Dare to be a Rebel

Dare to be a Rebel

Like the water needs its well
the soul needs her body to realise herself

True nature

 More and more I start to understand what my inner teacher meant when he incited me to be a rebel, years ago. It is not necessary to sit on the fence. It is not necessary to worry about government rules, which seem by definition unfriendly in popular speech. It is not even necessary to demonstrate for world peace anymore. I am only on this earth to uncover and to live my true nature.

A rebel

Be a rebel. Knock down all taboos inside of you. Do not play the game of the collective any longer. Be in the world, but not of the world. Do not let yourself be guided by fear. Fear, which is not you, but inserted in you the moment you were born. Fear of being not good enough if you do not play your part in the game. Fear of lack if you do not fit into the undefined laws, which by now are determining our group code. Fear of being an outcast if you do not walk with the crowd and have assured yourself of a good salary and an index-linked pension. Don’t misunderstand me; there is nothing wrong with a good job. On the contrary, we are in the world to share our unique gift in the work we do. Labour is the way par excellence to express the essence of our being. Payment, in any way, is a logical result. Money however does not create our happiness. Happiness is what we experience in walking the path, in the essence of the work itself.


Be a rebel. Free yourself from fears, which prevent you being love. Which prevent you living and experiencing your true nature. Dare to differentiate yourself from the masses by refusing to join the endless drivel about things that are not essential: the amount of National Health contribution, the -yes or no- anti contraceptive pill in the National Health-package. Go ahead, fill in the rest of the line…

The outer fight against the evil without dealing with the root cause more chaos in and around us. Chaos, which becomes more and more visible. Everything hidden and dark seems to come to the fore. Old structures are falling apart. Do not get discouraged or tricked, it is only part of the game. The game of illusions, the shade-working from mind in the substance. A game we once have chosen to play here on earth, and which finally will lead us to awakening.


We feel more or less attached to the substance and we like to preach the message of love and light. At the same time, we blame our brothers and sisters because they are not showing their anger. Or are we patiently waiting for heaven to come, for the next energy-input, which is going to manifest itself soon, so that it finally can happen? What happen? Well, we are getting closer to enlightenment, right?

Open mind

Nonsense! That enlightenment is already there. In the here and now – in this one moment – there is no second one. You do not even have to strive for it. On the contrary, it will only lead you further away from the truth. Masculine and feminine are of equal importance. Denial of one pool makes the other inaccessible. ‘I am only light’, a man reacts in full conviction. I reply: ‘Congratulations, I am not that far’. In this manifestation, I am light and dark. Because I know by now that the dark is not my essence, I am no longer afraid of it. I step into my fears with an open mind and a lot of humour. I do not try to deny it any longer, not to project it on my neighbour or who-ever. I try to look at it in myself. Not to judge but to see the quality that is at the base; pure spirit. In the kernel of anger lies the seed of the un-conditional love, which I Am.


 They allowed me to be at a therapy-session. Expertly and honourably, the therapist is discovering all in-completeness in the client. Matter to work with; it keeps us therapists off the street! Suddenly I realize that the therapist in me has quit existing. I do no longer feel the need to rescue or correct. I have taken more the role of the present one. When I look at people now, I do not see their shortcomings. I see their potential, their beauty. Okay, sometimes nicely covered with a variety of human or even un-human acquired behaviour, but anyway, when I dare to see the inner beauty of people and I appeal to their possibilities, they feel themselves being seen and loved and begin to remember who they are. Their essence will grow stronger. The illusionary outside starts to disappear and the shining inside remains. We radiate increasingly more of our true being. This happens when the person is ready for it. Not before, not afterwards. I am just the sower. The time to awaken is the choice of the soul and everything I do in it is part of the game. The I Am inside of me is only the do-er.

We, in the west, have time for endless therapy. It is one of the many addictions we cherish. It is not good or bad. It is all part of the game

Being yourself

Dare to be a rebel. Dare to say that you do not like to talk about silly things, which spoil the energy. You feel more alienated, and the collective fear will amplify. Okay, it is scary that first time, but every time it gets easier and your energy will strengthen itself. Moreover, your choice will open that pathway for others.

We shall not grow when we keep confirming each other of old behaviour. We are not in this world to be stuck cosily in relationships. We step into relationships to grow from each other and to bring out the highest in ourselves and each other. Stop trying to be nice. It is absolute un-natural, and it constrains. Just dare to be yourself. Dare to be honest and authentic with your sunny and your less sunny sides.
There are so many groups, which see it as their vocation to send love into the world. At the very first conflict, they fall apart. Yes of course, we all stay human! As we aim for conflict-less situations, we are manifesting more conflicts in and around us.

There is no good and no bad. Those are labels, which we like to stick on situations to control them. Everything we like to control becomes finally uncontrollable


 We have fed our collective consciousness with so many unreal fears, that we have imprisoned ourselves in a kind of a vicious circle. Depending on our sensitivity, our choices are more or less influenced by fear. However realistic it may feel when you experience it, fear is always imaginary and has on its own no right of existence. Fear is a projection of our thinking, based on memories from the past and fantasies of what could happen in the future. Fear is a result of our sense of separateness and is always connected with time. When we have to face death, when we find ourselves in a crisis, there is no time for fear and we act immediately without thinking: here and now.

At the base of every fear lays unaware the fear of death. However, death is an unknown phenomenon; in essence, we cannot be afraid of it. The true enemy is our imagination I, our ego, which we associate ourselves with. We are so fearful to let go of everything and everybody we are dependent on, that we literally are dying out of fear.

The only way to transform our fears is no longer to evade them, but to look them straight in the eyes and to penetrate the repressed pain. At that moment, the armour, so carefully built around our heart, breaks into pieces. We step through the gate, get in contact with our immortal source of love and enter the infinite area beyond time and space. No longer, there is space for any fear. We embrace All That Is without fantasizing about what should be…


 How is it possible that people, living in much more primitive circumstances, still like to share from a feeling of abundance? I think I know the answer by now. As long as we feel separated from the source, we will persecute our needs and everything we collect will fall into a bottomless well.

Life has everything to do with belief and faith, and above all with surrender. We discover that you and I are one and that we are all part of the same source. From an inner conviction that our being has no limitations, we reunite with that source of unity and we can draw the water abundantly from the well itself. Life has everything to do with dignity.

