue to fight tooth and nail against the change that is now taking place. We become robots that voluntarily conform to the regime, the new world order.

Originate and decay

Everything that has ever taken form is doomed to die, to dissolve again into the invisible world: the boundless space from which all forms arise. This also applies to our physical body. The moment we are born, or take form in this visible reality, we are doomed to die. At least, our visible form. That is not a disaster, on the contrary, it is our true nature, our soul destination, our home…

Beyond the world of forms, beyond fear is the formless I AM. Pure consciousness, that what I really AM. That which was before creation, that which is and always will be, that which we call God, Universe, Love or whatever. We are the heart of creation. We are that spark of God, that spark of Light and all of us together encompass the entire universe.

How is it possible that we have degenerated our Self into such insignificant beings? Well, that has everything to do with forgetting our origins. With the negation of the feminine power, with our identification with matter, or form, and the masculine energy that we use to maintain the outer form at all costs.

Heaven on earth

Only in the dimension of Being – of wholeness – we can truly exist. That is heaven on earth. There is Peace, there is Love, there is Truth, there is the Power of Being. There is true Life, Joy and Eternity…

Let us be the Light,

Grateful to be on Earth at this challenging but exciting time, where we can make the greatest transformation ever. It is up to you and me what the New World will look like…

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A new world

A new world

After a period of voluntary retreat, I suddenly find myself behind the computer. It’s time to shape a new world. It’s time to take our rightful place in the universe.

The ego

Since we turned our back to God, slowly but surely, we lost the connection with Mother Nature, with our true nature. Greed became our new religion. We associated ourselves more and more with the outside. We derived our identities from status, from possession, and if this was not sufficient enough from a conviction or belief system. In short, the ego wants to be seen and has an insatiable hunger to distinguish itself.

The media and advertising are constantly feeding this concept. How do you sell something no one really need? Give the consumer the feeling that the product in question adds something to their identity. Once purchased, soon the greed for more starts to resurface…

After the Second World War, life became increasingly manageable. We created a tomorrow, took care of the future, and gave ourselves a sense of false security. Everything was divided into boxes, risks were removed. What science could not prove was referred to the land of fables. We learned we had to fight and went on war against disease, terrorism and other imaginary enemies, we had created ourselves. Despite our fight against cancer, there has never been so much cancer. This includes terrorism and everything we thought we needed to get under control.

Did you know that incorrect medication and vaccination is the third cause of death after cardiovascular disease and cancer?


With this carefully prepared pandemic, we are beginning to realize that our control has literally been taken off our hands. It is the fault of those in power: the WHO, the world governments and the multinationals. Imagine that we dare to admit that we are not in the least victims and that we have all created this together. Then there is work to be done!

It has apparently never occurred to the masses that our government’s policies would stand no chance if the people refuse to follow up unreasonable and absurd measures. And of course, those in power did it very smartly. We become, or rather, we let the mass media brainwash us 24 hours a day and blindly believe what they give out. If we think otherwise, it is referred to the realm of conspiracies.

Not only have we failed ourselves, we have also referred our elderly and infirm to the realm of senility by wanting to decide about their lives and their well-being.

Let me be clear. We cannot go back to the old ‘normal’ because that was abnormal in every way. It is too crazy that a small minority, at the expense of the great majority, is enriching themselves, exploiting and plundering the earth. If we are willing to share, there is abundance for everyone…

In exchange for certain privileges and the appearance of security, we have gradually relinquished our responsibilities. This got so serious that we couldn’t even think independently anymore. Now we are losing our acquired freedoms. Slowly but surely our eyes are starting to open. However, the masses are terrified and entangled in the visible play of illusions.


As long as we say I, me and mine, as long as we identify ourselves with what we have and not what we are, we will fight wars, oppress others and let ourselves be manipulated and vaccinated out of laziness. Fear, guilt and a sense of duty are the perfect ingredients to keep the people under control…

We have created a culture of victims and vulnerable ones. We protect the weak and punish those who make it visible. A natural approach would be to reinforce the weak. Real life is simply too heavy for the faint of heart.

We also do that in medicine. Since we are no longer allowed to be ill, we weaken our immune system with medication and vaccination. We may be getting older, but the quality of life leaves a lot to be desired.
Ever met a healthy person? You can recognize a healthy person by his vitality, the inner joy he radiates. He can have all kinds of ailments, but the light of love shines through him. His smile touches many hearts.


To live is to have guts. Celebrating life means pushing boundaries. Living is daring to take risks. Your body becomes strong and healthy when it survives and transforms diseases and resistance. Herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture naturally strengthen our immune system and support the process of becoming truly healthy.

On an emotional and spiritual level, these are attributes such as ayahuasca, iboga etc. A fantastic way to bring out your true potential by making hell, which masks the gate to heaven, visible in yourself. After all, without the dark there is no light.

