I have a wonderful encounter with a beautiful woman by the sea and her two huskies who don’t give me a glance. She is visibly fond of her dogs. She says they are quite authentic. A husky will not submit to his master in any way. On the contrary, you will have to adapt to your roommate.


My heart leaps for joy. Suddenly I understand the message of the truthful vision I received years ago when I started to recover from a series of grueling surgeries and my sacred grove, where nature and my special tree became my refuge and my place to heal.


I walk through my sacred grove and feel myself slowly but surely coming back into life. I take a turn to another path and see a large horse-drawn sleigh with a proud Celtic, or should I say Norse God, on the buck. The dog-drawn sleigh is pulled by eight huskies. Although I never have met these beautiful animals before, I know there kind immediately. I make room and respectfully greet the man on the buck. He proudly greets me back.
For years I believed in the authenticity of the event until it dawned on me that the paths were very narrow. In short, that it was objectively impossible. Now I am sure that in that present moment I have crossed the boundaries of time. Either way, the experienced vision has always nourished me on some level.
Looking back from the experience in the now, I was at that moment busy for the umpteenth time to let go of everything to the bone. After all, according to outsiders, a Reiki master who was so ill, could not be a good Reiki master.

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for Western people to attend a serious illness or the death of a loved one without wanting to do anything.

Anyway, I was unable to work for a long time and my body made itself detached from earthly existence. I became more and more energy than matter. If I could have gone through with my Reiki activities, it probably wouldn’t have been any different. I had fallen off my pedestal and had the people who did care about me, and would heal me as soon as possible, shown the door. The forest became mine refuge.

I was busy detaching myself on all fronts from the masses among wherein I never had felt at home. Even within the so-called spiritual world I remained a stranger. An outcast.
Now I understand that inside of me I was much more of a husky than a lapdog. That I everything wanted to do for others but not that one thing. And that was wasting my identity through to embrace a group model that rattled from all sides. I was on my way to recreating what I already was before I was born: On the way to live my soul potential, my authentic being.

The road

To walk the road we could not belong to anything or anyone. We even have to let go off our picture from an imaginary heaven and don’t shun hell. We must become authentic beings and we have to learn to stay on our own feet. I had to let go everything again, even my beloved Reiki work. Because however divinely beautiful in essence, as soon as we put our creation into the material world, it already starts to pulverize and we should release the outer form as soon as possible to return to the Source. And the ego is not ready for that. He wants prestige, achievements and progress in order to be able to show off results. Ultimately, the entire western system is based on outside and not on what we are in essence.

Not my will

Take the Life out of life by putting God out of the door and existence becomes a vale of tears. It the meantime it is like this for many of us. Having everything that gives material security and at the same time we feel very unhappy and do not know how to fill that big hole in our inner world. Until, in my case, illness, the ego has beaten so strongly, that alone and forsaken by God and everyone, I could only bow my head and speak sincerely and in full surrender:

Not my will be done but yours.

Om Shanti,

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