I am worthy to receive that which I already am. I am worthy to radiate the love I truly am and I will manifest this love into every cell of my physical and other bodies. It is not necessary to do more than that. The effect to my environment will be endless

Lord and master

Situations are coming and going. We cannot do much to change that. We can however deal with it in a different way.
A Surinamese boy, living in the Netherlands, has no arms. He does not want to be dependent. His feet took over the function of his hands. He cooks, cleans and has a full-time job as a computer expert. He is a shining example in his environment. Another one in the same circumstance is constantly worried as to why for heaven’s sake this has to happen to him.
Two people are sitting in the same train. The train gets a breakdown and it seems to take hours before the disorder is arranged. The one person is constantly moaning about the bad services from the railway. The other uses his time to be in the moment and to strengthen his source of love.

In both situations, the circumstances are not that important. The point is how we use the circumstances. Do we feel like a victim and run away when there is a conflict, or are we lord and master, and use every conflict to become more love.

Our own sound

Love is ‘All That Is’. There is nothing but love. You are love and I am love. Together we are the visible expression of the divine flow, which is constantly creating and expressing itself in different forms. Together we write books, we make sculptures, we compose the nicest music and sing the highest song.

Let us not use that form for our own purpose. Dare to be flexible. Dare to let go the form the moment it has done its duty. May our message of love by means of our books, our sculptures, our paintings, our helpfulness and our music flow into the world, so others can feed themselves as it has fed us. Let us do this without any attachment. After all, it really is neither your gift nor mine. It is the gift from the father and the mother, the gift from all of us.

Waking up. We do it at all the right time. The creation and the creator are one. I do not have to change that creation – I just have to sing my own sound in that creation so we can all together sing the highest hymn

Om Shanti,


This story is one of my very first ones but I could wrote it just now like all my books and all my stories. They are as a road you can follow to discover your own inner Self.
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From the 21th of December Giri and I will be on the road again. We will see what universe will send us on the road. We are travelling together and you can follow us on Facebook. As you know there is no distance between you and me.

Happy New Year

Giri and I wish you today and every day a beautifull start of a New Year. Know that you will be surrounded by the image you have dreamed inside of yourself. If the mirror not shows you the image you like to see, it is time to dream a new image



I have a wonderful encounter with a beautiful woman by the sea and her two huskies who don’t give me a glance. She is visibly fond of her dogs. She says they are quite authentic. A husky will not submit to his master in any way. On the contrary, you will have to adapt to your roommate.


My heart leaps for joy. Suddenly I understand the message of the truthful vision I received years ago when I started to recover from a series of grueling surgeries and my sacred grove, where nature and my special tree became my refuge and my place to heal.


I walk through my sacred grove and feel myself slowly but surely coming back into life. I take a turn to another path and see a large horse-drawn sleigh with a proud Celtic, or should I say Norse God, on the buck. The dog-drawn sleigh is pulled by eight huskies. Although I never have met these beautiful animals before, I know there kind immediately. I make room and respectfully greet the man on the buck. He proudly greets me back.
For years I believed in the authenticity of the event until it dawned on me that the paths were very narrow. In short, that it was objectively impossible. Now I am sure that in that present moment I have crossed the boundaries of time. Either way, the experienced vision has always nourished me on some level.
Looking back from the experience in the now, I was at that moment busy for the umpteenth time to let go of everything to the bone. After all, according to outsiders, a Reiki master who was so ill, could not be a good Reiki master.

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for Western people to attend a serious illness or the death of a loved one without wanting to do anything.

Anyway, I was unable to work for a long time and my body made itself detached from earthly existence. I became more and more energy than matter. If I could have gone through with my Reiki activities, it probably wouldn’t have been any different. I had fallen off my pedestal and had the people who did care about me, and would heal me as soon as possible, shown the door. The forest became mine refuge.

I was busy detaching myself on all fronts from the masses among wherein I never had felt at home. Even within the so-called spiritual world I remained a stranger. An outcast.
Now I understand that inside of me I was much more of a husky than a lapdog. That I everything wanted to do for others but not that one thing. And that was wasting my identity through to embrace a group model that rattled from all sides. I was on my way to recreating what I already was before I was born: On the way to live my soul potential, my authentic being.

The road

To walk the road we could not belong to anything or anyone. We even have to let go off our picture from an imaginary heaven and don’t shun hell. We must become authentic beings and we have to learn to stay on our own feet. I had to let go everything again, even my beloved Reiki work. Because however divinely beautiful in essence, as soon as we put our creation into the material world, it already starts to pulverize and we should release the outer form as soon as possible to return to the Source. And the ego is not ready for that. He wants prestige, achievements and progress in order to be able to show off results. Ultimately, the entire western system is based on outside and not on what we are in essence.

Not my will

Take the Life out of life by putting God out of the door and existence becomes a vale of tears. It the meantime it is like this for many of us. Having everything that gives material security and at the same time we feel very unhappy and do not know how to fill that big hole in our inner world. Until, in my case, illness, the ego has beaten so strongly, that alone and forsaken by God and everyone, I could only bow my head and speak sincerely and in full surrender:

Not my will be done but yours.

Om Shanti,

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We are innocent

We are innocent

She is waiting with open arms. We embrace each other with an open heart. A little later we are sitting near the beach with a cup of coffee. ‘It is been a long time that we met,’ she says. How long ago I don’t know, but it must be more than five years. No doubt something happened between us, a disagreement, some kind of confrontation, which she couldn’t digest at that moment. Anyway, that event was enough for her to stop seeing me. But time is healing all wounds and the connection between us is still there. A few months ago she let me know that she was diagnosed with a severe sort of cancer. She underwent a heavy chemo cure, was fully going for it and recovered nicely. ‘I can’t share all of my experiences with everyone,’ she writes. ‘But I know that you not only understand me, you will also not judge me.


These days I hear from several women how more meaningful their life became after they got diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly they got all attention they usually give to others.
The moment we begin to realize that even our loved ones are mortal, our heart is opening up with compassion and our ego fades into the background. Space will arise for understanding,  which allow us to forgive the other person even the gravest misdeeds.  Without struggle age-old family tragedies will be resolved and transformed.


‘And then I went for a checkup,’ Jamila says,‘ and I was told it all looked fine. According to my oncologist there is a great chance that I will get this malignant cancer back, but for now I was declared cured. Yasmin, I know it sounds ridiculous, but do you think I felt happy? Not at all! I even arrived home crying. All the attention I received during this time went suddenly to another sick person. If I dare to say something, I am told that I have nothing to complain about. If you can walk twenty kilometers a day, you shouldn’t complain.


I myself know everything about it. I remember as if it was yesterday that everything and everybody around me felled away when my body let me down. By definition I felt guilty that I had created all this myself, according to the alternatives. If anyone came to the door, it was with a preconceived goal. They should make me better soon. Simply standing next to someone and daring to see and to feel where the other person is going through, without judging, is not something you will find  directly into the program of the average healer or counselor. Imagine that you are just present without doing a thing or without wanting to change anything. It is not inconceivable that you suddenly will experience what a deep pit of misery lurks behind that exterior.

Even more worse, you may start to resonate with that vibration and fall completely still. Or you will end up within your own big hole. And yes, it may just be that you lose control, become vulnerable and have to take off your mask in a society in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to be vulnerable and keep yourself and your income afloat.


We have created a society of the healthy and the crippled. Of perpetrators and victims. Of criminals and saints. We don’t understand that they are two inseparable sides of the same coin. I wonder how long our carefully crafted welfare state can survive in which a narrow minority continues to sacrifice itself for a needy majority without breaking down.


‘No longer I feel myself guilty,’ Jamilla says. Wow that is great dear one. After all, guilt does not exist. Authorities and churches have devised that to cut us off from our roots: the power of God, the power of unconditional Love that embraces all and heals everything. Our soul came into the world with a backpack and it is precisely the challenges on our path that opens up our inner eyes and polish us to more and more wholeness.


A little later Jamilla is going to the toilet. While I wait for my turn she calls out, not all too serious and absolutely not softly: ‘Yasmin, Did I nag too much? Because if so I will still feel guilty.’ ‘Gosh, what a bitch you are’,  am I scolding back. You know, on that playful way like kids will do this.

How more obstacles you have lived through how more you bring to life your inner-child. Children are pure, innocent and no-nonsense. And yes, then the heart starts to speak and you will say things that can touch and cannot always be received in that moment yet, but will float to the surface at the right time to take root and, who knows, probably will bear fruit years later.


‘Yasmin! I’m so glad you are calling. You always do that at the right time. Please can you help me. I don’t want that damn chemo. So why am I doing it???’

‘Okay darling, go for a second to that silent space in your heart. Do you want that chemo or are you doing it to please your kids? After all, you told me before that things have never been better between you and your kids then in this crazy time. Even your eldest daughter, who until recently wanted nothing to do with you, will nothing else than to please you’.

She falls silent for a while. ‘Well, to be honest I do believe there’s something deep inside of me that says for now I need that shit.’

To create

‘Listen honey. What I do or would do is of secondary importance. If you feel you have to go for the chemo, go for it with all you have. Of course you can support that process with vitamins, minerals and healthy food. But don’t walk on two legs if you know what I mean. Your creative mind can’t handle that’.

She understands but she’s getting so damn sick from the chemo. I ask her what she can do about it. ‘I want to stop for fourteen days. There is also another, less intense, chemotherapy, but it is more expensive…’

That evening she announces that she has called the oncologist. Not only she got permission to stop the cure for fourteen days, but after this period she will also receive the milder chemotherapy. She is grateful and overjoyed.


I hear that one of my former Reiki students has breast cancer and I decide to visit her. I just sit silently and with an open heart beside her bed. Totally present, without wanting or advising anything. My hands are somewhere on her body, seemingly without purpose. It makes a deep impression on her. Later, on one of my walk-in days, she is sharing this store with others. The power that emanates from you when you don’t expect anything and just dare to embrace the other person without wanting to change anything about the situation, to be more clear; without throwing your own experience over it, is immeasurably great. From a deep knowledge that every person has the inner power to go through his own process, you appeal to the self-healing capacity in the other.

Sleeping Beauty

We walk this earth with an unprecedented deep desire to be seen, known and embraced. It is the fairy tale of the Prince and Sleeping Beauty. The moment the Prince is kissing Sleeping Beauty, she wakes up in another dimension. Our soul awakens and you begin to remember who you essentially are.


What happened to our society? It seems like the world turned upside down. We honor the weak and punish the strong. We throw ourselves at everything and everyone who is vulnerable and needy. That makes us feel good and boosts our ego. Bullies are punished and the one being bullied is seen as a victim, weak and pathetic. So he must be protected. The so called  victim sinks further and further into the three-dimensional material world of dependence and pathetic behavior. The bully challenges the victim to stand on their own two feet and trust them. This effective and healing medicine is not appreciated by our current healthcare system.  Soon the bully learns that being open and honest will be punished and retreats into his shell. By doing so, he not only disowns himself, he will no longer challenge the object to stand in its own power. Even if this is the only way to become a unique and full member in a society that absolutely cannot build on weakness, but needs healthy elements who dare to look in their own mirror and will not spare themselves. After all, life isn’t all fun. On the contrary, for the majority, life is no more or less than a drama.


However, life becomes more and more exciting and fun as we start to practice scuba diving within ourselves. It feels a little different than when we jump off a bridge or take a New Year’s dive, but certainly it is no less adventurous. I predict that as we get more experienced with practice, you’ll find that you care less about what others think of you. That you need little or nothing from the outside world to feel a happy and whole person. That you absolutely can enjoy it to exchange something special with others by now and then, but you will also enjoy it unimaginably when you are alone and feel your own heartbeat. And suddenly it can happen that you will fall completely silent because for the first time in your life you will realize for the first time how beautiful your inner world is.


And, before I forget to say it, let’s not wait until someone gets seriously ill or until  his or her funeral to tell that person how much you love her. Believe me, the latter is not only unhuman, it is really too sad for words…

Om Shanti,

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Life is magical

Life is magical

I am the center of the universe. I am the great emptiness that contains the total fullness. I am another you.


I walk along the sea in the most ravaged town in the Second World War and feel like a fish in the water. Gratitude vibrates in all my cells and I marvel like a child at the beauty of the ever-changing skies, the water and the seagulls floating on the thermals. Dozens of seagulls circle above my head as one energy, breathtaking. Children, dogs and adults do not need anything. They fully enjoy sand, sun, and sea. Brave men and women take a morning swim. Fishermen, ships in all shapes and sizes. I feel grateful.

Time to move

After my special tree that means so much to me was cut down and my entire magical forest was destroyed, it became clear to me that it was high time to leave the village where I was never really welcome. Especially now the situation is changed so dramatically that I no longer go to Kenya or stay with the refugees in Greece in wintertime. And because of my new book Inner-Reset I feel that I have to be here for lectures and meetings.

I’m going to visit a friend in Vlissingen, a small harbor town in the south of the Netherlands. Vlissingen was bombed twice in the Second World War. It is very multicultural. The whole world lives in Vlissingen. In the eyes of many it is one of the most criminal place in the Netherlands. For me it is paradise. I feel like a fish in the water here. A feeling I have never known before in the Netherlands.