In that sense this way cannot be compared with most forms of therapy which usually aim to make you a full member of the herd. And so, our uniqueness became increasingly more embedded. However, you turn or turn it, it is not the mass that change the world, but the loner who has the guts to turn his back on the flock and wakes up…

Life is a gift

In this day and age when it is no longer possible to flee, we can do two things. Or we take the role of victim and point accusatively at others. Or we stop doing that and start to face our fears and to feel them step by step. We put the TV off and start investigate ourselves.

Now we have the time to embrace ourselves and to feel how our life-energy is moving in and through us in a playful way. We start to feel who we really are. We are not material beings. We are energy, awareness, mystery, a miracle. We cannot unravel the mystery, so just let the miracle be the miracle. Do not try to know the unknowable by giving it a scientific framework. That is absolutely impossible.

What we are is nothing – is emptiness – is boundless space – is silence. And in that quiet space there is no room for fear. There is no longer the sense of my house, my wife and my car. There is only Being and this one moment. Fear arises when you live in the future and are afraid of losing something you never owned. We do not know what the future will look like. That is constantly changing and has everything to do with this present moment…


For me there is no fear. For me there is no distance. Since I’ve sensed death, there’s no reason to be afraid. I can still see myself lying in bed in a mud-brick house in South Africa with a young mother in my arms who died of AIDS. I see toddlers dying in the AIDS clinic in Boksburg. “If there is a God then this isn’t the way it should be,” I thought. Then I was allowed to see what really happened. That which we essentially are is eternal and unchangeable and can never die…

Life is giving and taking. Life is a struggle. Life is dying in every moment and being born again. A true spiritual being is fighting that battle within himself. A true person is willing to face his own imperfection. To face it is the end of imperfection.

Eternity comes into view behind all apparent duality. Then we stop wanting to be something or someone that we are not. Then the soul will shine more and more through our body. We become more or less transparent. We literally become Beacons of Light spreading joy without doing anything. Because as long as we still think we have to do something, we are not yet in the dimension of Being.

Fleeing is no longer possible

It is the right time to shape the new world. Time to take our rightful place in the universe. That has nothing to do with the outside. Freedom is an inner state of being. No one can limit our true essence. They can throw us in jail. They can force us to get ourselves vaccinated. They can kill our body, our temporary shell. But what we truly are is eternal and immortal and can no longer be denied…

In the Light of Love
Yasmin – I am U


In the Light of Love

In the Light of Love

  1. Dear you,

‘Love your enemies. They will show you the way to heaven…’

When we start to recognize and embrace our own darkness, we do not have to fear it anymore and we will not project it any longer onto others.
We embrace All that Is.
Our healing and the healing of Mother Earth will make a start.

No longer it is necessary to hide our divine face behind masks.
Our guilt feeling changes into compassion,
Fear into Love,
Death into Life.
We are losing the need to judge.
We anchor ourselves into our Earth Mother and raise our consciousness to Heaven.

Gratitude and ecstasy will fill our being.
We leave behind lives and lives of slavery.
Free inside, we start to remember who we essentially are.
We are coming home in the deep waters of our soul and in the infinite silence of our true Self.

We melt together into one body and take off our visible and invisible masks.
We climb the ladder of our endless and immortal being.
Rooted in the heart of our Earthly Mother we are no longer from the earth,
we unfold even more deeper depths, more silent silence, and more empty emptiness
in the invisible space inside our heart…

In the Light of Love ❤️

In the knowing that we are going true an tremendous transforming time, with all the love in my heart I embrace you and I wish you a blessed Christmas and a winged start in the New Year.


All life matters

All life matters

As long as we are not whole inside, we will look for an enemy in the outside world. As long as we are accusing someone else, we are not free from our inner pain. Hating causes inner suffering and alienates us from ourselves.

Suddenly racism is a hot topic. Worldwide huge demonstrations are taken place. Police and ME are not interfering. It suits the rulers well. It takes the attention away from the real problem. Be sure that people start to hate each other and you have created the perfect climate to push through the controversial emergency law…

Divide and rule

What are we doing now we are in a global crisis that affects all of us? After years of discussions about our black Piet tradition, the murder of a black man in the USA is being used to prove that discrimination still exists. We do not understand that divide and rule is the method that leaders nowadays use to set us up against one another, so that our attention is diverted from that what really happens.

It is important to recognize what we have done in the past. We cannot be proud of that. Not the Dutch, not the Moors, not the Americans, not the Africans with their tribal wars, not the Arabs, or you name it.

The moment we can forgive ourselves, we can forgive others. No longer do we have to feel guilty and we can draw a line under the past. Hand in hand and fully in the present, we can go for what concerns us all: our democracy, our blood-fought freedom…

Challenges polish our soul

We are born as boundless free beings in that special place where we can learn the lessons our soul has chosen to become a better and more sincere person. The path we walk is one of trial and error: of challenges and desires, of division and connection. The goal is no more and no less than to transcend our ego so we feel in every way one with ALL that lives. We are all brothers and sisters. At the end, we can no longer speak about I and you, but only about us.

