We divided our world into good and evil. In ranks and positions. Healthy and sick. Refugee and migrant. In people who do not have the right to transcend their borders and the free man who can go wherever he wants. Until recently it was like that…

Every creation starts with a thought. Then there is a plan. A seed is planted in the head of humanity. Suddenly we are trapped in a cult we are going to regard as truth. It is uncanny how willingly we follow the rules imposed by the ‘government’. Apparently, no one wonders if this is justified, yes or no.

Although I have always been a stranger here, I feel privileged that I am born in the Netherlands. That I have the right to cross borders. The right to decide what is good for my body in times of illness and health. That I could say what I wanted without being punished for it. At least it was like this so far…

My body is my responsibility. I have never taken a recommended vaccination for all of my travels. I used homeopathic medicine or another type of alternative treatment and I went for surgery when there was no other option. I determine what I eat and whether I eat. I have lived without food long enough to know that I am not going to die from that either.

Love is the basis

Everything and everyone is connected. I cannot separate the refugees from what is happening now. Fear causes that we disempower ourselves and surrender voluntarily. Love connects. We do not have to do anything for it. We are Love. We just have to share it to amplify it. Babies and children we cuddle and love unconditionally during their first seven years of life, usually become people who become emotional strong. How should the world look like if we told children and adults that we love them and believe in them…

Each natural flu etc. makes us physically stronger. Also on an emotional and spiritual level. Diseases we flatten with drugs or vaccinations do not help us to strengthen our immune system and to shape our character, quite the contrary. Fighting diseases means an inside war. In advance, every fight is already lost. True healing begins with the question: what do you want to tell me…

We believe that life is manufacturable. That we can buy everything for money. However, Love is not for sale. It is a sign of health that you radiate life in every way. No longer, will you divide your life into good or bad. You are satisfied with that what is and can embrace live at the fullest. Believe me; I have seen more vitality in the refugee camps than at home in the Netherlands.

To enjoy nature, we do not need a lock-down. We should choose that voluntarily. Dying is even as natural as being born and we do it both at the right time. The fact you are born means there will be a time that your body will die. Without fear, there is no Love. I became friends with death. That is why I enjoy life so intensely.

When people see me, they usually notice my vitality and my sparkling eyes, also called mirrors of the soul. As we become more and more our true selves and embrace that what is, our inner light starts to radiate.

I dare to distinguish without judging. I am not the one who is blindly following the herd. If I had done this, I would not be here anymore. I do not blame anyone. Although I essentially own nothing but myself, I am not jealous on anyone.

I am not afraid to get the virus. I have lived through a lot that was far more serious. It made me stronger and healthier. If I get it I trust that I will give this body back to Mother Earth with as much joy as I currently inhabit it.

A true human being

We did not came to the earth to become 90, 100, or immortal. We are on earth to polish and transform ourselves in every way, so we can be a living example for others. A true Human does not let himself restrain by imaginary fears and is not trying to save his own skin.

I remember our time in South Africa in the Aids-clinic in Boksburg*. Little children and young people died like rats. I was not even thinking about protection. It felt as a privilege to sit next to them, touch them and to travel together. No one who is sick or old should be alone when he do not want to. There is no greater power in the world than Love. No greater healing power than the healing touch.

Universe did not create us to draw boundaries and derive privileges from status, education, or whatever. We cannot possess the world. Every link is equally important in the chain. Every living being deserves to be treated with love and respect, including Mother Earth who carries us…


It is crazy that we, without protest, let take away the most precious thing we own: freedom of action, freedom of expression. I do not mean berating each other or scolding on social media. I mean that we can listen respectfully, even if the other person has a different opinion. Let us being curious as children. Then we surf on the waves of the sea and remain eternal seekers.

It is amazing that we withhold each other the most essential thing in life: a loving touch. By isolating them, we deprive people of their basic safety. The fear it evokes literally takes their breath away and suffocates them…

It is crazy that we blindly believe what the media is portraying to us. That we are increasingly polarizing and negating each other. Especially in times like these, we have to support and to love each other. It is amazing that we take from our children and young people their playfulness and much-needed oxygen by forbidding them to play on the street. It is amazing that we are taken to the slaughterhouse with open eyes to vaccinate. To get an app in your phone to know whether or not you are infected, and if you still are allowed to fly. Is this really the world we like to leave behind for our children and grandchildren…

Believe me we still live in paradise. We have food, drink and a roof over our heads. Therefore, we can enjoy the trees, the flowers, the bees and the blue skies without worries. That does not apply to our refugees. They are hungry and are systematically stored in closed camps.
Locked in their huts, my friends in Kenya cannot collect food. Being together, their life elixir is taken away from them. They can only go twice a week on the street. With mask.

Through our greediness, we Westerners have exploited Mother Earth. It makes sense that we pay a price for that. It is unfair that we are dragging Africa with us, the continent that we have exploited to the full and from which we do not want the refugees. Millions of people in Africa, India and elsewhere will die if we do not lift the lockdown. The flow of refugees we create will be unstoppable. I find it poignant that Bill Gates will almost certainly test his vaccines in Africa or perhaps on the refugees*. See the movie ‘The constant Gardener’.

Let us wake up. Be critical. Do not believe the media stream. Know that everything and anyone who establishes a relationship with Corona and 5G will immediately disappear from social media and YouTube. However, there is enough to find in the undercurrent stream to investigate. Do not take anything for granted. Use your intuition and draw your conclusions. Is the corona craze true or is it just a cover and a license for those in power to continue playing what they can now play openly.


Consciousness grows behind the scenes. I do not fight. I do not curse. I do not close my eyes. I see that in everything is Love. Even where it was difficult to see. Although I do not adhere to any religion, I am pleased that the master Jesus was not a wimp and that love is not a cloth to hide the bleeding. He was not interested in the crowd. True change begins within the individual, as a flash of insight.

The path of Love is fair, sincere and confrontational. Love makes visible all that is hidden. Also and especially inside yourself. Love challenges you to clear everything that is between you and the truth. Love ensures that I nourish and maintain my body at a minimum, but well. Love prevents me from breaking down my immune system by taking in junk food that has nothing to do with food.

It is very important that we increase our vibration by singing, dancing, meditating and loving. That is a good boost for our immune system. Take extra vitamin C etc. Our body has to adapt to a completely different frequency…

We have given away our responsibility to doctors, pharmaceutical industry, the World Health Organization, multinationals and so on. It is high time to wake up and to stand for what we really are: Love in action, pure consciousness. Love encompasses everything and everyone. The murderer as well as the saint.

I choose to connect with All That Is. I choose to stand for who I essentially am. I choose not to give my strength away to powers that we maintain because they can build their empire only on foundations of division and fear. I choose not to remain silent any longer…

Om Shanti,