Although it was not possible to buy or rent a house of my own, I can stay in Grace’s cozy attic room until the end of March. Right in the center and five minutes from the sea. You may think I’m disappointed because of the temporariness. Nothing is less true. I woke up and started to laugh at myself. Me and settling down. Can you imagine that? I don’t. It doesn’t suit me to worry about the future. I let myself be guided by the flow of life without plan and without preconceived goal.

So no house of my own for me, even if I could afford it. I am a gypsy, an alley cat. You can’t lock me up. You cannot insert me into a social framework. That is not true Life. That is what we have made of Life by our controlling welfare state from cradle to grave. Everything is arranged for us. They took all music out of life. All creativity and personal responsibility. That has a price. That’s why western people are never satisfied. I don’t fit in this concept to be honest.

This place embraces me like a second skin. I was here with Giri for fourteen days. We had a good time. But I really like being on my own. I immensely enjoy the silence inside and outside of myself and wandering along the sea with its countless faces. I marvel at every step. Is it the place, the tides, the atmosphere of winter? The sun, the wind, the storm, the rain? I don’t know and don’t need to know. It is what it is. This is home.

When it is intended, there will undoubtedly come a new base for me here. And if not, I will go back to my old village with just as much love.


As always, things come my way spontaneously. I brought Giri to the train and the way back I met a special woman on the bus. We immediately had a click. She is now reading my book Inner-Reset and is organizing a lecture. How beautiful is that. Until the end of March I will stay here and see what spontaneously will unfold. It is totally clear: it is me-time.


Although our relationship has had its fair share of bumps and we have been separated for a long time, Giri and I are like the base and keys of one and the same piano. I am the wings that enable Giri to transcend his fears and fly and Giri is the foundation I need to flow out and do what I have to do without doing. Giri trusts me completely. I am his anchor point and he is my support. And he can be in that energy because he knows deep down that he is not an extension of me but the base on which I can do what I have to do. Or rather what we have to do together. I’m not saying it’s always easy, certainly not. My life would be simpler in many ways if I were alone. But simplicity makes us lazy and flabby and we need challenges to grow. How beautiful it is when we walk this process together in love. If that means that we take the campervan again in April and go for a tour of the Netherlands to meet people and give lectures about my book, then certainly we will enjoy it to the fullest.


My special treeLast year was a heavy time. A period of letting go on soul level and polishing even on deeper layers. Thanks to my children who are not my children. Thanks to my environment that may or may not reject me. In short, thanks to all the opposition I stand even more strongly for truth than ever and no longer I care what others think of it. Inside myself I feel a deep gratitude, an enormous wealth that needs nothing from anyone but is flowing abundantly without wanting anything in return. And from this point of view I will continue to walk the earth until my last breath and I will marvel, love, dance, sing, follow my heart and enjoy every day.

I am another you,

Giri and I wish you all an very transforming New Year in Love and in Freedom

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Awakened people

Awakened people

Nothing lasts in the world of the ten thousand things. Everything once has taken shape will eventually dissolve again into the great emptiness that contains the total fullness. Change is the only constant. This too shall pass. Every ending is a new beginning. The road we walk is eternal and not subject to physical death.

Our earthly reality, the material world, exists by the power of opposites. We are born, we give ourselves an identity and we feel different from others. We think in terms of good and evil. We forget that we are essentially one and the same.

Frederick Franck discovered the empty space and named the difference between looking and seeing. Looking is part of the earthly reality. We see images but are not connected with our heart, or with the great emptiness from which everything arises. We watch the news. Watch the disasters, the murders, the traffic victims. We send a donation to ease our conscience and move on to our everyday reality.

The moment our hearts open, we transcend three-dimensional reality. We feel more and more connected to everything and everyone. Nature comes alive. We are a drop in the ocean and at the same time the whole ocean. We experience everything we see as part of ourselves. We feel pain and joy and full of wonder we see all nature, around and in us, come to life. When we look someone in the eye, all differences dissolve. We are becoming more and more aware of the great emptiness from which all forms emerge. Our existence is no longer rigid and static. Life becomes magical and everything becomes a dance of energy.

Heaven and Hell

The moment we begin to see creation as it really is, we begin to understand that life is a miracle. There is nothing outside of ourselves. My visible reality is a projection of my inner world. That explains why some people experience heaven on earth and others feel that they have reached the bottom of hell. We descend into the dark dungeons of our souls. Slowly but surely we start to wake up and realize that we are fully responsible for all our creations. Although we can’t always change the situation, we can choose to see it differently. We make peace with ourselves and our creations.

Sometimes I am shocked by the reactions of awake people on Facebook. Being awake doesn’t mean you haven’t been vaccinated or tested. Being awake means knowing that everything in creation is geared to support us to show the way home, even if we don’t understand the scenario. That we never, ever feel better than anyone else and certainly don’t point at or ridicule others. We feel compassion because we know all too well that we once stood there ourselves.


Being awake is a matter of awareness. That process takes place in the great void or at soul level. At that moment we know with a deep inner knowing that creation is divine perfection. We understand that life on Earth is a learning experience. A place where everyone can follow their own blueprint. That life knows mountains and valleys and can be quite intense. But behind this visible reality there is another reality. We understand that we may support others but we cannot  save anyone else but ourselves, because everyone will wake up at the right time.


Now is the right time to perfect ourselves and find our way home. Life itself is the true way of initiation. Through highs and lows, man is polished in order to find himself again. That’s when you realize that everything you’ve ever believed to be the truth is one big lie. You no longer see the world through rose-colored glasses, but with a clear view. Like you did when you came into the world. You were perfect and untouched by the earthly reality. Because of your upbringing, society and so on, slowly but surely your purity faded into the background. A process that is inevitable. You must first lose yourself completely in order to find your Self again. Then you are back at the point where you were born. However there is a difference. Now you know that you are awake. You don’t feel the need to join groups of awaked people. Groups give a false semblance of security, but maintain polarization. Therefore, the awake person is not affiliated with any particular group. He or she is part of everything and everyone.


She is the only one of ninety-eight lab technicians who has not been vaccinated. Although she loves her job, she has closed her heart to survive. How understandable. When I observe her, I realize that because of this she no longer feels that a change has taken place in her colleagues. I challenge her to open her heart a little. By doing this she will give her colleagues the opportunity to share their current situation with her. After all, she is there for a reason.