It does not matter where we are born. Innocence, freedom and wholeness are the birthright of every human. Rather than honoring our children for their wholeness, we are gradually taking everything away from them that reminds them of heaven, totality and perfection. Slowly but surely we are framed in a dualistic world of good and evil. Depending on where we were born, our color or our origin becomes superior…

Discrimination is timeless

Whites have also been trafficked as slaves. I dare to say that my father’s situation was no more and no less than slavery. After my parents’ premature death, I struggled tremendously with my health and my past. I surfaced and learned the power of forgiveness. On behold I learned to embrace myself and discovered the power of gratitude. The result was that I could embrace everything and everyone. Every soul on earth is longing to be recognized and to be known.

Did you think it was a coincidence that you were born in a black, white or blue body? Did you think it was a coincidence that you are the daughter of a king or the son of a drug dealer? Of course not. Your soul chose the circumstances to get to know yourself in all depth. As a child, you do not know discrimination. You learn this during your upbringing. That has little or nothing to do with being white or black.

Recognition is freeing us

It is the time for us white ones to recognize that we have dominated the world long enough. Do not  think it will be better if Africa takes over that role. When people gain power and are not ready for it internally (and who even is that far?), even the most honest will collapse.

Every human discriminates

I was against rich people: they had an easy life in my eyes. Until I  real poverty in India and realized I was cherishing my past. In this way I could be against the outside world and I did not have to take responsibility for my inner world. This insight gave me the opportunity to remain an eternal victim or to become a master of my own life. I chose for the latter.

I corresponded with a black man on deathrow in Texas. When they killed him, a part of myself died. I loved him unconditionally and did not judge what he did. Later I visited Aaron, another beautiful soul, on deathrow in USA. I was with him every day for a week – behind glass. I loved him and he loved me. However, I did not want to marry him…

It is a challenge to be in the world and to share your skills with others, without belonging to the world…

The art of living

We did not come to the earth to escape our earthly reality. Nor do we need to be attached to suffering to earn Valhalla. We are on earth to perfect ourselves in every way. Since I woke up, I can embrace every experience. There are no good and no bad experiences. Every experience is food for our soul. Life is a gift.

It is a pity that we link wealth to money, status and power.

By embracing myself, I learned to recognize and to embrace others in their true essence. I like people. My friends are in all colors of the rainbow. I honor my origins and feel at home with the scum in our society: the homeless person, the beach boy, the refugee, the person in prison and so on. When we have nothing to lose, when there is no past and no future, we are close to the Source and we learn the real art of Life.

Everything we fight is growing

By fighting against disease, we are increasingly creating a sick body and a sick society. By fighting discrimination, we create more and more division. By living through a disease, we not only honor our immune system, we become healthy and strong. We should not protect the weak ones, but challenge them to stand in their own strength. We should not demonstrate against discrimination, If we would like to demonstrate we should demonstrate for freedom. That does not divide us but connects us and that is true Love…


By being roused by the government and its affiliated media, we are systematically brainwashed to hate and distrust each other since September 11, 2001. Believe me, not only in the rich west. Christians hate Muslims, blacks hate whites, the rich hate the poor and vice versa. Of course, that suits our rulers well.

The government is a reflection of ourselves. It makes no sense to point our finger. Honesty commands us to look inside and accept that we have completely given away our responsibility. Out of laziness, we let our lives be determined by the pharmaceutical industry, the government, the media, and so on. If that is not slavery. If working on conveyor belts with time clocks is not slavery…

Tame sheep

It is time for us to stop polarizing. We weaken our position and are only helping those in power. By systematically giving us a little more freedom, we let ourselves be dazzled and be metaphorically lead to slaughter like tame sheep. At the end, we are even willing to accept that emergency law and even the mandatory vaccination. For the sake of convenience, we are overlooking that this is not only the end of our freedom, but also of our democracy.

The art of not knowing

To be clear, we cannot go back to the past. It is time we realized that we have exploited not only each other, but also our earthly mother. It is time for a new world order, a new morality that has nothing to do with the new normal.

Of course, we do not yet know how we will color this in. First, we have to learn to embrace the art of not knowing. If the desire is big enough and we continue to dream actively, we can face this time as the greatest adventure ever, in which we bundle the Love that we essentially are together to give it shape through trial and error.

In my childlike innocence, I regularly ask somebody about their roots. Not always this is appreciated. This time I felt not only his pain, I also recognized mine and openly I shared my feelings. By doing this, I was not only healing this part in myself, I gave him also the opportunity to recognize and to heal his own past.

