I am the center of the universe. I am the great emptiness that contains the total fullness. I am another you.


I walk along the sea in the most ravaged town in the Second World War and feel like a fish in the water. Gratitude vibrates in all my cells and I marvel like a child at the beauty of the ever-changing skies, the water and the seagulls floating on the thermals. Dozens of seagulls circle above my head as one energy, breathtaking. Children, dogs and adults do not need anything. They fully enjoy sand, sun, and sea. Brave men and women take a morning swim. Fishermen, ships in all shapes and sizes. I feel grateful.

Time to move

After my special tree that means so much to me was cut down and my entire magical forest was destroyed, it became clear to me that it was high time to leave the village where I was never really welcome. Especially now the situation is changed so dramatically that I no longer go to Kenya or stay with the refugees in Greece in wintertime. And because of my new book Inner-Reset I feel that I have to be here for lectures and meetings.

I’m going to visit a friend in Vlissingen, a small harbor town in the south of the Netherlands. Vlissingen was bombed twice in the Second World War. It is very multicultural. The whole world lives in Vlissingen. In the eyes of many it is one of the most criminal place in the Netherlands. For me it is paradise. I feel like a fish in the water here. A feeling I have never known before in the Netherlands.

Although it was not possible to buy or rent a house of my own, I can stay in Grace’s cozy attic room until the end of March. Right in the center and five minutes from the sea. You may think I’m disappointed because of the temporariness. Nothing is less true. I woke up and started to laugh at myself. Me and settling down. Can you imagine that? I don’t. It doesn’t suit me to worry about the future. I let myself be guided by the flow of life without plan and without preconceived goal.

So no house of my own for me, even if I could afford it. I am a gypsy, an alley cat. You can’t lock me up. You cannot insert me into a social framework. That is not true Life. That is what we have made of Life by our controlling welfare state from cradle to grave. Everything is arranged for us. They took all music out of life. All creativity and personal responsibility. That has a price. That’s why western people are never satisfied. I don’t fit in this concept to be honest.

This place embraces me like a second skin. I was here with Giri for fourteen days. We had a good time. But I really like being on my own. I immensely enjoy the silence inside and outside of myself and wandering along the sea with its countless faces. I marvel at every step. Is it the place, the tides, the atmosphere of winter? The sun, the wind, the storm, the rain? I don’t know and don’t need to know. It is what it is. This is home.

When it is intended, there will undoubtedly come a new base for me here. And if not, I will go back to my old village with just as much love.


As always, things come my way spontaneously. I brought Giri to the train and the way back I met a special woman on the bus. We immediately had a click. She is now reading my book Inner-Reset and is organizing a lecture. How beautiful is that. Until the end of March I will stay here and see what spontaneously will unfold. It is totally clear: it is me-time.


Although our relationship has had its fair share of bumps and we have been separated for a long time, Giri and I are like the base and keys of one and the same piano. I am the wings that enable Giri to transcend his fears and fly and Giri is the foundation I need to flow out and do what I have to do without doing. Giri trusts me completely. I am his anchor point and he is my support. And he can be in that energy because he knows deep down that he is not an extension of me but the base on which I can do what I have to do. Or rather what we have to do together. I’m not saying it’s always easy, certainly not. My life would be simpler in many ways if I were alone. But simplicity makes us lazy and flabby and we need challenges to grow. How beautiful it is when we walk this process together in love. If that means that we take the campervan again in April and go for a tour of the Netherlands to meet people and give lectures about my book, then certainly we will enjoy it to the fullest.


My special treeLast year was a heavy time. A period of letting go on soul level and polishing even on deeper layers. Thanks to my children who are not my children. Thanks to my environment that may or may not reject me. In short, thanks to all the opposition I stand even more strongly for truth than ever and no longer I care what others think of it. Inside myself I feel a deep gratitude, an enormous wealth that needs nothing from anyone but is flowing abundantly without wanting anything in return. And from this point of view I will continue to walk the earth until my last breath and I will marvel, love, dance, sing, follow my heart and enjoy every day.

I am another you,

Giri and I wish you all an very transforming New Year in Love and in Freedom

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