Love is All that Is

Love is All that Is

At the end, everything is about Love. How we point that Love is not important as long we realize that separation does not exist in God’s dictionary…


There are times when everything effortlessly flows through us. There are also times we cannot be move ahead. We get sick, we feel abandoned from God and everything. In short, nothing flows out our hands and our hearts. I think we all recognize this. When we can embrace also those periods in our life without judgment, life becomes a miracle. We become one with our true nature…


Connected with All That Is, without belonging to anything, without possessing or being possesed,  I walk my path. The Heart of the Universe lives, moves and beats inside of me. We create our world of beauty and decay from this center. Each of us is part of ALL.


The book ‘One Love – One Tribe’ seems more and more a Love book. It is like a seed that will bear fruit at the right time. True change never occurs at the top, but always at the base. When the field has modified, miracles will happen. Someone is touched, something is opening up and suddenly there is a network of loving souls who carry the book into the flow.

The refugee is only a means to a goal. At the end it is not about Muslims or Christians. It is about you and me. Are we willing – am I willing to break through my own borders, to give up my privileged position and to share my abundance with All…

The word

Growth only occurs through headwinds and demands the utmost confidence. You do not see it when you are in the middle of the storm. Looking back at this period, I feel a deep gratitude. My horizon has broadened; my freedom and space even more limitless. My feet are firmly rooted in Mother Earth. In short, the word has become incarnate.

Love is not sweet

Commiseration is patronizing and humiliating. Compassion comes out of  is mutual respect, daring to feel, standing next to someone and connecting yourself from heart to heart.

Wake up


In essence, I love everyone. When others pollute my world, I will lovingly request them to leave my home. Whether that is my simple rental home or my country.

In this world of forms, we need them: the Trump’s, the terrorists, the politicians, the pharmaceutical industry, the refugees, our partners, parents, caretakers and above all our children. They keep us awake and show us the way inside. Do we dare to let go our old conditioning and to stay for our own truth, even if the whole world is against us. In short, do we choose the safety of the herd, the temporary material path of fear and manufacturability, or dare we to distinguish ourselves and do we choose the path of authenticity, soul connection and unconditional love…

I wish you a boundless loving summer,




The earth belongs to everyone

Apparently, the book ‘One Love – One Tribe’ is about refugees. However, on the first place it is about borders. We westerners, we think we can draw borders to exclude others. Borders by which many criminal and non-criminal organizations earn lots of money. Borders that make those smugglers recruit people by promising them golden mountains when they leave their homeland and go to the Promised Land. Smugglers who do not flinch by asking people huge amounts of money. Money raised by family and sales of family property. Borders that make that innocent people drown in the sea. That people, out of pure despair, sell their organs for almost nothing, which are been resold for big money to rich clients by doctors who do not take it so seriously with ethics. That people like you and me are sold as slaves to rich landlords or ending up in prostitution. Deported, murdered or slowly but surely disappearing into oblivion.

Greed creates separateness and raises borders

In short, all of this is about borders. We still think we can possess the earth. We still think we have the right to explore and to plunder the world. To travel unlimited while we force others to stay inside their borders.

We have forgotten that in the past we were all migrants. In times of scarcity, we would try our luck elsewhere to build up a new life, a new home for ourselves and for our children…

The Turkey deal

We want the world to believe that we have succeeded. That we can exchange lives for money. That the Turkey deal is working. We do not dare to feel. We do not understand that as long we draw borders, others will discover the loopholes. Those criminal organizations will continue to earn money on this and smugglers will not stop recruiting. That the routes become more and more dangerous and more and more people will die. That nor only Athens but also Europe is getting full of illegal refugees. In short, closing the borders will disrupt Europe. We can continue to close our eyes. We can blame our politicians. Or we can choose to wake up and to face our fear. By opening our hearts, we eliminate our inner borders. That is the beginning of real change. The world belongs to everyone…

Everything is connected with everything

Whether we take the exploitation and poisoning of the earth, the fight against age-old natural healing, the pharmaceutical industry, compulsory vaccination, human trafficking, child pornography, sex industry, drug industry, food industry, radiation, the Monsanto scandal or the shelves in stores bought on forehand by wholesalers. It is all about the same thing: it is all about misusing power.

Wake-up call

Real change always starts at the bottom. Do we dare to let go the role of victim. Do we dare to stand up and to take the responsibility for our own life, our own well-being? Do we dare to look honestly in the mirror where we have our share and where we are fooling ourselves, while we continue to point our finger at others? Do we dare to see were we elevate ourselves above others because we have more property, a better status, or we believe that we are the enlightened one?

Our Mother

In my opinion, enlightenment does not mean that we live with our heads in the clouds without caring for the earth. Enlightenment means to stay in the middle. To put our feet on our earthly mother and being connected with All that Lives. To love and to cherish the earth, our mother, as we usually do with our own mothers. Where it is in our power not to pollute or to exploit her. Neither her residents. In short, do we have the courage to descend in our inner world? To look ourselves in the eyes, honestly and sincerely. To decide where we want to stay in life, regardless the opinion of others.

Do not worry

Life is trial and error. That is the only way we learn our lessons. He who makes no mistakes does not live. Be like a child. Fall and get up again. Continue your journey happily, without judgment. In spiritual sense, this world may be an illusion. As long as we live in it, we better stop complaining and contribute our bit. The earth is our nurturing mother. Surrender to her brings heaven to the earth: we are coming home. Deep inside we wish every living being a loving, evolutionary and educational existence. Not only ourselves and our children, but all children and all adults. Right?

One Love - One Tribe

‘Love is All that Is’
I love myself – so I love you

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One Love – One Tribe’

Our last days on Lesvos

Our last days on Lesvos

As long as we appease our conscience with the fact that they need us, we are in the ivory tower of the counselor and we do not realize that we are here in the first place for ourselves…

Our last days at Lesvos are in the light of saying goodbye to our friends, refugees as well as Greeks.