Unity in diversity

A black person will never become a white one and being on time is a problem for many. Therefore, we can learn something from them and they can learn something from us. None of us is any better. No longer I will accept this nonsense, like I will never will accept the 1.5 meter distance and the mask. It is not natural and sick making. If you do not pay in the bus, you are not a rainbow-rider, you will be still a black rider (dutch expression) and our tradition of black Piet can stay. Everyone can decide by himself or herself whether you want to be annoyed by that or not.

Being a victim is a choice

Stopping blaming others is the hardest thing there is, but it will set you free. You give up your victim role, your false sense of security. True spirituality is in every way taking responsibility for your own being and your life. I do not only mean our behavior towards each other, but towards every living being. We have to find back the respect that we lost for the feminine aspect in every person, for our society and for our beloved earth mother. It means that we have to accept that peace, security, equality and so on do not exist on the material level.

True life

In essence, we are all born naked and all the same. If you dare to feel this deeply within, you lose the need to point your finger at anyone. No one knows the other’s blueprint. The outside may look beautiful, but it says nothing about the inside.

When we stop bringing up the past, we can join hands and connect our hearts.  Ultimately, we can stand together for the most precious thing we can acquire here on earth: Brotherhood and sisterhood. True Life can only unfold in Freedom. True Love is unity in diversity and it colors the world a bit more beautiful…

Om Shanti – Let us be in Peace
– July 7, 2020

A new world

The biggest lie ever

This morning when I woke up, I knew it is time for the next step. I cannot life with the biggest lie ever and act if I agree with the 1,5 meter policy. My letter to our minister president was red by many but never answered by Mark Rutte himself.

I feel compassion for him. I feel compassion for all people on the top who are playing with us, because we have given our power away so they can easily enslave us. We are still following them like sheep, as we always did…

Yes, they are very clever. Everything is perfect organized. When I heard about this coronavirus, I was still in Greece. The situation with the refugees was more inhuman than ever. I knew immediately that they had found a perfect excuse to hide everything we are not allowed to know and not only about the shameful way we are going around with our refugees.

Since 11th of September 2001, they have systematically injected us with fear.

We got seperated from the miracle we call God, Love or Universe. We forgot that we are more than this physical body. We forgot our Oneness. We started to hate each other.

We were ready to be brainwashed on even a much higher scale. They have been working on it for years and in just a few weeks, they took control over the entire world and closed the borders. They started another war…

They had already planted seeds in our heads and started to spread lies around a virus that should kill millions of people. They brainwashed us 24 hours a day. We started to believe it and without any protest, we accepted the rules.

My body is my responsibility. It is the temple of my soul. I have to embrace it with love and to feed it with nourishing food and positive thoughts. We have given it all away. We trust that doctors will repair our bodies and the government is saving us from disaster.

We gave away our freedom for the illusion of more security. We are so afraid to die that we do not know what it is to be fully alive. Life is just an everyday risk. Living, really being alive is surrender yourself to the flow without controlling anything. Not my will but Thy…

The pharmaceutic industry has killed millions of young people in Africa and India by trying out their medicines and vaccines. Now we dragged them all in the drama created by our greediness. Millions are locked up and will be dying from hunger. Still we are only worried about our own health.

We are so afraid of dying. Believe me; being born means automatically that we will die. How we color the time in between is up to us and nobody else. The coronavirus is not changing this.

What is different that we are being brainwashed by following the mainstream media day and night and believe that what they show us is real. I challenge you to search behind the surface and discover your own true. Of course, it can be shocking. However, when you know where you really have to be afraid of, there is nothing to be afraid of anymore. You start to feel compassion for all of those who are playing with us. You start to realize that they are victims too. We have given them their power…

We can choose to stay asleep or we can wake up in our infinite power. In this case, we feel connected with everyone and everything. There is no difference between you and me. We are all brothers and sisters.

The only reason we are here for a while is to get to know our true Nature and to polishing ourselves by experiencing life at the fullest.

The real crime is that what is behind all of this. The real crime is the new normal. The 1,5 meter distance, the masks, and all the lies we started to believe.

The real crime is that we lock ourselves, isolate our elders and separate our children. That we take away everything what is life giving and makes us real Human Beings. The real crime is that we started to sow hate instead of love.

Masuru Emoto from Japan discovered that even water is reacting on our thoughts of love of hate. When we send love into the world, we will never misuse the power of nature and everyone and everything will flower in abundance. When we send fear and hate into the world everything will die and we create shortage.

The real disaster is not that we die of corona but that we seem to have forgotten who we really are. That we do not accept that life is just a short moment between being born and dying. How we fill it in is up to us.

You cannot tell me that you are happy with this situation. You cannot tell me that you are proud to leave behind a world like this to the next generations.