Coming home

She who had such a big mouth that she didn’t get vaccinated did it anyway. The fear of losing her loved ones was stronger than the fear of death. I listened to her story and felt genuine compassion. Seeing her so many months later, I feel deeply moved. Geez she is beautiful. She came home. Truly she has become herself through that one decision. Fear became trust. Her ADHD and all psychological features are gone. Husband and daughter can do what they want. She doesn’t need it anymore. She is awake and feels compassion.

As long as we still need to divide the world into awakened and sleeping people, there is inner work to be done.

We are all on our way. And the road is one of trial and error. It is an art of living not to be afraid of fall down but to get up again and again. Like children do. The more we fall, the more we perfect ourselves. And slowly but surely the pearl within is polished and the light of our soul begins to shine through our eyes into the world. And people recognize your soul. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops. You don’t have to convince them that you are right. They feel you know. They become curious and start asking questions. And that’s the right time to share your wisdom.

The time is now

In this time when we can no longer rely on so-called certainties, we are given the opportunity to reach our full potential. Don’t get carried away by all the doomsday scenarios, but go into nature and discover the empty space, the great silence, which animates everything. Feel your fear to the core. Let go of what no longer serves you. Create your own reality. Live the world you would like to see outside of yourself. Everyone plays their own part in the drama we call life and it is not up to you or me to judge that. All you need to know is where you stand for. The outside world, people, mother nature can mirror that to you. They show you flawlessly who you are. To be a living example, all we have to do is polishing ourselves to the core. And it should be clear that I’m not talking about our outside here.

Change is the only constant. This too shall pass. Every ending is a new beginning. The road we walk is eternal and not subject to physical death.

Om Shanti,

My book Inner-Reset

Inner Reset is an eye opener for anyone who wants to get to know themselves in depth. If you want to order the English E-book version, klick this link.



A special meeting

A special meeting

… with author and inspirer Yasmin Verschure by Diana Peters – Magazine Bewustzijnenzo

Sometimes you meet people and they touch you. With their words, with their way of being, with their appearance. Yasmin Verschure is such a person. She is authentic in all her being, and so are her books. Her ninth book ‘Inner Reset’ is a gateway to freedom. A harbinger of the new era.

Interview with Yasmin

True living is not about eating or not eating, about wearing face masks, about being pricked or not. True living is about common sense and self-confidence, about personal responsibility and the deepest state of Incarnation.

How it started

“I am who I AM, and I don’t fit into any box. I explore the world with the wonder of a child. After years in which I gave workshops Consciously Living and shared the Power of the healing touch worldwide, fate or love brought me for six winters to Kenya where I was allowed to support small-scale projects. In 2015 it was time to shift my focus to the refugees. Together with my buddy Giri, we spent five winters between our brothers and sisters in Greece.

The book ‘One Love – One Tribe’ was published on request. Although the borders closed, the connection remained. The Love between us told me I had to cross boundaries. And suddenly we were on the road for eight months. We did not reach Greece. There was another purpose to fulfill. My ninth book ‘Inner-Reset’ was asking to be born in the feminine Sardinia. According to insiders, this book is the completion of a cycle and the crowning glory of my work.”

Western world

“People adore me because I was in Kenya and lived with the refugees. “Oh what a good person.” For me it has nothing to do with goodness. I experienced the art of true living there, by acting together, living together, by being connected from heart to heart.

I do not know a place in the world where people are so unhappy as in the West. People are always wishing something else as they experience and searching for something to be fulfilled. Feeling a void that needs to be filled. An emptiness that symbolizes a deep inner longing that there must be more. That emptiness is usually filled by desire, by addictions or the pursuit of material possessions.

It is also understandable. As children we are told that we are not good enough. We learn not to rely on the magic of our bodies. As a baby you already get a heel prick. At school you will be judged on your mistakes in a test. It does not check how many questions you get right.

We are born as gods but before you can walk you are completely indoctrinated that you have to become something in your life. How sick is that.


“Life itself is a path of initiation. The rawness of life itself was my initiation path. My parents died when I was young. I was born with a bad constitution and was always sick or on the go. Back from a long journey around the world again I underwent some operations. Everything I derived my identity from I was forced to leave behind to become truly human. Everything I thought was true, it was not. I am a product of society, a product of my upbringing.

I was 32 when my mother died. I wrote my life story and decided: I let go – I let God. Since then I started to discover more and more the mystery of life and everything changed.”

Dare to be a rebel

Dare to be a rebel and kick all the holy houses – inside yourself

“A rebel is someone who starts living his/her own truth. You will not be thanked for this. Living your own truth takes courage. I mean the truth from your heart. Not the truth forced upon us by society. People always have an opinion. I like this… I think that… I don’t think that refugees should come to here. Then I ask: ‘Have you met one yet? No? Okay, just start with that and then we will talk again.”

In order to be seen and accepted, we all want to belong to the herd. The latest Nikes… the latest iPhones… wearing the clothes others wear… having the thoughts others have… fill it in. Television is one of the biggest culprits. The news, which is no longer news but is directed from above, works like a mantra. You have to be confident to live authentically. To break free from the group and to dare to feel who you really are. Find your unique connection to the source you had when you were born. Discover that there is only one like you. Discover where you really stand for.

I challenge people to think for themselves and not blindly follow the rules but to feel from the heart whether that is your truth. Although we experience light and dark on this earth, they are both needed to find the middle. I no longer judge. All facets of society are equally important. They are also inside of me. In my experience, no one is exclusively good or bad. When I hate someone, I hate their behavior, not the person.

As long as you reject people for whatever reason, there is still something to do in your inner world. As long as you hate people, self-hatred is still present in your inner world. Know that everything you see is a reflection of your inner world. Look honestly into your own mirror and decide if you want to play the game even longer.
We all together have created this society. When you want to see another world, be a living example. Not by preaching but by doing. Stop pointing at others and take your own responsibility. Even though the outside may look different, in the end we are all one.”

Love is all that is

“Fear makes us disempower ourselves and willingly surrender. My message with everything I design and therefore also with this book is love. Love connects. Love heals. We don’t have to do anything for it, we just are. There is nothing good or bad in love. Love is.

Love to me is another word for God. I know some people have trouble with the word God. I myself have literally kicked God out to finally come to the conclusion: There is only one God. And we cannot appropriate this God. God is the power of unconditional Love and it is there for everyone.