He reacted rather aggressively on my article about Muslims. I invited him to read the whole article. The result is heart-warming. I have a friend for life. Together we will build bridges beyond religions. Love is the cement…

Mantamados – Skala Sykeminas and Molivos

Mary Cameroon en Angelos South Sudan

We go for picnic with two cars and eight people from six different cultures. In no time, Iranians and Afrikaners form a unity. We visit Mantamados monastery. All monks were killed by pirates. One monk survived through intervention of Archangel Michael. He painted a beautiful icon with the blood of his brothers. Our Iranian friends came ashore by Skala Sykemineas. Gripping but also healing. We conclude an unforgettable day in Molybos. Then our ways separate. With the four of us, we pop in at Stratoela and celebrate Angelo’s birthday. It is an unforgettable day – a day without stress…

Emotional shower

She looks at me. I read despair in her eyes and wrap my arms around her. She clings as if she never wants to let me go and weeps tears out of her toes. I rock her like a baby. After a while, she calms down. ‘Sorry,’ she says. ‘I love you,’ I answer…


He is new and Turkish and wants to shower us with love, wine and cookies. Turks and Greeks have more in common than they would like. It is religion that separates them…

Home for a day

Although you usually see their sunny side, Greeks also have two sides. They do not want the immigrants. Except a small minority. They give their lives for them, like Nikos and Katharina from ‘Home for a Day’. They get sick or tired, do not know how to stop and usually they have hardly Greek friends!

Today Nikos and Katharin have an Arabic and an African group for diner. I meet SohaR from Iraq. She is beautiful. She has already seen me in the camp. We play, cuddle and I dance to your heart’s content. I invite the Africans. A boy from Kuwait breaks through boundaries. It becomes a super evening for everyone. Thanks Nikos and Katharina. You are priceless…


How optimistic he tried to be, it is difficult to survive in Moria for this sensitive soul. We take him to Stratoula’s Place. Eating together around the fire is heart-warming. We open up new possibilities for him. He sings for us his favorite song: ‘You raise me up.’ His voice is heartwarming…


We get out of the car. Before I know it, I am being pushed into the air by a powerful Syrian Kurd. ‘Í miss you – I Love you…’ We enjoy each other and play games on the street…

Lesvos - Our friends from Iran and Afghanistan


For the third time we take a full car of men to Gorgios Place for lunch and Greek music. Kayu – from my book – is today in Moria for 2 years! After a super day, a Greek comes to me. He kisses me: ‘I want to thank you for bringing all these beautiful people here. We really appreciate that…’

By doing what we do, Giri and I are building  bridges between Greek and Refugee of understanding and love. It are drops in the ocean…


This time they cook for us, our guys from Iran and Afghanistan. We share food and stories. I feel rich as a mother of so many beautiful souls. ‘We will miss you, they say…’


We are looking for SahaR in her tent. I am surrounded by children. Get kisses, hugs and flowers. They touch me deep in my soul…

And then we take the boat to Chios and I feel how grateful and how tired I am…

Om Shanti,

Yasmin and Giri

One Love - One Tribe

New: ‘One Love – One Tribe’ – Face behind the Refugee

In print aswell as in E-book.

A poignant and enlightening book about connection, about life without borders, about love and compassion…

Our lost paradise

Our lost paradise

‘When there is one Muslim in heaven, I ask God to send me to hell …’


He is from Iraqi’s Kurdistan. ‘I am ashamed of being a Muslim. Honestly! I was born in paradise. We sold our freedom to the Arabs and we get violence in place. To be far away from the Arab violence, I finally had to leave paradise. Unfortunately, they do not have enough on their own continent. Now they come in large numbers to the west and change Europe into a Muslim state. That is your own fault. It is high time to look at yourself honestly and sincerely.’


‘As a teacher I tried to educate those people a certain civilization. That they had to bring up children with love and not with weapons in their hands. That they had to curb their sexual drive. It has nothing to do with the Koran but with culture to have 12 children or more. Instead of putting one or two children into the world so they can pay their own upbringing, they saddle up Europe with this. You accept that because you feel sorry for them. Pity comes from a sense of superiority and has nothing to do with love, on the contrary.’

‘Who usually spoil the atmosphere here in Moria? Precisely, the Arabs. They disrupt the food line, they steal and they fight. They sell their stolen goods openly in the camp. The police close their eyes…’


‘We refugees come from a situation of violence. We get a roof over our heads; we get foot, clothes and even 90 Euro per month. Although the situation is everything except perfect, we should be grateful that we have arrived safely in Europe. What do they do? They are complaining and never have enough! When they get more money so they can rent their own room, they still come back to the camp to receive the free things. As a result, there is not enough food, water and clothing for others. Your volunteers come here to support us, but you are not our slaves. It is not right to let yourself use that way…’


It is not a stupid boy sitting opposite of me, on the contrary. I feel his vulnerability and his frustration. He left his country, his paradise. Housing, hospital, university, everything was free and paid for from the oil yields. True paradise, where we Westerners can only dream about. Kurds have been oppressed for centuries. They were never recognized as a nation. We even have the guts to send them back to a homeland they do not have. America and a number of Arab countries are using them to fight ‘the enemy’. The Kurds hoped for recognition, unfortunately…


I listen with an open heart. Although I do not approve everyone’s behavior, I love everyone. Even if we Westerners has co-created this situation, it is not necessary to fulfill all wishes of refugees indiscriminately, from an innate sense of guilt. In that way we not only lose our Self, we maintain the circle of violence and degenerate ourselves into slaves.

Although over ninety percent of humanity behaves in an exemplary way, the media focus on sensation and emotions. Anyway, it are those few rotten apples who demand attention and spoil the atmosphere. When we do not wake up, these rotten apples will affect the entire basket.


Love is the answer. Love is crystal-clear and bloody honest. I embrace you. I respect you and I expect you to respect my achievements and me. I expect you have an eye for my suffering, as I have an eye for yours. Some Syrians demand for a home, schooling etc. for their huge amount of children. As if they are entitled to it…

Melting pot

My heart is still open and free of fear. The world is a melting pot. We have to change our mind-set. It is beyond words to give up our democracy for newcomers. Our integration courses should shift their focus to equal rights, norms and values, which everyone should respect in our acquired democracy. More or less this is happening in Sweden by integrated newcomers.