The only thing we have to change is our way of thinking. If we take back our responsibility, we experience life as a miracle and we feel grateful for every moment. Living in fear is killing all life and poisoning everything we eat. Living with a loving and open heart means automatically we are living in abundance and care for our mother earth and her inhabitants. No longer we think in limitations. There is abundance for everyone. When we wake up we take back our power. It will be the end of our oppressing. It is the beginning of a new world, a new normal. Not a world with distance or lock downs but discover, to learn, to grow, to love, to touch, to create, to pray, to meditate, to dance, to laugh and to live LIFE at the fullest…

It is up to you. Are you choosing to be a coward or are you proud enough to take responsibility and to stay up in your full glory. The time is ready. By doing this, you are not only supporting your true Self but encouraging everyone else to do the same…

Om Shanti,

No longer I remain silent – 2

No longer I remain silent – 2

We divided our world into good and evil. In ranks and positions. Healthy and sick. Refugee and migrant. In people who do not have the right to transcend their borders and the free man who can go wherever he wants. Until recently it was like that…

Every creation starts with a thought. Then there is a plan. A seed is planted in the head of humanity. Suddenly we are trapped in a cult we are going to regard as truth. It is uncanny how willingly we follow the rules imposed by the ‘government’. Apparently, no one wonders if this is justified, yes or no.

Although I have always been a stranger here, I feel privileged that I am born in the Netherlands. That I have the right to cross borders. The right to decide what is good for my body in times of illness and health. That I could say what I wanted without being punished for it. At least it was like this so far…

My body is my responsibility. I have never taken a recommended vaccination for all of my travels. I used homeopathic medicine or another type of alternative treatment and I went for surgery when there was no other option. I determine what I eat and whether I eat. I have lived without food long enough to know that I am not going to die from that either.

Love is the basis

Everything and everyone is connected. I cannot separate the refugees from what is happening now. Fear causes that we disempower ourselves and surrender voluntarily. Love connects. We do not have to do anything for it. We are Love. We just have to share it to amplify it. Babies and children we cuddle and love unconditionally during their first seven years of life, usually become people who become emotional strong. How should the world look like if we told children and adults that we love them and believe in them…

Each natural flu etc. makes us physically stronger. Also on an emotional and spiritual level. Diseases we flatten with drugs or vaccinations do not help us to strengthen our immune system and to shape our character, quite the contrary. Fighting diseases means an inside war. In advance, every fight is already lost. True healing begins with the question: what do you want to tell me…

We believe that life is manufacturable. That we can buy everything for money. However, Love is not for sale. It is a sign of health that you radiate life in every way. No longer, will you divide your life into good or bad. You are satisfied with that what is and can embrace live at the fullest. Believe me; I have seen more vitality in the refugee camps than at home in the Netherlands.

To enjoy nature, we do not need a lock-down. We should choose that voluntarily. Dying is even as natural as being born and we do it both at the right time. The fact you are born means there will be a time that your body will die. Without fear, there is no Love. I became friends with death. That is why I enjoy life so intensely.

When people see me, they usually notice my vitality and my sparkling eyes, also called mirrors of the soul. As we become more and more our true selves and embrace that what is, our inner light starts to radiate.

I dare to distinguish without judging. I am not the one who is blindly following the herd. If I had done this, I would not be here anymore. I do not blame anyone. Although I essentially own nothing but myself, I am not jealous on anyone.

I am not afraid to get the virus. I have lived through a lot that was far more serious. It made me stronger and healthier. If I get it I trust that I will give this body back to Mother Earth with as much joy as I currently inhabit it.

A true human being

We did not came to the earth to become 90, 100, or immortal. We are on earth to polish and transform ourselves in every way, so we can be a living example for others. A true Human does not let himself restrain by imaginary fears and is not trying to save his own skin.

I remember our time in South Africa in the Aids-clinic in Boksburg*. Little children and young people died like rats. I was not even thinking about protection. It felt as a privilege to sit next to them, touch them and to travel together. No one who is sick or old should be alone when he do not want to. There is no greater power in the world than Love. No greater healing power than the healing touch.

Universe did not create us to draw boundaries and derive privileges from status, education, or whatever. We cannot possess the world. Every link is equally important in the chain. Every living being deserves to be treated with love and respect, including Mother Earth who carries us…


It is crazy that we, without protest, let take away the most precious thing we own: freedom of action, freedom of expression. I do not mean berating each other or scolding on social media. I mean that we can listen respectfully, even if the other person has a different opinion. Let us being curious as children. Then we surf on the waves of the sea and remain eternal seekers.