I would like people to learn how to look inward fearless and honestly. Dare to feel, dare to look, who they really are. It takes courage. After all, it is much easier to tell others how to live


When you start your journey, when you start to wake up, your first and only question should be: “Who am I?” You can meditate on that forever. For God’s sake, don’t try to find an answer to that. God or Love is a mystery. And mysteries we cannot comprehend or unravel with our minds. Since I relinquished control of my life, I began to embrace everything that came my way, without wanting one thing and fighting the other, and my life became an accumulation of miracles.

Thanks to my first GP, a real healer, who led me on the alternative path, I healed my body with the right means, even though this was impossible according to experts. I took full responsibility for my own life and befriended death. The latter made me live without fear and perform things with my body without wanting to achieve anything.

Years ago I lived a year and a half on Prana or Light, on Life Energy. Since more then two years now I eat when I want to eat. Eating is a social event and my friends in Kenya and Greece don’t eat when I’m not eating. It’s not about a new religion, it’s about being flexible.

I rarely see a doctor. When I’m sick I know exactly what my body needs. I am the owner of my vehicle. No one can dictate to me what is good for me. I will be supported if necessary. The moment we embrace death as a natural step, we lose the fear of living. We enjoy every moment of our time here on Earth. Life becomes a godsend.


“We are born with a blueprint of what we have to work out in this life. The way we do this is our free will. Do we feel victimized or do we feel that we are masters of our lives? In the first case it becomes a drama . In the second case we realize that being sick means getting better. When you look back on your life, you realize that you became more Human because of the things that didn’t go so smoothly.

We usually wake up to a crisis in our lives. A divorce, the death of a child, an illness. A pandemic. All tools of the universe to wake us up so that we can discover who we really are. When we wake up, we see everyone as a part of ourselves and stop pointing at others. You forgive yourself and the other and we become again like children. No one is guilty anymore. We walk our unique path and do not want to convert anyone. This process is more divine than divine.

When I go to sleep I thank the universe for my experiences of that day. When I wake up, I am grateful that I can experience and celebrate this new day again. Sometimes I wake up and I vibrate all over with energy, with love. I know that love is no longer personal, but it is the energy to wake people up. I am only an instrument and have come to earth to show people the way to their inner source. I don’t want to make people dependent. I want them to live their own authenticity.

In a lecture or workshop or by reading my books, people feel touched by my naturalness of being. Not like: Ooooh I know everything. No! The more I think I know, the more I know… that I know nothing!

“Love is the force that drives me. Love is the essence from which I act without acting. Whether I work in the garden or do the dishes or the shopping, I do it from my inner connection – with attention – with love. I don’t lecture to sell books. Although that’s fun too! It is my soul’s desire to show you the way in. To find the love and peace that you are constantly looking for in the outside world. In short, to learn to see and experience the beauty that you really are. That you don’t have to do anything because there is nothing to achieve. Because everything that you are is already within you and there will come a time when you will realize this, so you can come to full bloom. How beautiful is that.”

My books

If you would like to read the book ‘Inner Reset’ or another book by Yasmin Verschure, you can order all her books in English as E-books. Inner-Reset as E-book is €9.95. You can order it directly via her website and this link 

God is the source of all suffering

God is the source of all suffering

If you really want to get to know God, you must be willing to sacrifice all your self-created images and ideas about God into the fire of Love.

Let’s put God out the door for he is the source of all misery, was one of my articles I wrote and published several years ago. And yes, we’ve kicked God out. We turned our backs on God and sat down in his seat ourselves. We’ve taken matters into our own hands. And see the result. We were raised with a stern punishing God. A God you should be afraid of. After all, he saw everything you did. As a Catholic you had to go to confession, and even though you couldn’t think what you had done wrong, you made up something on the spot to stop feeling guilty.

I remember I was sitting in church, where I never really felt at home, and raised my hand to my heart to say the words: ‘By my fault, by my great fault…‘ It was as if lightning had smashed. I woke up instantly and knew this has nothing to do with God.

I too threw God out and went to India in search of myself and a guru. Although many teachers came my way, I never found that one guru, but I did find myself. Ironic but true: after 7 months in India and Nepal I came back with God in my heart. No longer was I looking for the source of Love, the source I call God, outside of myself. Once home, I was torn with homesickness and took a regression. I immediately saw myself at the Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu with Father Bede Griffith and realized that he had been an important teacher. Its simplicity became the inspiration for my being. This one-time regression gave me something else. I saw myself in hundreds of different lifetimes. Fake or no fake, it gave me insight that I am no better and therefore no worse than anyone else. From that moment I look at the world differently, at myself and the other, who is no longer another.

When I say we have to put God out of the door, I am of course talking about images and ideas that we have created. They have nothing, really nothing to do with God. Many still refuse to use the name God because it is said to be so tainted. For me personally that is no longer the case, so I use the name God or Love.

In our three dimensional illusionary reality, where the world of duality entered in order to make the invisible creation visible, we simply have to give names to all created things and forms in order to indicate them. Unfortunately, we have started to see one as good and the other as bad. We do not understand that the one in this visible manifestation cannot exist without the other. That the core of every manifestation is that same Love, that same Light from which everything arises and returns to. To get to know ourselves, to learn to see ourselves, we need polarity. Churches have saddled us with enormous guilt. They portrayed mankind as sinful beings, who could only find redemption through penance and suffering as much as possible in order to eventually earn heaven in all humility. No wonder the churches are emptying. That just has to happen. That doesn’t mean you have to lump everything and everyone together. You do that exclusively from your dualistic reality. When you have outgrown it, you can see Love in everything.

Wake up call

Then you know that even what is happening now comes from that same Love and is nothing more or nothing less than a wake-up call to wake us up. In that sense it is also a blessing what is happening right now. It is an intense and painful process and difficult to handle for a Westerner who has fooling oneself that life can be makeable and that pain and suffering are not necessary. But without pain, without suffering there is no awakening, there is no joy. Though we create suffering itself through our attachment to pain, our attachment to suffering. That has to do with our attachment to our material reality that we want to maintain at all costs. But believe me the way to that Deity that you are in essence and that you can experience and feel in your meditations and support with the sound of I Am or AUM, means nothing more and nothing less than to let go of all your attachments to that which you think you possess, to let go of what you think you are. I let go, I let God. I don’t bother with that anymore. And YES that goes a long way. That means your partner is not your property. That means you can only speak of Love if you do not want to possess somebody. That your children are not your children, as Kahlil Gibran so beautifully puts it. You may take care of them for a while and then you have to give them back to themselves. Like a bird throws its young out of the nest when they can fly on their own, so we should put our children out of the door when they can stand on their own two feet. That is love. You have given them a foundation and fully trust that they will find their way in this life by trial and error. You can no longer protect them. You cannot prevent them from facing the necessary challenges. Even stronger, we grow from that. Mama’s children are forever wimps and never become independent and authentic fellow players in this game and certainly will not leave the herd to fulfill their divine purpose or become an authentic human being. God is love. Love with capital letters. God is not an ogre on a cloud who punishes us for sneaking out of the sugar bowl. No, we humans have made that image of him. God is simply the manifestation of Nothing and Everything, of unconditional Love. Absolutely beyond our imagination. That Love was already there before creation came into existence and will still be there when creation has disappeared into nothingness. Because ultimately that is what is happening all the time and in all probability that is what is happening now. Our creation, our creation of reality, all that we take as true is slowly but surely crumbling and returning to the Source to Nothingness, the ALL.