That same morning I had a heavy confrontation with a Greek. ‘The biggest disaster that has chased us for centuries is that we live on the outskirts of Turkey. Muslims are not people. They send the refugees into the sea and they do not care or they drown, yes or no. Those same Muslims attack our freedom from within. Before you know it, not only this island Lesvos is taken over, but all of Europe. ‘Yes’ he says passionately, ‘you do not believe me, but that is the truth…’


Deep in my heart, I know that there is a core of truth in it. In my opinion, it is not so black or white. Even though we close all boundaries, we build up high walls, and we close our eyes, we cannot turn the tide. We can only wake up. When we stop treating those people as victims, we not only give them back their dignity, we can also call on their common sense. It is not the intention that only we have to hand in and make room. It is not more than normal that our guests respect us. They may be grateful they can live here in peace and have shelter, however simple that may be for the time being…


One World

Everywhere on earth, matter has become our new God. Religion is misused to bring about separation. If necessary, we beat each other with the Koran or the Bible to prove that we have the truth. In the name of Allah or God we kill each other, literally or figuratively. Although Muslims are currently more openly in the spotlight, you come across radicalism within all religions.

The water in the well is the same everywhere. There is only one God. Love is her name. There is only one humanity…

There will come a time that we can leave religion behind us. The moment we embrace both light and dark within ourselves, no longer we have to project it outside of us. We understand that there is no difference between you and me. We transcend duality and become universal. We do not belong anywhere and yet we are part of everything.

Love is not putting your head in the sand. Love is fair and openly taking in our own place. This gives room fully to embrace that other person, who is nothing else as a part of our inner Self…


Although for many of us difficult to understand, essentially there is not such a thing as victims and perpetrators. Everything is part of the divine plan. Its purpose is nothing more and nothing less than to let every soul unfold itself at the fullest.

Om Shanti,
Yasmin – 7th of February 2018

The refugee and the inhuman proces of waiting

The refugee and the inhuman proces of waiting

I have Elisa on the phone. She is missing my stories about refugees. To tell the truth, it still surprises me that I wrote 29 stories in such a short time last year. Not only that. The book highlights many things that are hidden by the media and are at least even important.
The stories arose when we had a stable base at Lesvos. You must first build a relationship. I have to say that I do not need much time for that. It is usually there from the beginning and is based on mutual respect. People feel that. The fact all stories became a book that was put into the world with the necessary obstacles, was initially not my choice and therefore not only my merit. Ultimately, it is my merit that it has been born! With this book I have put a document in the world that is complete and comprehensive. It does not ask for any additions.

‘One Love – One Tribe’ is not only an honest testimony according to insiders, it also makes visible what is denied on a large scale…

The here and now

The first morning we drove past the camp. I feel the despair. I feel the tension. It pops up in me that it might be escalating here at Lesbos. Soon we are harassed and registered by the civil police. We get registered including our car. Although we cannot enter the camp, we go to the cafes in the evening. We are welcomed with joy and before I know I am dancing with the Iranians and the Afghans. Music is a source for healing and connection. For a moment, people try to forget their grief and the chaos in their heads by calling their families, by warming up themselves near the stove, by listening to music and drinking coffee, wine or beer. Here the whole world is represented. We meet old friends who have been here for almost 2 years and new arrivals. They all have their story and a reason to be here…

  • We look at Nieuwsuur at the Dutch TV about Moria. Again, it annoys me that 90 percent of the migrants are deliberately kept out of the picture. The African community simply does not exist. They should never have made the crossing and certainly will not get a chance to enter Europe legally. That is only reserved for the elect, approximately 3 of the 90 nationalities. Europe has failed. We still believe that we can control the world and have not learned anything from the past. By closing borders and our deal with Turkey, we have started a trafficking beyond imagination…

You could say: the document ‘One Love – One Tribe’ that will appear in a second edition at the end of January, is up to date. We were eager to follow the traces of the refugees. What has become of them? For that reason we went by car and visited some of our boys and girls on the road to Greece.

The inhuman proces of waiting

From a number of boys and girls, like Mukasa from Eritrea*, we know he has arrived illegally in Germany. There he is still in the procedure for asylum. People from Syria, like Fathya, her husband and her son, are finally after two years united with their families in Germany, but still in the procedure. Salwa and Samur from Syria stay with their children in Skarmagas, a horrible place near a huge oil refinery. During their waiting process, they opened a shop in the camp. The eldest daughter of Samur is still in Syria. She is married, has a daughter and there is no money to come to Europe.

Guidelines EU

Yes, the process of waiting. According to EU guidelines the Syrians, Iraqis and some Eritreans are the only ones who will be accepted for asylum. Other people are full of hope on the road and waiting. In June 2016, the people in the camp of Piraeus, the port of Athens, were evacuated. They were transported to various places and a number of them ended up in so-called squads: like the old hospital in Omonia in the center of Athens. Quickly the filthy building was transformed into a pleasant residence for Syrians under leadership of an English couple. In no time, the place was taken over by the Mafia. The young people started drinking and using marijuana. It did not stop by this. They even started to use heroin. It was the end of project old hospital.

  • Muslims are not allowed to drink. They are not allowed to have relationships for marriage, etc. Forbidden fruits start to control our mind. We like to do secretly what Allah has forbidden. Understandable when you are young, without any prospective in life and not allowed to do anything.


Mayor Orlando

We visited the mayor of Palermo, Leonidas Orlando in Sicily to offer him my book. This man is absolutely an enlightened being. Not only he cleared Palermo from the Mafia, he became a figurehead for refugee and migrant. He makes no difference among them. He prefers to talk about people and believes that every person should have the freedom to be at the place he wants to be. I support that. After all, were we not all refugees or migrants in the past? Is it not foolish that human rights only apply for people who have legal documents?