It is amazing that we withhold each other the most essential thing in life: a loving touch. By isolating them, we deprive people of their basic safety. The fear it evokes literally takes their breath away and suffocates them…

It is crazy that we blindly believe what the media is portraying to us. That we are increasingly polarizing and negating each other. Especially in times like these, we have to support and to love each other. It is amazing that we take from our children and young people their playfulness and much-needed oxygen by forbidding them to play on the street. It is amazing that we are taken to the slaughterhouse with open eyes to vaccinate. To get an app in your phone to know whether or not you are infected, and if you still are allowed to fly. Is this really the world we like to leave behind for our children and grandchildren…

Believe me we still live in paradise. We have food, drink and a roof over our heads. Therefore, we can enjoy the trees, the flowers, the bees and the blue skies without worries. That does not apply to our refugees. They are hungry and are systematically stored in closed camps.
Locked in their huts, my friends in Kenya cannot collect food. Being together, their life elixir is taken away from them. They can only go twice a week on the street. With mask.

Through our greediness, we Westerners have exploited Mother Earth. It makes sense that we pay a price for that. It is unfair that we are dragging Africa with us, the continent that we have exploited to the full and from which we do not want the refugees. Millions of people in Africa, India and elsewhere will die if we do not lift the lockdown. The flow of refugees we create will be unstoppable. I find it poignant that Bill Gates will almost certainly test his vaccines in Africa or perhaps on the refugees*. See the movie ‘The constant Gardener’.

Let us wake up. Be critical. Do not believe the media stream. Know that everything and anyone who establishes a relationship with Corona and 5G will immediately disappear from social media and YouTube. However, there is enough to find in the undercurrent stream to investigate. Do not take anything for granted. Use your intuition and draw your conclusions. Is the corona craze true or is it just a cover and a license for those in power to continue playing what they can now play openly.


Consciousness grows behind the scenes. I do not fight. I do not curse. I do not close my eyes. I see that in everything is Love. Even where it was difficult to see. Although I do not adhere to any religion, I am pleased that the master Jesus was not a wimp and that love is not a cloth to hide the bleeding. He was not interested in the crowd. True change begins within the individual, as a flash of insight.

The path of Love is fair, sincere and confrontational. Love makes visible all that is hidden. Also and especially inside yourself. Love challenges you to clear everything that is between you and the truth. Love ensures that I nourish and maintain my body at a minimum, but well. Love prevents me from breaking down my immune system by taking in junk food that has nothing to do with food.

It is very important that we increase our vibration by singing, dancing, meditating and loving. That is a good boost for our immune system. Take extra vitamin C etc. Our body has to adapt to a completely different frequency…

We have given away our responsibility to doctors, pharmaceutical industry, the World Health Organization, multinationals and so on. It is high time to wake up and to stand for what we really are: Love in action, pure consciousness. Love encompasses everything and everyone. The murderer as well as the saint.

I choose to connect with All That Is. I choose to stand for who I essentially am. I choose not to give my strength away to powers that we maintain because they can build their empire only on foundations of division and fear. I choose not to remain silent any longer…

Om Shanti,

No longer I remain silent – 2

No longer I remain silent

Love is not hiding anything. Love, real love makes crystal clear what is wrong in our inner world and in the world around us. Love is like a bright light that shines into the darkness…

Others gave their lives to save mine. I am alive by the grace of love. By the grace of my wonderful general practitioner, he opened the door for me to alternative healthcare. By the grace of my wonderful surgeon. By the grace of people like Marthe Bosscher. They declared her a witch and destroyed her practice. She was threatened with imprisonment because she saved the lives of many people who were given up by the established healthcare…

Above all, I live by the grace of my own inner wisdom. The rebel within who kept forcing me to walk my lonely path to discover my own truth. Who taught me no longer to blame others, but to look inside. My testimony of this I put down in my books. Because I refused to play the guru role, that aroused resistance within the established order. Nevertheless, my books were highly appreciated by people who stepped outside the herd…


Long live the right to self-determination of us Western people. We made ourselves depended from scientists who think they know it better than we do. Mothers, fathers, rebels and doctors who have questions are ridiculed or have to fear for their lives, like the latter group. Although many people, even on a very young age, are dying of cancer or worse, we dare not face the truth. Is it possible they intentionally kill our immune system, just to be able to bring us as meek sheep to the slaughterhouse to vaccinate us…?

I kept my mouth shut for the first half of my life. I had nothing to say and nothing to propose. After all, I did not had a degree and so I could not base my vision on anything. Nevertheless, I went through all of this. Now the time is right to share my knowledge…


Thank God, life has polished me and made me critical. I am vegetarian for decades, except in very rare cases. If necessary, I give my body time to heal and support this process with homeopathy or other natural ways of healing. I do not take acetaminophen. Not for the body and not for the soul. I dare to embrace everything that comes on my path. No Ionger I blame anything or anyone for my wellbeing. Not even myself. I stay in the midst of the turmoil. Now I dare to say I am almost immune to negative influences around me. However, I stay with both feet on the ground. With all respect, I am not a type to visualize problems away or send love around the world. If our heart is open, no longer we have to interfere with anything. Love automatically will follow its natural flow…

We do not know

Nobody knows so neither do I. I base my opinion on what I have discovered and experienced myself. This body that was not healthy at all, has grown big and strong, not because I did not have my basic injections. At that time, you could not avoid this.