It is hard for us to comprehend that everything that happens comes from that same love. That we are all players and opponents in the same world of illusions that looks so deceptively real from the world of the five senses.

But you didn’t have that doubt when you were a baby and still lived in eternity. Not even when you were a child and didn’t know the difference between right and wrong. You could get angry and beat that other person up, but five minutes later you were back in your authentic being and you were close friends. The concept of enemy and friend was foreign to you. You followed the natural flow of your being and didn’t put any labels on it. However, you soon learned that there is such a thing as good and evil. That you had to earn love and that there were people you could trust and others you couldn’t. Around the age of seven you had lost your innate innocence and fitted neatly into the matrix of life here on earth. And you knew almost intuitively how to behave to be a loved and accepted child. And so you put your naturalness out the door and you forgot your true self. But do not be sad. This is all part of the game. The seeker arose. You went in search of that which was always inside of you. The Fountain of Love. Everything we can discover about God has nothing to do with the outside. For that we have to close our senses and go the way inside. And to find God it is not only important that you give up all images and ideas about Him. More important than that is that you first discover who you are not. And believe me: everything that is visible, everything that has form, everything that is subject to change, that is not you. Oops. What are you then? Nothing. Nothing. Well, that is not acceptable for the ego that wants nothing more than to be something and constantly wants to elevate itself above others. And the ego is not so easily silenced. The ego will do anything to keep you from being yourself. After all, it is the death of the ego or your illusionary self. Then you are Love and Freedom and you live your own Truth. No longer you represent anything in this society. Now I can tell you that this is not important either, but that is of no use to you. And all of society is cooperating to keep you in that matrix. In the role of victim. Keep feeding your pain body, because then you are a willing tool. Not in the hands of God but in society. Then they can do everything with you for which you have given them permission or not. Moreover, as a victim you get all the attention. We feed that with gusto. Therapies are being ripped out of the closet, backpacks invented just to make you feel you’re not good enough. That you need others to be a valued member of this society. And that is only possible if you follow the masses or the herd and you neatly frame yourself in this reality. Now you may understand that God paid more attention to the prodigal son and the runaway sheep. Both manifestations of the rebel. The one who breaks away from the established order because he seeks truth. And that road is not for the faint of heart, that road is damn lonely at times. No wonder that most of us choose the path of least resistance and play for safety. Deep down we feel that call. But that one, or should I say that one that fell, can always be tucked away well. Just make sure you never have time to think about the meaning of life. Fill your agenda. Avoid the silence and fill all your desires immediately.


But then something suddenly happens that you had not planned. Your partner runs away, you get a serious illness. Your child is born with a disability or worse, you are told that a terrible plandemic has broken out. And that it really comes down to following the leaders of the people unconditionally. That we must all go to war to defeat this monster. Not for yourself, by the way, but for all those others who would otherwise endanger you. All this makes you follow all the precepts to the absurd without any visible protest, even if deep down you sometimes have your doubts. That you let your freedom be silenced and that you willingly hand over your body to the state. And you believe all this. Because the experts, the doctor, the pharmaceutical industry, the world leaders and even the mainstream media are not saying anything but this. And those are the scientists, the experts. They apparently know you, your dreams and feelings and your body better than you do.

And as annoying as it may be, the time has passed when we can blame God. Because we have already thrown them out the door.

Om Shanti – May we live in Peace Sardinia, 4th of December 2021



The moment we left paradise we not only lost our wings, we became further and further removed from our true essence. The current situation in the world forces us to make a choice. Either we hide our heads in the sand and blindly follow the guidelines that slowly but surely rob us of our freedom, or we turn inward and find the gateway to wholeness and true freedom.  In short, it is time for an inner reset.

Most of you don’t know that I had absolutely no intention to cross the borders four months ago, unprepared and with a mini camper. As always, I listened to my inner voice and began to clean up our house thoroughly.  “He my dear it looks like we’re going to leave for a long period,” I said to Giri.  And here we are now in Portugal. Almost three months on the road  without a specific goal. I let myself be led by my inner guidance as I have been doing always…


Last week I woke up in our campervan after a dream that told me that I had to read again my book ‘Masterbeyond death’. As my readers know, my texts from years ago are still relevant in the here and in the now.

This gem was self-published. Together with other publishers we attempted to curb the power structure of our Centrale Bookhouse and Bol.com. Unfortunately, these structures within the book world are comparable to the power of multinationals and the pharmaceutical industry.  It is fighting a losing battle. But slowly but surely the world is changing course. The moment the water is not only up to the lips, but even higher, we begin to realize that all the interplay in the world has nothing to do with health, but that we are slowly but surely being robbed of  our freedom until we have become controllable minicomputers…


The booklet ‘Mastery Beyond Death’ could not make a real breakthrough. In our makeable society we scrupulously avoid the subject of death. Now we are confronted with it every day. Although this has little to do with the virus, on the contrary. The measures, but especially the fear that has been systematically sown and since that 9/11 in the form of hatred against Muslims and terrorists has been firmly and practically ineradicably planted in our souls, has become so deeply rooted in our human hearts over the past one and a half year that we ostensibly willing to follow all measures, even if we cannot reconcile them in any way…

September 11, 2001

I remember as if it was yesterday that I gave a lecture on that particular September 11th about my latest book: Love is ‘All That Is’. I did not knew what happened that day when the people trickled in, but soon I was aware.  People were angry: what was on my mind to talk about Love? They were emotional and above all very scared. It had nothing to do with compassion for the victims. No, they were suddenly aware of their own vulnerability, their own mortality…

This fruitful evening stimulated me to write a peace message that same night. Thanks to the Internet phenomenon, it was widely disseminated and broadcast by Canadian radio. The message also ended up on the desk of the Prime Minister President and the Vice President in the USA.  The answer was clear: Let the Dutch never forget what America did for us in World War II…

My Peace message

“We are no doubt stunned by what happened in the States yesterday. Once again we become aware of our vulnerability. The fear literally takes our breath away. The earthquake in Gujarat in India, which killed 20,000 people is far away for us, but the unbeatable USA does brings our mortality very closeby. We start to realize that the foundations of our social illusion are very fragile.  We believe that life is manufactable and that we can insure ourselves against all disasters, but there is no insurance that guarantees us the physical right to exist.

