If you really want to get to know God, you must be willing to sacrifice all your self-created images and ideas about God into the fire of Love.

Let’s put God out the door for he is the source of all misery, was one of my articles I wrote and published several years ago. And yes, we’ve kicked God out. We turned our backs on God and sat down in his seat ourselves. We’ve taken matters into our own hands. And see the result. We were raised with a stern punishing God. A God you should be afraid of. After all, he saw everything you did. As a Catholic you had to go to confession, and even though you couldn’t think what you had done wrong, you made up something on the spot to stop feeling guilty.

I remember I was sitting in church, where I never really felt at home, and raised my hand to my heart to say the words: ‘By my fault, by my great fault…‘ It was as if lightning had smashed. I woke up instantly and knew this has nothing to do with God.

I too threw God out and went to India in search of myself and a guru. Although many teachers came my way, I never found that one guru, but I did find myself. Ironic but true: after 7 months in India and Nepal I came back with God in my heart. No longer was I looking for the source of Love, the source I call God, outside of myself. Once home, I was torn with homesickness and took a regression. I immediately saw myself at the Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu with Father Bede Griffith and realized that he had been an important teacher. Its simplicity became the inspiration for my being. This one-time regression gave me something else. I saw myself in hundreds of different lifetimes. Fake or no fake, it gave me insight that I am no better and therefore no worse than anyone else. From that moment I look at the world differently, at myself and the other, who is no longer another.

When I say we have to put God out of the door, I am of course talking about images and ideas that we have created. They have nothing, really nothing to do with God. Many still refuse to use the name God because it is said to be so tainted. For me personally that is no longer the case, so I use the name God or Love.

In our three dimensional illusionary reality, where the world of duality entered in order to make the invisible creation visible, we simply have to give names to all created things and forms in order to indicate them. Unfortunately, we have started to see one as good and the other as bad. We do not understand that the one in this visible manifestation cannot exist without the other. That the core of every manifestation is that same Love, that same Light from which everything arises and returns to. To get to know ourselves, to learn to see ourselves, we need polarity. Churches have saddled us with enormous guilt. They portrayed mankind as sinful beings, who could only find redemption through penance and suffering as much as possible in order to eventually earn heaven in all humility. No wonder the churches are emptying. That just has to happen. That doesn’t mean you have to lump everything and everyone together. You do that exclusively from your dualistic reality. When you have outgrown it, you can see Love in everything.

Wake up call

Then you know that even what is happening now comes from that same Love and is nothing more or nothing less than a wake-up call to wake us up. In that sense it is also a blessing what is happening right now. It is an intense and painful process and difficult to handle for a Westerner who has fooling oneself that life can be makeable and that pain and suffering are not necessary. But without pain, without suffering there is no awakening, there is no joy. Though we create suffering itself through our attachment to pain, our attachment to suffering. That has to do with our attachment to our material reality that we want to maintain at all costs. But believe me the way to that Deity that you are in essence and that you can experience and feel in your meditations and support with the sound of I Am or AUM, means nothing more and nothing less than to let go of all your attachments to that which you think you possess, to let go of what you think you are. I let go, I let God. I don’t bother with that anymore. And YES that goes a long way. That means your partner is not your property. That means you can only speak of Love if you do not want to possess somebody. That your children are not your children, as Kahlil Gibran so beautifully puts it. You may take care of them for a while and then you have to give them back to themselves. Like a bird throws its young out of the nest when they can fly on their own, so we should put our children out of the door when they can stand on their own two feet. That is love. You have given them a foundation and fully trust that they will find their way in this life by trial and error. You can no longer protect them. You cannot prevent them from facing the necessary challenges. Even stronger, we grow from that. Mama’s children are forever wimps and never become independent and authentic fellow players in this game and certainly will not leave the herd to fulfill their divine purpose or become an authentic human being. God is love. Love with capital letters. God is not an ogre on a cloud who punishes us for sneaking out of the sugar bowl. No, we humans have made that image of him. God is simply the manifestation of Nothing and Everything, of unconditional Love. Absolutely beyond our imagination. That Love was already there before creation came into existence and will still be there when creation has disappeared into nothingness. Because ultimately that is what is happening all the time and in all probability that is what is happening now. Our creation, our creation of reality, all that we take as true is slowly but surely crumbling and returning to the Source to Nothingness, the ALL.

It is hard for us to comprehend that everything that happens comes from that same love. That we are all players and opponents in the same world of illusions that looks so deceptively real from the world of the five senses.

But you didn’t have that doubt when you were a baby and still lived in eternity. Not even when you were a child and didn’t know the difference between right and wrong. You could get angry and beat that other person up, but five minutes later you were back in your authentic being and you were close friends. The concept of enemy and friend was foreign to you. You followed the natural flow of your being and didn’t put any labels on it. However, you soon learned that there is such a thing as good and evil. That you had to earn love and that there were people you could trust and others you couldn’t. Around the age of seven you had lost your innate innocence and fitted neatly into the matrix of life here on earth. And you knew almost intuitively how to behave to be a loved and accepted child. And so you put your naturalness out the door and you forgot your true self. But do not be sad. This is all part of the game. The seeker arose. You went in search of that which was always inside of you. The Fountain of Love. Everything we can discover about God has nothing to do with the outside. For that we have to close our senses and go the way inside. And to find God it is not only important that you give up all images and ideas about Him. More important than that is that you first discover who you are not. And believe me: everything that is visible, everything that has form, everything that is subject to change, that is not you. Oops. What are you then? Nothing. Nothing. Well, that is not acceptable for the ego that wants nothing more than to be something and constantly wants to elevate itself above others. And the ego is not so easily silenced. The ego will do anything to keep you from being yourself. After all, it is the death of the ego or your illusionary self. Then you are Love and Freedom and you live your own Truth. No longer you represent anything in this society. Now I can tell you that this is not important either, but that is of no use to you. And all of society is cooperating to keep you in that matrix. In the role of victim. Keep feeding your pain body, because then you are a willing tool. Not in the hands of God but in society. Then they can do everything with you for which you have given them permission or not. Moreover, as a victim you get all the attention. We feed that with gusto. Therapies are being ripped out of the closet, backpacks invented just to make you feel you’re not good enough. That you need others to be a valued member of this society. And that is only possible if you follow the masses or the herd and you neatly frame yourself in this reality. Now you may understand that God paid more attention to the prodigal son and the runaway sheep. Both manifestations of the rebel. The one who breaks away from the established order because he seeks truth. And that road is not for the faint of heart, that road is damn lonely at times. No wonder that most of us choose the path of least resistance and play for safety. Deep down we feel that call. But that one, or should I say that one that fell, can always be tucked away well. Just make sure you never have time to think about the meaning of life. Fill your agenda. Avoid the silence and fill all your desires immediately.


But then something suddenly happens that you had not planned. Your partner runs away, you get a serious illness. Your child is born with a disability or worse, you are told that a terrible plandemic has broken out. And that it really comes down to following the leaders of the people unconditionally. That we must all go to war to defeat this monster. Not for yourself, by the way, but for all those others who would otherwise endanger you. All this makes you follow all the precepts to the absurd without any visible protest, even if deep down you sometimes have your doubts. That you let your freedom be silenced and that you willingly hand over your body to the state. And you believe all this. Because the experts, the doctor, the pharmaceutical industry, the world leaders and even the mainstream media are not saying anything but this. And those are the scientists, the experts. They apparently know you, your dreams and feelings and your body better than you do.

And as annoying as it may be, the time has passed when we can blame God. Because we have already thrown them out the door.

Om Shanti – May we live in Peace Sardinia, 4th of December 2021