  • The EU is not happy with Orlando. He acts openly against their policy…


At the camp Mineo in Sicily, far away from the civilized world, we meet a number of black people. We make music and dance on the street. It strikes me that the Senegalese are befriend with Gambians but consider the Nigerians as stupid. We talk with two Nigerian guys. They are anything but stupid. One of the boys is very sad. He arrived in Sicily eight months ago after a horrible journey through Libya. His wife and child are in Turin. He saw them for the last time two years ago. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to go there. Stupid bureaucracy…

Free play

By building walls and drawing boundaries, smugglers have free play because it is now a sport to find the meshes in the net. We also manifest that the escape routes become increasingly more dangerous and that large numbers of people are drowning at sea or falling prey to organ trafficking, slavery, etc. A huge amount of people make money from the refuge and that is not just only the smuggler.

  • The mayor of Pozzallo in Sicily found 45 dead bodies in the first boat, it changed his life…

Migrants, who come via Libya, like the people in Italy and Sicily, were often witnesses of cold-blooded murders. They know organ trade. The donor hardly gets anything for his organs that are resold for huge prices. Migrants also know about slavery.

  • Well, most people – especially the blacks – know slavery for centuries. Even that does not stop them from coming…


Refugees who have arrived in Europe are very active on Facebook. They present themselves as popular boys and create an image that they made it. Stupid in our eyes but you have to know something of their culture to understand that. They borrowed lots of money and sold their possessions to come here. For Arabic man face-loss is worse than dying an honorable death. For that reason, they keep up appearances. Not all of them. People who have a heavy political affair do not operate on Facebook or do so under a different name.

We need them

Anyway, we need the refugees. If it is not for earning our living than at least to give us a good feeling. By starting all kinds of projects and setting up camps. Preferably for children, young people and women. These groups, especially the children, usually do not lack attention. If migrants not like the food, NGOs from abroad come over to provide other food. ‘No Border Kitchen’ feeds people for 1 Euro per day. The Greek government gets 6 Euro per refugee to feed them. They can put the extra money in their pockets. Not that I want to blame the government. Better, we start at the beginning. We EU are so arrogant we think we can control everything and buy off our responsibility with money. Since Greece is in serious economic crises, it is an easy prey.


There is unrest at Lesbos. In addition to a number of well-running projects, such as Kara Tepe, which in my opinion is over-organized, detention center Moria is a place where people are not allowed to enter, except registered NGOs. Doctors without borders can be found outside the fences. Principally they do not want to work inside this inhumane place. Christmas 2016 Lesbos was surprised by snowfall. Because of important visitors, the media focused on Moria. To appease our conscience, all restored tents were cleared away – a huge waste of capital. In addition to the containers for about 1,500 people, ad new Moria with an over-occupation of more than 5,000 people is full of tents. Especially outside the closed camp. Now it rains a lot, so it is no fun at all. In addition, the boys are hungry and occasionally they slaughter a sheep. The inhabitants of Lesvos are not happy with this. On the contrary, they are more than tired of camp Moria! Still we are not talking about a small minority of North Africans, mainly Algerians, who are true masters in stealing and dealing…

  • The rows of cars from NGOs has even become longer. At least during daytime. No longer there is a doctor’s post inside the overcrowded camp and at night people are left to their fate. Doctors of Boat Refugees are back to the Netherlands. They could not do much, but at least there was a listening ear. Greece decided to take over the work from the NGOs. Not a wrong decision, but you need the right people for it. That is something what takes time.


Many of our boys and girls are now on the mainland. Illegal, let us say 90 percent. According to Leonidas Orlando, they are a source of crime and an oasis for the drug trade. Many are housed in camps, hide in Athens or find work, like Pakistanis, on the mainland. The Pakistanis are hard workers who tackle everything to survive and hide themselves in cities with other Pakistanis. Often they survive through trade. They populate separate enclaves in the city.


Blacks idem ditto. There are quite a few who came in the past and have a residence permit. They usually work in Athens or Italy for about eight months. Then they fly to their families for a few months. Flying does not cost a nut. They have built up their life and can at least visit their families. That does not apply to the illegal immigrants. Like Osama from Egypt who flew to Turin on the papers of his brother after the borders closed. He works every night in his brother’s kebab restaurant. He cannot let his wife and child come over, let alone that he can visit them in Egypt. What a horrible life. He was looking seriously for a second marriage with a European woman so he can legally visit his wife and child in Egypt. In the meantime, he knows that it is not that simple. He has only one desire: to see his wife and boy again.

Good business

The smugglers in Lesvos and in Athens are doing good business. First, you pay your squint to arrive on the island. Second to get off the island. Much more difficult nowadays, but still not impossible. Then you pay – with the help of family and friends – to get out of Greece. Because that is clear in the meantime. Even though Greek are not unkind and the climate is wonderful, it is not possible to built up a living. Like many with them, Hippo* from Cameroon is now in Paris. The blacks are very social. They take up their illegal brothers and sister in their homes and share what they have. Sometimes the illegal immigrants can do illegal chores. Secretly and obviously poorly paid. However, everything is better than doing nothing. This way they survive…

  • Except for those who are not that lucky. They sleep, like the Roma, under the bridges in Paris and are regularly hunted by the police. The nightly handed out sleeping bags and mattresses stay lost behind...

