Mastery beyond Death

And he spread his newly acquired wings and flew along the way back to the light…

We like to believe that health is only a manifestation of the physical body. Yet, the body is of minor position. A true healthy person will be recognized in the way he is living life. A true healthy person is vital, enthusiastic, creative, careless and joyful. A true healthy person is not worried about tomorrow, he is aware that all his needs will be provided at the right time. A healthy person can be handicapped or even been affected by AIDS, but the brightness of its soul will radiate his true being, and his environment will experience him as a divine personality.

We all have to die in the physical sense, yet our soul is eternal. It is important to realize that the quality of death is determining the quality of the hereafter. Let us, like Everhard, become a Master in dying, Master beyond death.