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Inner – Reset

From doing to Being

The moment we left paradise we not only lost our wings; we became further and further removed from our true essence.
In short, it is time for an inner reset.

One Love – One Tribe

All borders will disappear when we open our heart and dismantle our inner borders…

The book consists of
– 29 Stories
– 29 Anecdotes
– 29 Encounters


To Be or not to Be

Twenty-four ‘Pearls for the Soul’ and ‘Original’ stories of journeys through Peru and Hawaï take you to the quiet waters of your heart…

The Power of Being

The Saint and the Hooker

The transforming power, the feminine face of God, is the world-mother who is at the base of the complete visible creation.

Love is ‘All That Is’

The third book of Yasmin is about the power of unconditional love.

Unconditional love remains after we have been through the fire of purification… 

Mastery beyond Death

And he spread his newly acquired wings and flew along the way back to the light…

We like to believe that health is only a manifestation of the physical body. Yet, the body is of minor position. A true healthy person will be recognized in the way he is living life. A true healthy person is vital, enthusiastic, creative, careless and joyful.

With an Open Heart

‘In all simplicity, love contains the essence of life.’

In a society, mainly based on personal benefit and status, there is no appreciation of our true essence, and we constantly try to avoid pain and push away our feelings. Through awareness and insight it is possible to transform pain and suffering into inner wholeness.

Way to the Light

Pilgrimage of a Reiki master

If you have taken a Reiki class with an American master, you have everything you need to work with the principles of Reiki…

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