Last time we visited Sjam from Pakistan. He called me before our departure. ‘Yasmin I am going back to Pakistan’. He sounds very happy and is determined to go to university there. He will focus on the young people in Pakistan. ‘I am going to tell them about reality in Europe, Yasmin. We are going to build up Pakistan together. You have to promise me one thing: you have to come to Pakistan. I am so grateful for what you taught me. I really love you…’

  • My heart sings. I feel very happy for him. We leave mid-November 2017. To our surprise, Sjam left Paris just before we left. He is now in Italy. His family let him know that he must first earn some money before he can come back… 


Children and vulnerable young people are brought to Athens. Like Osama* from Syria. He does not belong to the youngsters but he has a horrible past and tried several times to end his life. That is how we found him last time on Lesvos. He felt safe with us. Now he is in Athens. He has a room and benefits but no job. However, he feels much freer than at Lesvos. Whether that has to do with the fact he has escaped from  the island or that he is using marijuana, wine, beer and uso is not really clear to me. His life has been shifted to the night. Parties with music and friends, usually boys from Syria and occasionally a girl from Morocco. He is making something good out of the bad. Is he happy? Definitely to see us. However, he still like to find a job…


* Gouri and her family from Syrian Kurdistan have been living in Athens for half a year now. They get paid by the UN. Even if their marriage was arranged, they have a good relationship and four beautiful children. Yara, the youngest, almost died during their flight. They are raised with strict rules, but above all with love. In that love we share…

Latsheen-Gouri - Kurdistan

What should they do after this half year? Then they are under the wings of the Greek government and that is no luxery. They have to fill the gaps themselves. Anyway, that are worries for later…

My dear friend Isaac* – Onyakonchi from Nigeria – with his beautiful wife Charity from Uganda and his son Conrad is not that lucky. According to the UN they are black and only cross the sea to get a better life! After his positive outlook, this guy is concerned. Last summer I transferred some money so he could go to an island for a small job. That period he felt very happy. Their asylum has been rejected twice. In February is the final decision. However, they are not on the EU list and certainly, they do not get asylum. The optimistic Isaac I met is by now a different person. I understand that very well.


Aris Grenoble

Aristotes* in Grenoble is more fortunate. He has a tough political affair. That is of no concern for Europe – rules are rules. However, in Grenoble he received papers for 10 years. Even the possibility to go to university. He has stopped that now. As long he has to sleep in a friend’s house where he is not allowed to stay during the day, he is unable to study. However, he has nothing to grumble about…

Another friend from Pakistan with a huge political issue, was rejected and hiding on Lesvos. We helped him to flee to Athens. Suddenly he could go back in the procedure. Unfortunately, the UN made a mistake in his document – one letter in his name is missing. Just enough to make him illegal again…

No, that is no joke. Kaoula* from Palestine, who worked as a translator in Kos, is now in Athens. Unfortunately, she cannot work here because in Kos they made a mistake with her papers. The only option is to go back to Kos to correct it there. Before she can go she has to earn some money…


I inquire about a friend from Ethiopia. I have lost contact since he was taken to Thessaloniki. Last week someone contacted me on Facebook. Anonymous. I am overjoyed when I discover it is him. After all, he is still alive. ‘Yasmin, I went from Thessaloniki to Austria by foot. I thought about you every day. In my view, you are a role model for us refugees. I lost my phone and all my papers. Recently I am back on Facebook and found you back. I am here in the procedure and I feel ready now to tell you my story. You must come to Austria…’


People are people. This guy is very special. However, is not everyone special? I speak to people on the street. Greeks, whites and colored people. I am curious about their story. We meet and embrace…

Is it not sad that we, as the EU, have decided in advance that every migrant who is not on the list has no reason to enter Europe? My book is a true testimony that several people from Africa and even Nepal have fled a life-threatening situation and cannot return to their homeland. From Emmanuel* from Ethiopia-Oromia, I almost dare to say with certainty that he was murdered by sending him back…



Suddenly we are in Kos for five days. The Pakistanis we know there are deported to Turkey or Pakistan or are living illegally somewhere on the mainland. Our friend, with his unassailable mood, has found a job in Crete. Our Greek friends are spending these days with family on other islands or in Athens. So we stay with Dorine. She worked at an NGO and was fired because she had a relationship with a Pakistani. He got deported. She went through hell. Quality-time!  We enjoy each other’s company. The weather is beautiful and the sea is a source of healing. That also applies to Erica’s place where we took refugees too. They were welcomed like in Stratoula’s Place at Lesvos. Erica has not forgotten us, even though we met her only once.

  • Again, in Erica’s place we are surrounded by a heartwarming Greek family. Migrants! Like many Greek Erika was born in Australia from Greek parents…

Love and Light,

Giri and Yasmin – from Lesvos – Greece

Happiness has no reason – On the road and Christmas

Happiness has no reason – On the road and Christmas

We embrace old and new friends in Brussels, Paris, Grenoble and Turin. We spend a week near Plum Village, a Buddhist community founded by the Vietnamese Thich Nhat Hanh, where every breath is Love. We leave our books in their libraries and with friends. Love is flowing and we walk breathlessly through the stillness of the first snow in the mountains around Turin. Pure magic…


Every meeting is a gift. Whether it concerns a refugee, a migrant, or a ‘normal’ person. In essence, there is no difference between the other and me. We are all refugees, migrants and ultimately people. We are all looking for happiness. Not a short-lived happiness that we have to repeat all the time, but that Source of being in each of us that is connected to Soul: our true Essence…

Leonidas Orlando in Sicily – a true human being

Visiting Mayor Leonidas Orlando

The moment I hear his name, I know I want to meet him. Therefore, we visit Sicily. Palermo feels like coming home. The next morning we walk to the town hall. Miraculously, all doors are opening immediately and all obstacles are removed. Within half an hour, we are face to face with the mayor of Palermo, a miracle of sincerity. We chat about the Pope, the visit of our King Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima, about refugees and my book: ‘One Love – One Heart’. Then we hug and kiss. There is no distance between him and me. Together, we fill all the space…

In 1992, Leonidas began his career by clearing Palermo from the Mafia. In those days, no one dared to be on the streets after dark. This guy transformed the city into a safe haven. He is popular with the population, but a burden for policymakers because of his unwavering opinion about refugees and migrants. He personally welcomes every refugee.

Mayor Orlando

‘Every person has the right to be where he or she wants to be. Whether he has to flee his country because of war or wants to build a new future because he is poor. Due to the policy of the EU -the boundaries we raise- we play the Mafia in the card. We create an immense illegal circuit, a breeding ground for crime…’

The policy of his colleague from Pozzallo is the same. The first time he went to the coast to welcome migrants, he found 45 corpses in the boat. He decided to let this never happen again. In Sicily two seemingly contradictions are going hand in hand effortlessly.