Later, during my travels I disregarded all vaccination recommendations. I even crossed the border from Kenya to Tanzania with a fake yellow fever document because I did not want that poison in my body. While I spent years on the coast of Kenya, I did not take any malaria pills. The beach boys made medicine from their miracle tree for me, which they used themselves as kids. Like we used our cod liver oil in former days to get through the winter. All those years I lived there, I did not get malaria…

Weeks ago in Greece, I heard about the corona virus. Wow, now they really found something to hide the truth, I felt. The truth about refugees, about 5G, child pornography, animal industry, vaccinations, about… Fill in yourself…

Wake-up call

I am still positive. I think we act out of ignorance until life forces us to wake up. Who knows, maybe this is the right moment, maybe this is our wake-up call…

I have to say never before I had such beautiful encounters in my forest and in my village then since this outbreak. A village where I was outcast for years, because I seems not to be a normal tribe member…

Still my heart is connected with my friends in Kenya, who are locked up now and really have nothing to eat. With all what happens now in India. With my friends the refugees. Our love and support is their engine. They are an inseparable part of me and show a clear example of pure strength and heroism…


I had no desire to come back to the Netherlands, however this is the place I have to be right now. I am grateful that I am born in the West. I am grateful for all the amenities that are available to us. I am grateful that we are going to hand over some of these facilities. Because of this, we will become stronger and more independent. It is comparable to our immune system as long we give our body the opportunity to follow its natural intelligence. I am grateful that I took the freedom to step out of the established order without openly being punished.

I had my doubts if I should put all of this online. Not that I am afraid to be judged. I am used to that. I did not want to be thrown off the internet. However, if we want to create another visible reality, we need to stand up for our own truth. In doing so we encourage all people who feel the same, but still need a little push to come outside with it…

I love myself – that is why I love you too…

Do not believe hearsay. So neither of mine. Exclude news items. Discover everything with a childlike curiosity and feel what truth is to you. If this article makes your heart sing, forward it please…

Dehumanzation of the refugee

Dehumanzation of the refugee

One day we wake up and we will understand that we cannot prevent water from flowing to the sea…


If we make their life as difficult as possible, they will stay away. That was and is the policy in the Greek detention camps. You stand in line for hours for food that you only eat because you have to fill your stomach or you choose to do that from your monthly contribution even though the Greek government gets around 6 Euro a day to feed you…

Spirit to survive

Here in Samos there is very little support. The result is an enormous spirit to survive. The refugees have to buy their own tents so they prefer mostly to built something better for almost the same amount of money and they cook their own food if possible. “Well, that’s not how it should be,” the mayor says. “It is not a holiday village here…”


Every asylum seeker needs a medical certificate. Your procedure will not start without having one. In the past, every refugee get an appointment for the hospital by the only doctor in the camp. That policy changed drastically with the arrival of the new government. The entire translation team got fired and people had to stand in line before their appointment. So they spend their nights in front of the hospital in the bitter cold, hoping to be among the lucky ones that day.

This too has been stopped. Now the newcomers get priority and the people who have been staying here for months or even years are no longer visible…


Previously you had to renew your registration card every month. Your name was on the board if it was your turn. No discussion.

Now this has to be done every 14 days. If you are delayed for 5 days, because the system cannot handle it, you are simply thrown out of the system…


At two o’clock in the morning, Toure stands in line with 95 others to renew his registration card. Toure is fortunate. He managed within twelve hours. Just before they are closing.

Bassirou and many others are less lucky. He did not make it and is back in line from 1 o’clock pm. He hides his frustration behind his eternal smile. My heart is crying and not only that. I’m furious. How inhuman can we be.


If you are 5 days overtime, even if it is not your fault, you will be thrown out of the asyl system. Then you have to look for a lawyer who has to make things right again. You have to pay for it of course. The lawyer gets ten days for appeal. Usually this is impossible.

If it fails, the boys go to prison in Mytelini on Samos island.

Here all – mainly single black men – from the different islands are brought together and get deported to Turkey. At the moment this are around 30 a day…


In Turkey they usually go straight to jail and if they escape, they can’t go anywhere. If you find a job illegally, they will be heavily underpaid. As an African you certainly do not get asylum in Turkey. And without a passport you cannot go back to your home country IF you would be able to.


After the demonstration on 24th of January, where the Samonees demand that the asylum seekers only should be registered on the island and being sent back or being brought to the mainland, shocking opinions about refugees appear under Samos24 on the internet…


He is called Melak. In Africa that means Angel but here it means that you are crazy. “How does that feel,” I ask. He looks at me with his eternal smile and shrugs. No longer it affects him…


And YES, it may be said that also the blacks are not all sweeties. Mostly they fight more sympathetically than the Arabs, but they are stealing also.

