We are on the eve of a New Time. The great upheaval, of which the ancient and sages have already spoken, is taking place right now. Before that revolution actually can happen, a major purge must take place. After all, we cannot build a new world on old foundations…

Every change starts with the individual. The ego will not surrender without fight. It will do everything to preserve the old and familiar. There is no surrender without struggle.

Everything we have once accepted for truth turns out to be nothing more and nothing less than an illusion.

Chaos precedes any transformation. Old structures -in and outside ourselves- collapse. A new order can only emerge from chaos. There is nothing we can cling to anymore. Nothing to hide behind. We must show our true face. A mask will not help. In short, fleeing is no longer possible.

We can continue to blame others for our misery. We can point our finger at officials, governments and world leaders. But that won’t help us. The solution is us, humanity. We have all created this together. The change starts the moment we turn inside and take responsibility for it.

Don’t let fear frighten you. Feel compassion for all the relief workers, pioneers, rebels, and doctors on the front lines who feel threatened to their existence. Like a dear friend, doctor in France who, after an enormous internal struggle, decided not to participate in the vaccination campaign. A campaign that is dictated letter by letter and which doctors have to follow indiscriminately…


She is busier than ever. Not with the virus, but with the consequences of the inhumane measures. According to her and other experts, there is no vaccine that can protect you from a virus. And it is crazy that people here in the Netherlands stand in line for a vaccine that is banned in America because it is still in the development phase until the end of 2023.

And that while every virologist knows that viruses have always been there. They are our buddies in acquiring a powerful immune system. Nevertheless, doctors are suspended for refusing to wear masks in their practice. If that is not enough, they get the health inspection on their door and they are forced to work in the prescribed manner or to resign from office. How far have we gone that we get so brainwashed that we even start to believe that 2 plus 2 is five. Is this the world we want to leave behind for our children and grandchildren?

When we are willing to embrace our fear and let go of our attachments to my body, my family, my property, my religion, my culture, and so on, we can actually make the transition. A transition to another dimension where control and head may make way for heart and soul: for connection and trust.

The more we bond with the world of forms, the more we will suffer. We will continue to fight tooth and nail against the change that is now taking place. We become robots that voluntarily conform to the regime, the new world order.

Originate and decay

Everything that has ever taken form is doomed to die, to dissolve again into the invisible world: the boundless space from which all forms arise. This also applies to our physical body. The moment we are born, or take form in this visible reality, we are doomed to die. At least, our visible form. That is not a disaster, on the contrary, it is our true nature, our soul destination, our home…

Beyond the world of forms, beyond fear is the formless I AM. Pure consciousness, that what I really AM. That which was before creation, that which is and always will be, that which we call God, Universe, Love or whatever. We are the heart of creation. We are that spark of God, that spark of Light and all of us together encompass the entire universe.

How is it possible that we have degenerated our Self into such insignificant beings? Well, that has everything to do with forgetting our origins. With the negation of the feminine power, with our identification with matter, or form, and the masculine energy that we use to maintain the outer form at all costs.

Heaven on earth

Only in the dimension of Being – of wholeness – we can truly exist. That is heaven on earth. There is Peace, there is Love, there is Truth, there is the Power of Being. There is true Life, Joy and Eternity…

Let us be the Light,

Grateful to be on Earth at this challenging but exciting time, where we can make the greatest transformation ever. It is up to you and me what the New World will look like…

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