Let’s look at USA with love and compassion.  Let’s highlight the victims, but don’t forget the perpetrators either. Let us not call for retribution, but for forgiveness.

We have replaced respect for Life with respect for matter. From this respect, love for all living things has turned into deadly fear. Deep down we know that we have forgotten who we really are: divine immortal beings, creators of our own reality.

When my reality is peace, then I create peace within myself. Then I work as a spiritual warrior to face, feel, live and transform all fear in myself into Love.  Then I no longer exclude anything, but I know that everything that is happening in the world right now is part of me.

I don’t have the arrogance to make the world a better place. I strive to improve my own world, myself. I choose to live my own truth and no longer hide myself behind social structures born of fear and not of love.

As Mandela said in his speech written by Marianne Williamson:

‘We were born to reveal the glory of God present in each of us. We don’t serve the world by keeping ourselves small.  We serve the world by letting shine our inner light. In doing so, we give others the opportunity to do the same. When we free ourselves from our deepest fear, the fear of death, just our proximity will set others free’.

We can do our part to solve the war by ending the war within ourselves.  We end apartheid by tearing down our own inner walls built to hide ourselves behind.

I do not wish to retaliate, I am willing to forgive. I forgive myself for all the mistakes I made in the past. These mistakes have polished me into an open and loving person with room for everyone who is different, everyone who thinks differently.  This is no longer threatening, it gives color to my life. I forgive myself and others in the knowledge that forgiveness will open our hearts to universal brotherhood.

Every moment we choose which pole we want to connect to, with fear or with trust, with hate or with love.  Mandela used his time in prison to transform hate into love. He used the energy of hate to grow the seed of love.  I challenge myself, I challenge you to do the same.

I decide today to be Love and to live Love. To be a living example of love in all simplicity. I invite you to do the same. In doing so, we lay a solid foundation for a new world in which Love will triumph. A world in which our children and children’s children can freely discover and develop themselves into humane beings. A world in which competition makes way for support.  A world where our only weapons will be Love and respect for Life…”


A few days later, on Wednesday the 17th of September, I saw the following ‘image’ during my meditation. I saw that America was heartbroken by the attack. You could compare this to a physical heart attack.  People who survive a heart attack are usually more ‘open’ afterwards.  The heart attack has literally helped them to release certain blockages. Symbolically you could say that USA, and with the  USA the whole western world, may open their ‘hearts’ to learn to listen candidly to our brothers and sisters from other cultures and other faiths: the Christ consciousness awakens in human.

Later that day I finally got around to sculpting again.  Under my hands the stone suddenly began to take shape. I held my breath when I saw what was going to happen. A Phoenix was born: America rises from its ashes…

There is no certainty but the ‘certainty’ of uncertainty: everything is in constant motion and moves in a certain order.  When we dare to let go of our fear, we can face that no one on this earthly plane can guarantee our safety. There is only one way to experience safety and that is the inner way.  The moment we dare to recognize that we are nothing on our own, we open the gate to inner peace…

Here and now

Little did we know that all this was a taster to get us ready for the great reset.  Those preparations had been going on for a long time. Not everyone remembers the first time clock. Solidarity between employer and employee was reduced to an elusive emotion. People became increasingly alienated from themselves and thus from the other. Small-scale projects, such as post offices, were merged.  Small congregations followed. Efficiency took the place of interpersonal contact. The monetary system, the multinational, the banks and ultimately the 1 percent at the top, were given absolute power. Homes became unaffordable and people degenerated more and more to the caliber of modern slavery. For the appearance of safety and security, we handed over our responsibility: to our employers and to the state…

Pros or cons

And now we have all made our bed and we must lie in it. We no longer talk about black and white and gender stuff, but about pros or cons. Not only our safety is on the street, but also our privacy, our intimacy, our authenticity. The moment the government reduced us to machines and took ownership of our lives and our bodies, by forcing us to donate our organs and have ourselves ‘gen-shot’, we have gone one station too far. Getting out is no longer an option. But as I said in my preface: When the water is at our lips, it is time to turn inward and regain our inner strength. Together we are strong. Stand up and don’t let yourself be divided into pro or con, vaccinated or not vaccinated. The heart of the true human beats in each of us.

Global Citizens

Let’s sacrifice our little self – or ego – in the fire of Love. Let’s realize that we are essentially one, even if you don’t see it immediately on the outside. Let’s realize that everything we create, consciously or unconsciously, has an effect on the total society, the whole world order.

Let’s honesty look in the mirror and admit that we can’t go back to where we came from. With our gigantic greed we have exploited Mother Earth, who carries us and nourishes and supports our physical reality, to the bone. We have forgotten that we cannot take with impunity without giving back. We have forgotten that sharing is the engine of a loving human heart.

Let’s face the fact that the whole visible world has become one big lie, one big projection. That there is nothing we think we see that exists outside ourselves. Afraid of terrorism? Grab the terrorist inside of you by the horns. Embrace lovingly whatever you not dare to face within yourself so that it can transform into wholeness.  And YES it is absolutely true. Whatever we think of, our bodies will die, sooner or later. But if we dare to feel and embrace the fear of death, we can at least live this short time here on earth at the fullest. Then we no longer have to hide ourselves under a bushel, visibly afraid to breathe, but proudly we will present ourselves in full glory.

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but what I do know is that I have to make the best I can of this moment, sitting here in our campervan behind my computer. That I may show myself as I have always shown myself in this time: without fear of being plugged out. Honestly, truthful and divine.

We can only turn this lie around by ceasing to participate. By stopping blaming others and putting the responsibility for our own Life and our own bodys where it belongs: on our own shoulders. In the end, we only came to Earth with one mission. To remember who we are: to wake up. That is only possible in the quiet space of our Heart. At that moment we become truly immortal. We let go of the role of victim and become masters. We rise to mastery, Mastery beyond death…

In times of disaster, in times of war, we can no longer put things off in front of us and hide our authenticity. It’s high time for an inner reset…

In loving connection,

Mastery beyond Death

If you like to read ‘Mastery Beyond Death’ you can download it here for free: E-book epub

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