When Bassirou sees that an African is stealing in the KiloShop, he warns him: “Hey, Brother, I wouldn’t do that. You not only give yourself a bad name, but all Africans…”


It’s here just like everywhere else. Most residents know every mistake from the boys. They do not see that the majority, let me say 95 percent, behaves exemplary under circumstances in which the average European would destroy the whole environment or get mad.


A friend here who has seen something of the world tells me that those people are lazy and nasty. “They only come for the money, are not civilized and have little or no education…”

I am speechless. I invite her to meet our friends in our house. She refuses. Imagine she discoveres how they really are.
Unfortunately, the majority think like this and the rest wisely keep their mouth, out of fear being banished from the island…

Dark side

Of course I also understand the Greeks. This situation is not healthy. But let’s be honest. The Greeks are not only darlings and the asylum seekers are not all criminals. For many Greeks, the forced residence of refugees on the islands reveals their carefully concealed dark side, which they, like most of us, immediately project outside themselves. Our behavior is always the fault of others…


Let us send money to Africa so they can stay there, is the thought of many and also the policy of the European Union.

Sending money to Africa is not a solution. Policymakers might know this if they should have the courage to go there themselves and have the guts to live among people for a while. Then they would discover that government leaders usually nod yes and amen but put the money in their own pockets to enrich themselves, their family and their tribesmembers. And that’s not just because they are more corrupt than we are. Africans think and live completely differently. The family is central. Even if they come for economic reasons, it is not to enrich themselves, but to give their families in their home country the opportunity to build a better life and send their younger brothers and sisters to school.


Many do not come for economic reasons but because they have to flee their country for political or ethnic reasons. And in the end money is not the most important issue.
In 2020, people must be given the opportunity to spread their wings and broaden their horizons. Just as we Europeans are doing for decades with impunity. To become a real Human Being, all of us have to follow our soul desire…

To get to know yourself you must be able to compare. To appreciate your home situation, you must first experience how other tribes and countries are living. You can’t learn this by watching TV or through social media.

And let’s be honest. We have exploited Africa long enough. Long enough we wanted to play the leading role in this theater called creation. It is high time that others can take over…


Do not think that we can stop this emigration flow by erecting high walls or by building closed camps. It is just business. There are millions of people who enrich themselves with this. Not only the smugglers and the NGOs.

Apart from all of this, how on earth can we avert water from following its true nature and flow into the sea…


Traumas usually arise after they arrive here. You cannot compare these peoples with us Europeans. They usually do not have the conviction that it is our right to be happy. Life, death and adversity are matters they are confronted with every day and they usually process this in a natural way.


Once I joined in South Africa a group session. No therapist was involved. It was damn powerful. At the end of the evening everyone went home refreshed and renewed.

We Europeans and Americans have built an entire industry. We have raised normal live situations into problems so we can put everyone who deviates from what we think is normal into boxes and earn our money from it. After all the deviant, in the meantime almost the majority, need us to feel themselves ‘normal’ so they can safely return to the herd. The herd covers al that stands in the way of progress and transformation.


Inspite all the horrors those people have gone through, the moment they arrive on the islands, people feel grateful and happy. They achieved their goal and are convinced they are free. From now on it can only get better. From that moment, slowly and surely reality begins to penetrate. The prison in which they ended up here, no longer has open doors. Dreams are falling apart. Men in particular are not seen and welcomed. They feel unloved and and being failed in their role as protectors of the funerable: women and children. Every initiative to undertake something gets suppressed. Slowly but surely even the strongest are losing their spirit. They no longer sleep and fall prey to depression and terrible dreams.
The horrors they have experienced cannot be processed in a natural way and start to undermine them.

Women, children and families can go to the mainland. Single men are left behind. That they often had to leave a wife and children behind, which they miss immensely, is conveniently forgotten…


Do you really think that the black boys do not realize that they have fewer options than their Arab friends. They are not recognized and embraced and in advance they are seen as a problem. They are not even allowed inside many places.


In short, most people are not traumatized when they arrive. They become traumatized because they have to live in inhumane conditions. And if they knew there was a way out, they could even accept this too. But the blacks who are here for a long time, know in the meantime what is above their heads. They see it happen daily before their eyes…

To shape

How different the situation could be if we had the guts to step into unpaved paths. We would undoubtedly discover new possibilities. New enriching forms of living together…


The Greek demonstrators seemed unable to stop it. The construction of the closed camp at Samos is in full swing. What this will mean for the people and the island, I don’t know. Only God knows…


In the meantime, Turkey is sending their people to control the Greek refugee policy and Europe is washing their hands in innocence…

Om Shanti,

– 1th of February 2020


GREECE wants to build floating walls in the sea so the boats no longer have the possibility to reach the coast…

KURDS are stateless. Unlike the Palestinians, single men are generally not granted asylum. With the new government, Greece will deport them to Turkey. Europe when do you wake up…