I am the hole in the flute through which the breath of Christ is moving. Listen to this music…
– Hafiz – Sufi

During a 21-day period of silence, in which my only food was my garden, the birds and the unseen world, my physical vehicle failed on many fronts. While the body had a really hard time, I dwelt in peace in the boundless space of my heart. Primal trust, surrender and the process of alchemy pushed the boundaries between death and life. Literally and figuratively, I am getting lighter…

From my diary*

‘…We are pure consciousness. Boundless, divine space. Silence. We are Nothing. We are God. By denying who we are, what we are, we create human-unworthy situations. It is divine intervention to intervene in visible reality. As painful as it is to see what we do to ourselves, how we deny and destroy ourselves, behind that outer destruction Awareness is still at work. Even though it may seem far away, this is the perfect time to realize who we really are. Now is the time to wake up and to stop giving our responsibility out of hands to anyone, to anything. To God, to politics, to the pharmaceutical industry, to our leaders…’.

‘…We are, I am, the divine power that animates everything. The moment I take full responsibility for that and don’t wait for it to reveal itself, I create pure divine vibrations in my inner world and let them flow out into the outer world so that others have the possibility to pick them up and awaken…’.

‘…We are not meant to deny what is. We are meant to no longer connect with that which is. By denying we create that what is. By being awake, seeing what is and no longer connecting ourselves to it, we give what has been created the opportunity to fall apart. Everything that arises perishes. Everything that is created is eventually doomed. Every material form disintegrates. What remains is pure Consciousness. And that is what I am. That is what you are. That is what we are…’.Paradise

The world would instantly become the paradise the Creator intended it to be, if people realized right now who they really are. No one, absolutely no one, will be able to support the lie that reigns, once all the lies in our inner world have been resolved.


By transforming my inner world, I create my own reality and transform the world outside me. The step to freedom is an inner step. The only weapon on my path is Love. By breaking down myself, all my belief systems and attachments to the bone, I am closer to the truth than ever. Life is a mystery. I still exist in this physical manifestation to be a Beacon of Light for others during this transforming times.


In this state of being there is no need to demonstrate. Have the guts to look honestly in your own mirror. Embrace what you essentially are and dare to stand for it, without analyzing or judging. When we realize that time and space essentially do not exist, we can be everywhere without a physical presence and nonviolently support what we wish to support. In silent connection with All That Is.

Everything that could be said about the current situation has already been said. Everyone creates their own reality. Everyone is waking up at the right time. I cannot add anything to that or change this.

Unity in diversity

Living in Oneness means that our little self is no longer central. Living in Oneness means pushing boundaries and opening ourselves to renewal. Living in Oneness means not denying the dark, but not accusing anyone. Because no one is to blame. It is ignorance, no more, no less. Living in Oneness means being in connection with everything and everyone. When we feel fully responsible for who we are, for who I am, I am a signpost for others without seemingly to do anything.

Art of living

In times of deep darkness, there are many unseen forces in the universe who are willing to support our transformation. You can experience them in the quiet space of your heart. This is the perfect time to wake up This is the time to choose momentary happiness, or to realize that the visible reality is no more and no less than an illusion. It is true art of living to die before you die. Sacrifice the ego in the fire of Love so it can leave without losing face. At that moment we leave the world of fear and there is no longer anything to fear. You can stand up in full glory, in all eternity, for your own truth, for your own divinity…

Be still and know…

  • I recorded the three quotes ‘From my diary’ during this period…
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