Love is ‘All That Is’

The third book of Yasmin is about the power of unconditional love.

Unconditional love remains after we have been through the fire of purification. We open our heart to the vibration of love, the Christ within. We throw away the robe of separation and wake up in our true reality. From that moment we experience ourselves and others as divine beings; there is no longer a separated I or a You.

We are constantly searching for fulfillment of this love outside, and forget that we are the source where everything springs from. When we wake up in this love, our soul’s desire starts to fulfil. Material desires disappear to the background. Our compassion and our presence become the instruments through which miracles can unfold.

Our ‘being’ in South Africa with all its contrasts; its beauty and unprecedented possibilities, its suffering and its joy, have inspires me to write this universal story.