Care Mineo

Our waiter

The largest camp in Italy is housed in a former military base. The place is okay, it is only two hours walk to Mineo. Bus services are scarce. If they do not show up in the evening, they are put on the street and their procedure is stopped immediately.


We meet wonderful people. Sicilians who shower us with boundless hospitality. Africans who have a residence permit and take a return ticket for 500 Euros to fly to their home country to stay with their families for several months a year. Then we have the so-called ‘refugees and migrants’ who have to pay thousands of euros because we Europeans decided to close the borders. They risk their lives in unsafe areas, such as Libya, where a human life has no value and in non-seaworthy rubber boats. After registration in the hotspots, they are doomed to idleness. They are just waiting in the camps for a residence permit. Some have been here for a few months. Others, mostly Africans, for more than two years. They are not on the European list…


We make music and dance together on the street. Unity from Nigeria shares his horrible story: about the corpses and the killings in Libya and the tension at sea. He is safe now. However, his wife and child are in Turin. He did not see them for two years. He is here seven months and still he has no permission to unite with them. How painfull! I wrap my arms around him…

Om Shanti,
Yasmin and Giri

Merry Christmas

Mery Christmas
Happiness has no reason

Happiness has no reason
Is sustainable
Is your true NATURE
Is an inner state of BEING
Is ON-dependent from others
or from outer circumstances
I wish you HAPPINESS without reason…

Today – with Christmas – in 2018 and always


The second birth is the birth in spirit…

Without friction no shine

Without friction no shine

We are born naked and slowly but surely, we dress ourselves with the veils of oblivion. We start to create our own beliefs systems, related to our culture and religion. One morning we wake up and start to realize that everything we have ever assumed for truth is nothing more and nothing less than an illusion.

Your carefully build-up self-image collapses. You feel abandoned from God and everything. You end up in a depression, your relationship breaks down or you get sick. You can do two things. You continue your life as you have lived it so far and you let yourself be treated. Alternatively, you start to realize that your depression is a gateway to a higher goal: a first step towards spiritual awakening, what only can be achieved through an inner war.

The situation in the world attests to chaos, resistance to everything that is common and open violence. It is a perfect reflection of our inner universe.

We always want something different from that what is. We want peace on earth, we want to be happy and a life without pain, while deep inside we know that this is impossible.

We are used to ad ourselves to systems that provide us with a sense of security. Whether those systems are culture, education, religion, new age or politics does not make any difference. We live in the spirit of the herd and this fits us well until the moment we wake up. The bomb bursts, hell breaks loose and we start to rebel.

We are not going to argue about enlightenment. Nothing can be said about that. After all, when you are enlightened, there is only void…

The process of awakening is a gradual process. A process of true warfare. From now on we experience  war no longer in the outside world, but inside ourselves. Believe me, the outside war is just a weak reflection of the war inside. There is only one enemy we have to fight, and that is our ego. The ego is an enemy that cannot be combated with outer weapons, through denial or under the guise of love. This enemy asks for a fair look inside. Slowly but surely, you will see that everything you project on the outside world as good or bad comes from your own inner world, in short it is war…

Yasmin I am longing for a world of peace for all humans

Sorry guys, we need to understand that this world of opposites has been given to us as a divine gift. How for god sake we can learn the difference between good and evil, as we cannot experience this by ourselves? To transcend the world of duality we must first descend fully into our inner world to open all hidden treasures to find ultimately the harmony between light and dark. At that moment, everything is as it is. No longer will we make distinction. We do not feel the need to be anywhere else. We have transcended duality and came home. No longer, we feel the need to fight evil in the outside world and we want everybody to have his or her own initiation path. In short, an inner war is the only, very lonely, way to find our inner true.

We start to drop all belief systems that give us the appearance of security. We drop all images of a heaven or a life in the afterlife.  We start to realize that nothing can be achieved. All we have is this moment…

Love has little to do with wanting to be sweet. Love is clear and chaotic. Love, unconditional Love, makes everything painfully visible we do not want to feel or experience.

Freedom is an inner state of being. The way inside is the only way. You will feel lonely. All escape routes are closing. I could tell you that the reward is big, but you will only know this afterwards. In short, it is jumping from the high diving board without life jacket and without any security. Jumping with closed eyes, in full surrender…

Love does not close her eyes for this earthly reality, even if we know that all of this is no more and no less than an illusion: the violence, the wars, Mr. Trump of Geert Wilders. Love is knowing that everything and everyone has a function to become a true Human Being. To say it clearly: happiness cannot be found in the material world. Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying the good things in life. This becomes a delightful activity if we desire nothing because we are no longer attached to anything.


Camp Moria-Lesvos

We can use the law of manifestation as a way to fill our inner emptiness. You can crave for material luxury, a bigger house, a bigger car and even a more luxurious holiday in the hope you will be more happy. You can meditate and affirm until you weigh an ounce. The moment you discover you are perfectly imperfect, you discover that your essence is emptiness and that you do not have to fill that emptiness with surrogate. That emptiness is filling itself if you do not interfere. You get more clear in what you essentially are: I am who I AM – either emptiness. You embrace all what manifests knowingly that this is what you need. Even if you do not understand it that moment and it is not your desire, on the contrary.

When I took the assignment to write a book about the refugee, I did not realize that I would end up literally in a warfare against the refugee. It was in all respects an inhuman half year and that is physically visible and tangible. However, under the outer sufferings there was an inner knowing that I could not do anything else as I did. The first edition of the book has seen the light and even there is still headwind, I start to feel what the process has done to me. Even more ballast has disappeared. There is nothing left what stands between God and me.

I am not for or against refugees. I do not try to help them, to save them or to solve their problems. I am part of them, as I am part of everything and everyone.

‘Yasmin, this book is a top-notch’. Although the true seeker has loved my books always, my inner world is even deeper polished and no longer I put statements about things I do not have experienced myself.

