Love is sustainable

Love is sustainable

Every person is looking for Love. The moment you have found that source of love inside yourself, no longer will you search for it in the outside world and your energy will flow abundantly…

Babies who do not get love stay behind in their growth. A person dies if he does not get love. Maybe his body does not die, but certainly his spirit. At best, he becomes someone who survives, in the worst case he becomes a criminal and will kill without emotion as he has been killed.

Funny that we pay so much attention to fight evil, to acquire knowledge and outside matter while all we need to bring up a healthy and self-evident child is love. That last one seems to be a forbidden fruit…

Do you experience that everything you give attention grows?

The world is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. Until we take full responsibility for our own lives, we will continue to shop in the outside world, we will fill our emptiness with surrogate and we will continue to project our misery on others.

When all the shortages was filled in me, I discovered that I no longer had to do anything. I only had to be what every human being is in essence: an eternal source of love. Being love is another thing than covering everything under the guise of love and the shine of holiness! Love exposes everything that has been hidden carefully. Love begins by recognizing and embracing yourself fully.

No longer I feel the urge to bring all the misery of the world into my house by social media. I cannot change that. Every change is taking place within myself.

We cannot change the world. You can only change our view of the world

Ellen and Yasmin

Meantime I can say that I embrace myself with my perfect- and less perfect sides. In this material manifestation, I cannot only be light. Embracing both poles means harmony and wholeness. The heart is the engine. Life is full and fulfilling without filling in anything.I am very sensitive and everything I experience is going through my body. Unlike in the past, it will no longer stick on it. I am more a observer, an open channel. How arrogant to think that I had to bear the suffering of the world. It may be there. This also belongs to perfection. I can only be present, grateful in any moment.


I cannot change the flow of life. I can fight or let myself float on the stream. The moment I was tired of fighting, I surrendered: I let go – I let God. No longer I was a willing sheep. I got rid of the herd that makes evolution impossible and went my own way. It was painful and not always they loved me. No longer this is important. It is not about what others think of us, it is all about daring to live our own truth.

I take responsibility for my own actions. I cannot blame anyone and certainly, I cannot use God to justify my actions. If you do, I will not stop you. I will respect your way and not debate with you, what is another form of war.

Edith Rinckes AZC Heerhugowaard

Since I no longer want to hold on, not a partner, children, friends, and certainly no material possessions, love flows effortlessly inside and outside me. Fear is disappearing like snow for the sun and I feel free as an eagle in his flight.

After a half year with refugees in Greece, I experience a same openness here. People come to my house and feel charged. It is not my intention to make them depend on me or to hold anyone. To transform you have to experience the depth of hell and the height of heaven. Why should I stop someone from this process while I know this is the only way to wake up?

Om Shanti – Let us be in peace…


Face behind Refugee – Haaw from Iran

Face behind Refugee – Haaw from Iran

His name means Lover. And Love is what he really is…

He looks at me and says. I have already met you before. In 1999 you appeared in my dreams. I remember your eyes – your face. I hold my breath…

‘I am born in Tabriz in Iran. My father died 11 years ago of cancer and left our family behind in poverty. I have four brothers and one sister. I am the last born. I went to high school and became a professional basketball player. Because of economical and religious circumstance I fled from Iran 5 years ago. I went to Athens. The police cached me and put me a year in prison. When I came out I took a lawyer and went back to Iran’.

– Life is just an inner journey. People take it too serious…

Moria is a place where people transform. Everybody is equal there. No grades and class distinctions. In times of war people are forced to transform fast to divine beings or they get deeper in there human suffering.

– Moria is the prelude to a world that will merge in all respects. Willingly or unwillingly.

There is no God outside of us. We are all God/Goddess ourselves. What we make out of our lives is up to us. We cannot blame our family, we cannot blame our teachers. Essentially there are no distinctions. No religions. No borders.

Europa has to accept that the roll they have played for centuries is over now. Europe has to step back and hand over the torch to others. We are all equal and we have to mix to transform the human race to a higher level. Now the time is ready for that. We cannot stop this process. Neither by fear – neither by war. Because our essence is the same spirit, we have to drop all religions. We have to drop all cultures. We have to drop our fear for changes. Live is not predictable. You cannot plan your future. You have to step forward in the moment. We evolve by experience. Living in a safe and stable world is just a fantasy. By accepting that life is changing every moment and that we are the directors of our life means that we can feel save in every moment, wherever we are, whatever we have to face.

Even if I not feel save in the outside world, I feel safe inside of myself. I came back to Greece because I fell in love with a girl from Russia. I do not need any papers. I do not care about that kind of things. I just need to go to Athens to meet the Love of my Life, so I can marry her and start my own family. That is part of my program. You know everybody has its own program. It is just embedded in our DNA. You cannot escape from that.

Even if we think we can control our life. It is not like that. Sooner or later we have to follow our inner dream. And that is what I do. Even if Moria is not a human place, Moria cannot take away my humanity. That is my own responsibility. Nobody else.

People are not asking for clothes, tents or food. Okay, that is a necessity, but what they really need is to be seen, to be embraced and to be excepted in their pure human existence. And you are doing this. You give people their dignity back. That is why I Love you and why everybody loves you…


I feel deeply touched. That night I have a dream. I see a world beyond borders. A world beyond religion. A world beyond ranks and classes. I just see LOVE…

Om Shanti, Yasmin

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Detention Camp Moria Lesvos – A melting pot

Detention Camp Moria Lesvos – A melting pot

He looks at us and says: ‘I have seen you before in Moria. Welcome back ‘. His smile touches my heart…

Mostafa was a nuclear physicist working for Defence in Iran on a nuclear program. He fled Iran after an attack on his life and came to Turkey. His wife and three children were killed by the regime…

After three years he was forced to leave Turkey and applied for asylum in the USA. When they discovered who he really was, they put him on the plane back to Turkey. He could not stay there and fled to Athens. He was arrested and locked for a half years behind bars. He got transferred to Moria. Meanwhile the borders were closed. Although no one could or would do anything for him and there is no possibility that he can leave the island, his spirit is unbroken.

Two kinds

Greece is earning an enormous amount of money from the refugees industry. Anxiously Europe tries to get their borders closed, because they realise all too well that they will be engulfed by millions of refugees…

According to Mostafa there are two types of refugees. Those who are forced to flee their country as their lives are in danger because of war or other political or even non-political situation.

The other group can be described as economic refugees, the adventurer, the fortune-hunter. By the media and by the time-spirit they wake up and become more and more curious about other places in the world. Moreover, not only do they believe in a dream we mirror them that Europe is a Valhalla in terms of money, also because some of them like to enjoy the fruits that are banned in their own country, such as drugs and alcohol. In short, the economic refugees.

How more experienced I got by listening to their incredible stories, how more I have to say that it is more complicated. Every human being has a reason to come here. To risk your live by crossing the ocean in a dangerous rubber vehicle, you do not do that for fun…


Refugees have become an industry. People from everywhere are recruited by criminal forces and put on the boat, literally and figuratively, for money and false promises. Although they should know the other side of the story, it is often not like that because some reporting is blocked in their country and men happens to be essentially fatalistic. First we have to see before we can believe. And that is ultimately the only way. We have literally to experience things by ourselves before it can sink in. When they arrive here in Moria or elsewhere, their dream of an lovable and rich West soon false apart. There is no way back. The money they borrowed or has brought together by their family for the smuggler route out of hope for a better live for all of them, has to be repaid. That is one reason they cannot go back. There is even a more important point for Arab cultures. Losing your face is something that is not accepted in a macho world of oppression and domination. And a final reason is perhaps the most important. This hell of pain and suffering is a melting pot of almost fifty different cultures where people are lifted themselves up beyond their origins and culture, and where life is lived in all respects at the fullest. It is the survival of the fittest…

I do not understand why we do not focus on dismantling of the criminal smuggler circuit behind the story. Or is it ALL about money…


‘Yasmin, I think about going back to Pakistan’. ‘What is stopping you’. ‘We will get a free ticket and 500 Euros. We want 5000 Euros’. I look at him and say, ‘I am a poor Greek. I come to Pakistan. I want a house – I want a job – I want you to send my children to school’.  He looks at me. ‘We are crazy huh Yasmin’. ‘Yeah beauty, you are a bit crazy,’ I tell him without any kind of judgment. ‘What is your heart telling you’, I ask. ‘I want to go home. I miss my wife and children. I dream about them every night. I am going Yasmin. I promise…’

Three days later, he tells me he still wants to go first to Italy to earn some money. I know it is useless to talk about it again. Let him by himself experience what must be experienced by every soul itself…

Bright spot

There is also a bright spot in the life of Mostafa. In Moria Camp he fell in love with a beautiful woman from Iran. Recently he got married. He has another son.

There is another bright spot. He – like many of the Iranians here – became a Christian. His face starts to shine. ‘I have found peace in my heart, Yasmin. Most Muslims hate other cultures and other religions. They take care of their own family but do not feel compassion for other people. Many of them sow discord and hatred. They are killing others because of their religion, but there is no Arab country which like to give us asylum. Despite their difficult situation it are the people from the West who opening up their hearts and preparing to help us …’

Hussein from Afghanistan

Hussein was fearing for his life in Afghanistan. He is six months in Moria. ‘It was not always easy Yasmin, but I have learned here a lot from other people and other cultures. Our system is closing our eyes. They like us to believe that everything within our borders is better than outside our country. Until now it kept people from leaving their countries. But now we let ourselves not stop anymore and here we discover that we are all brothers and sisters …’

Good and evil

I do not think in terms of good and evil. I cannot say that Muslims are wrong and Christians are holy. Everywhere people remain people. Generally, I dare to say, Christians have crossed more often their borders. For them love and care for others has a high priority. And that is not restricted to their family! Generally Muslims derive their security from the Quran and often they shall defend this holy book by tooth and nail. Nevertheless any real Muslim will tell you that the Islam is a loving religion. Undoubtedly  in essence it is like that.



Moreover, the Christians have walked the path of conversion and domination. To a lesser extent they still do so in Africa and here in Moria. Mormons are operating under the name of NGO Euro-Relief in the Camp and baptize their followers in the sea. We are in Church with our Iranian and African friends. I participate with an open heart. If Emanuel from the USA starts his sermon, I go back in time. I do not stand up to tell the man that he better can use his intension to bring peace in his own country. Who am I to take away the inner feeling of peace from those people who probably experience this for the first time in their live. Some of them have decided to go back to Iran, to their beloved family to share secretly their acquired wealth with them. Openly that is impossible. They will be killed immediately.

Witch Craft

He is young, beautiful, and from Ghana. He came all alone and does not have any preference were to stay in Europe.  He feels safe now he has escaped from whitchkraft that killed his parents and three siblings. Believe me, I know and respect that power. Anyway, he cannot get back even if we want to put all Afrikaners immediately on the plane. Maybe it is undoubtedly true for a certain majority, but how more I listen to their real stories, the more I am convinced that it does not apply to an entire group. And that applies for every culture. You will have to judge every human being individual.

Family Reunion

Migrants from everywhere want to join their families, which are located somewhere in the West. Why stopping them to reunion with their husbands, wives and children, while those are willing to take them up and to care for them?

Stephen from Uganda

His parents died from AIDS, and he grew up in a hard and loveless situation. Aid workers taught him to speak English and made that he more or less felt loved. He worked in Dubai and Hong Kong. Back in Uganda he was imprisoned for months and severely tortured. He suffered from brain damage and fled to Turkey. He was black. His passport and money were stolen. For years he was more or less used as a slave to pay for his treatment and for his stay. When the situation in Turkey became untenable, he fled to the west. He seclude himself from the crowd and is only in the camp after dark. When I met him the second time, I set myself near him on the floor against a tree. The result is an hour-long monologue in which I hold his hands and he makes a start with his inner transformation. That night he sleeps for the first time in months. I see not only hope in his eyes – there is also a sparkling of trust…


Refugees from war zones such as Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Eritrea are more or less privileged that they have the resources to come to the West. They usually have relatives in their home country that cannot make that crossing and have to fear every day for their lives. You need money, lots of money to make the crossing to the rich West. Not everyone and not every family is able to collect that money…


The more we want control, the more we lose control. When we open the borders, we hit the traffickers of their contraband from hands. It will be less attractive to come to the West. Because we will apply the same rules for everybody. Everyone gets a visa for three months and must provide for its own maintenance. If one wants to settle in the West it will be necessary to comply with rules as applied to Westerners. His/Her contribution must be important or he or she must have sufficient resources to settle here and earn his own living. And believe me or not, we need many people from outside to get a breath of fresh air into the west and to turn around our problems of an aging population and the enormous loneliness that goes along with that.


Of course we continue to take up refugees from war zones. Now we do that often out of pity, instead of out of compassion – one of the weaker sides of Christianity. We give them a treatment where many of our own people get jealous of. People from other cultures are mostly very happy when they can work to earn their own money.  They are usually used to live together in a small space with their entire families. When we are willing we can learn a lot from them. They can feed and care for an entire family with one salary. Actually, as the Greeks still are doing this. We like to call this poverty. I experience this as pure wealth.


What we see as wealth are often things that we do not really need. We only collect them because we do not like to be aware of our inner emptiness and real poverty. We believe that spending lots of money is necessary to let flourish our economy. That is only a belief system. Our economy is an outdated concept that is in dire need of renewal.

Moria a melting pot

Proudly he stands behind the stroller. He is black and comes from East Africa. ‘Family?’ I ask. ‘No, my Afghan neighbours,’ he anwers proudly. Grandmother is sitting in front of the tent. I go on my knees and hug her…


What happens in such a hug is indescribable. Every time again it is touching for me, the openness I feel in the hearts of people. In short, there is literally nothing in between. How else I experience that sometimes in the ‘rich’ West.

Here I am completely myself. I walk down the street, I walk through the camp, I touch people, immigrants or Greek and wrap my arms around them. They suck it up like it is gold. Contorted faces are opening up. Tears are flowing and sorrow softens.



‘What do you need Yasmin. Can we do something for you. Can we collect clothes?’ ‘No dear that is not my thing. That is incredibly important, but is done by others. I am the fool in the Tarot. I dance with the Iranians, sing with the Afrikaners, drink wine with people who never drank wine before, share their food and accept lovingly the only apple they get that day while I have a whole basket of fruits in my room…’


It does not border me if people are Muslim, Christian or Atheist. To me they are primarily humans and we can enrich each other’s existence by opening our hearts for one another. Willingly or unwillingly, the world shall mingle. That we will not stop by various laws and high bars or walls. This process we can gradually proceed as we dare to open our hearts and let fade our inner borders…

Namasté, Yasmin

My wish for every day and for 2017

One Love

The world has become a melting pot. If we like it or not – we have to learn to live together and to embrace each other, un-regarded race, culture or religion. We are ALL one and we NEED each other.
It is my desire that we go beyond limitations in 2017. If we open our INNER borders – we will open ALL borders…

Let 2017 be a year of prosperity, human rights and freedom for ALL of us…

NEW Video Yasmin ENGLISH about Non-duality and Refugees
– ‘Love is All that IS’

Unbelievable escape-route Malak from Eritrea – 2011 untill now

Unbelievable escape-route Malak from Eritrea – 2011 untill now

He grew up as an orphan. Like every man he got a combined military training. He collected enough points to go two years to college. He wanted to do economics, but was forced to be a teacher without payment. You remain on call for the army to the age of 70th. Until then you get no passport and cannot legally leave the country. ‘I never knew how oppressed we were until I arrived in Israel…’

Suddenly the school is surrounded by soldiers. All 18 years old are recruited without food or water, without saying goodbye to their families and has to walk hundreds of kilometres to a remote area in the desert of Djibouti – where they got trained…

‘I could not kill people and wanted to leave military service. We were locked up in a camp in the desert – compared to Moria. When we tried to escape they sent the dogs after us. We spent hours running and chased the dogs away with sticks’.

‘Near the Sudan border is a small village. There are living nomads from Eritrea and Sudan. They kidnap people. With their help we got inside of Sudan. Eritreans working in Sudan sent us to the office of the United Nations. They brought us to a refugee camp similar to Moria’. ