Way to the Light

Pilgrimage of a Reiki master

If you have taken a Reiki class with an American master, you have everything you need to work with the principles of Reiki: just for today don’t worry; just for today don’t anger; honor your parents, your teachers, and elders; earn your living honestly; show gratitude for every living being; just for today be grateful.

However, many who have experienced initiation of the first or second degree still have questions, and yearn for more information. Yasmin Verschure explains what happens when you take the first initiation. She also reveals the experiences that brought her to Reiki.

The book concludes with her travels as a Reiki Master through the Near East, India, Australia, and some of the Caribbean Islands.

Reader responses

Dear Yasmin,

I am in the midst of reading your book: ‘Way to the Light’, and I simply wanted to write to you to thank you. What you have written resonates within me.

I myself have no experience with Reiki . The Path I am on is Sufi, and much of what you teach in your book coincides with the teachings of my Teacher.

Recently, after meditation and prayer, I felt a strange tingling in my hands. Using guided meditation I was able to cure myself of sciatica that had bothered me for months. My chiropractor suggested I am a natural healer, and he suggested reading books of Reiki.

I chose your because I am not concerned now with technique, where to place the hands, etc., but the philosophy, and with the experience of a teacher such as yourself.

God bless you and your work!

Head of the Jewish library in New York
aug. 2002