Maybe the word God will annoy you, but the biggest problem we experience and where all problems arise from is that we have banished God from our lives. For all clarity, God for me is not a man in the clouds, but a boundless consciousness. We think in our separation that we can create everything ourselves. In my opinion, everything is predetermined. Perhaps you think you have a finger in the pie. However, as the process of awakening progresses, you begin to realize that you do not want to interfere. You embrace all that is without judgment and start to clear everything that is between you and the truth. Your experiences will be different. Better to say, your perception becomes different. You begin to see divine perfection behind every manifestation. In that sense, we absolutely create our own reality.

My world probably looks different from yours. I accept life in all her abundancy and her misery. I do not fight but I embrace. ‘Yasmin, why do you think people are treating you like that? It is easy to preach. To walk your talk is something different. I do not know anybody who bring that into practice like you do it…’

‘Do you really think Yasmin that you would attract crowds of people? Come on, sweetheart. You send people home with even more questions. You challenge people to find their answers themselves. In my opinion, the only right way. Unfortunately, people want a ready-made concept, a highway for enlightenment…’

Of course, that is right. We are raised like that. We go to the doctor and say: ‘Doctor here is my body, make it better.’ Our welfare state has also a huge patronized side. It has made us unimaginably dependent and killed much of our creativity. Slowly but surely, we live in a police state where everything is controlled. Where everything already is divided and decided. We live only one part of our being. Our rational male side. We suppress our feminine and receptive side with man and power. We fight all forms of natural healing. We ban natural seeds. Shelves in supermarkets and bookstores have been bought on forehand. In short, our freedom has a price tag.

Inner freedom

The first step toward inner freedom is to admit that we have created all this out of greed. We are fooling ourselves on the economic situation.  We prefer to believe in economics. Years ago when the prices of houses explode, we did not have the courage to let the housing market collapse. We have created a huge problem. That time the pain would have been fierce, but reconstruction was possible. Now we have created a disastrous situation and no longer we know how to fill the gaps.

Perfectly imperfect

Half measures are never a solution. Now we have to cut down, we discover that healthcare can be a lot cheaper. We are forced to think for ourselves and to take responsibility for our own lives…

The current situation forces us to wake up. It forces us not to play the game of the mass but to ask ourselves what we want. The false shine of certainty works stagnating and is fatal for the soul. Life is movement and constant change. As long as we live in fear, objective action becomes impossible. I do not like to discourage you, but any change, any new form, is eventually doomed to disappear. In this respect, we are like nature.

The oak tree does not hold her acorns, because she is afraid that next year she will not wear new ones. She surrenders herself to the rhythm of nature.

Our ego opposes with man and power the process of surrender: Not my will but yours. It is the process of dying and being born again. There is a moment when life takes over. You lose your job, you get a burnout, your partner or your child dies. Literally, you end up in a war. As a true westerner, you probably do not give yourself the time to feel and embrace your process. You immediately begin to fight that war with ready-made solutions, such as pills or other forms of oblivion. All we fight is growing. The more we fight and try to deny the flow of refugees in all kinds of bizarre ways, the more the flow will grow. If you have left the herd behind you, you will descend into hell and experience pain and suffering. This time you do not look for half solutions. However, there is nothing wrong with supporting the process without suppressing it.


You emerge reborn from the battle. Do not think you are anywhere. That is an illusion. You are on the way and the road never stops. If you have mastered this universe, you go to another universe. You will receive other assignments. Increasingly difficult, but you have more luggage. Slowly but surely, you end up in Neverland. The battle goes on, but no longer are you part of the battle. You do not judge but embrace all that is. You stand like a rock in the surf in the midst of the noise. You do not understand the world anymore, but you do not condemn her either. You see clearly that the need to help or protect people is arrogant. Your ego grows enormously, but you do not serve the victims by keeping them away from their own unique path to inner freedom.

You need less and less because you are fulfilled within. You eat or you do not eat. It does not matter. You sleep or you do not sleep. It does not matter. You do not need the approval of others anymore…

You do not live in the past. No longer will you blame your parents for anything what happened. You know you needed all of this to get where you are. You no longer support the public opinion. You do not find pleasure in condemning and crucifying others, including priests, nuns, homosexuals, lesbians, Muslims and Christians. Definitely, you are not going to pollute the social media with your stuff. Let alone that you are going to wage war with the one who pinched you in your ass thirty years ago. You know that there is something like action and reaction. However, you do not judge those who do so. You look at the perfection in nature with wonder and realize that there is only one imperfect aspect. That is man, or the ego, who constantly tries to control everything and justify itself.

I do not know

We do not dare to say: ‘I do not know.’  This could be the beginning of a huge revolution. ‘Yasmin, how would you solve the refugee problem?’ ‘Sorry guys, I do not know’. In my opinion, nobody knows. The first step might be to express this loudly: ‘I do not know’. Funny enough, I suspect that all problems resolve by itself the moment we stop interfering…’

‘Yasmin may I be honest. You were chaotic.’ I am grinning. I am no longer afraid of chaos. After all, out of chaos a new order is born. We try to control everything, but the chaos is growing. Anyway, I was who I was. At the end of the presentation, I got a standing ovation. ‘Yasmin, I have never met anyone who is so bright, so sincere and so authentic.’

What I know is that I need to clear up within everything that stands between the refuge and me. It is a hell of a job, but definitely worth it. I did quite a bit of work before, so it was not too bad.  My heart is open, my borders are disappeared. I respect myself, so I respect the refugee, the beggar, the queen, in short I respect -almost- everyone. However, I do not wish to waste my time discussing whether or not we keep the tradition of Santa Claus and the black Pete. Let alone whether Islamic teachers should shake hands with their female colleagues yes or no. There are a few rules and arrangements we made with each other. Anyone who wants to participate in our society will have to respect that. I also do that. I do not build churches elsewhere and I cover my head in the mosque, to name just a few things. Is a matter of respect.

Compassion is not love. Respect yourself and be clear what is important for you. Then you lovingly can respect and embrace others and you will appreciate the differences in cultures, which make life so colorful…

My being is boundless. Men and women are not equal but equivalent. Blood killings do not fit into our culture, and burka’s are even not allowed in Mecca. If we do not dare to be honest, we get stuck in misunderstanding and blame. For clarity, understanding is something that must come from both sides. The moment we no longer want to fight, we do not have to combat anything anymore. Our life takes its natural course. No longer have we to convince others. All therapists and coaches are suddenly unemployed. All NGO’s are dismantled. All churches are closing. In short, life gets boring!

However, inside of us there is an overwhelming richness.  Through wind and weather, through war and peace, it will bring you deeper and deeper into your sacred space, your inner silence…

Om Shanti – Let us be in peace…


• We are on the road again to Sicilië – Greece and Lesvos ♥

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Love is sustainable

Love is sustainable

Every person is looking for Love. The moment you have found that source of love inside yourself, no longer will you search for it in the outside world and your energy will flow abundantly…

Babies who do not get love stay behind in their growth. A person dies if he does not get love. Maybe his body does not die, but certainly his spirit. At best, he becomes someone who survives, in the worst case he becomes a criminal and will kill without emotion as he has been killed.

Funny that we pay so much attention to fight evil, to acquire knowledge and outside matter while all we need to bring up a healthy and self-evident child is love. That last one seems to be a forbidden fruit…

Do you experience that everything you give attention grows?

The world is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. Until we take full responsibility for our own lives, we will continue to shop in the outside world, we will fill our emptiness with surrogate and we will continue to project our misery on others.

When all the shortages was filled in me, I discovered that I no longer had to do anything. I only had to be what every human being is in essence: an eternal source of love. Being love is another thing than covering everything under the guise of love and the shine of holiness! Love exposes everything that has been hidden carefully. Love begins by recognizing and embracing yourself fully.

No longer I feel the urge to bring all the misery of the world into my house by social media. I cannot change that. Every change is taking place within myself.

We cannot change the world. You can only change our view of the world

Ellen and Yasmin

Meantime I can say that I embrace myself with my perfect- and less perfect sides. In this material manifestation, I cannot only be light. Embracing both poles means harmony and wholeness. The heart is the engine. Life is full and fulfilling without filling in anything.I am very sensitive and everything I experience is going through my body. Unlike in the past, it will no longer stick on it. I am more a observer, an open channel. How arrogant to think that I had to bear the suffering of the world. It may be there. This also belongs to perfection. I can only be present, grateful in any moment.


I cannot change the flow of life. I can fight or let myself float on the stream. The moment I was tired of fighting, I surrendered: I let go – I let God. No longer I was a willing sheep. I got rid of the herd that makes evolution impossible and went my own way. It was painful and not always they loved me. No longer this is important. It is not about what others think of us, it is all about daring to live our own truth.

I take responsibility for my own actions. I cannot blame anyone and certainly, I cannot use God to justify my actions. If you do, I will not stop you. I will respect your way and not debate with you, what is another form of war.

Edith Rinckes AZC Heerhugowaard

Since I no longer want to hold on, not a partner, children, friends, and certainly no material possessions, love flows effortlessly inside and outside me. Fear is disappearing like snow for the sun and I feel free as an eagle in his flight.

After a half year with refugees in Greece, I experience a same openness here. People come to my house and feel charged. It is not my intention to make them depend on me or to hold anyone. To transform you have to experience the depth of hell and the height of heaven. Why should I stop someone from this process while I know this is the only way to wake up?

Om Shanti – Let us be in peace…


Face behind Refugee – Haaw from Iran

Face behind Refugee – Haaw from Iran

His name means Lover. And Love is what he really is…

He looks at me and says. I have already met you before. In 1999 you appeared in my dreams. I remember your eyes – your face. I hold my breath…

‘I am born in Tabriz in Iran. My father died 11 years ago of cancer and left our family behind in poverty. I have four brothers and one sister. I am the last born. I went to high school and became a professional basketball player. Because of economical and religious circumstance I fled from Iran 5 years ago. I went to Athens. The police cached me and put me a year in prison. When I came out I took a lawyer and went back to Iran’.

– Life is just an inner journey. People take it too serious…

Moria is a place where people transform. Everybody is equal there. No grades and class distinctions. In times of war people are forced to transform fast to divine beings or they get deeper in there human suffering.

– Moria is the prelude to a world that will merge in all respects. Willingly or unwillingly.

There is no God outside of us. We are all God/Goddess ourselves. What we make out of our lives is up to us. We cannot blame our family, we cannot blame our teachers. Essentially there are no distinctions. No religions. No borders.

Europa has to accept that the roll they have played for centuries is over now. Europe has to step back and hand over the torch to others. We are all equal and we have to mix to transform the human race to a higher level. Now the time is ready for that. We cannot stop this process. Neither by fear – neither by war. Because our essence is the same spirit, we have to drop all religions. We have to drop all cultures. We have to drop our fear for changes. Live is not predictable. You cannot plan your future. You have to step forward in the moment. We evolve by experience. Living in a safe and stable world is just a fantasy. By accepting that life is changing every moment and that we are the directors of our life means that we can feel save in every moment, wherever we are, whatever we have to face.

Even if I not feel save in the outside world, I feel safe inside of myself. I came back to Greece because I fell in love with a girl from Russia. I do not need any papers. I do not care about that kind of things. I just need to go to Athens to meet the Love of my Life, so I can marry her and start my own family. That is part of my program. You know everybody has its own program. It is just embedded in our DNA. You cannot escape from that.

Even if we think we can control our life. It is not like that. Sooner or later we have to follow our inner dream. And that is what I do. Even if Moria is not a human place, Moria cannot take away my humanity. That is my own responsibility. Nobody else.

People are not asking for clothes, tents or food. Okay, that is a necessity, but what they really need is to be seen, to be embraced and to be excepted in their pure human existence. And you are doing this. You give people their dignity back. That is why I Love you and why everybody loves you…


I feel deeply touched. That night I have a dream. I see a world beyond borders. A world beyond religion. A world beyond ranks and classes. I just see LOVE…

Om Shanti, Yasmin

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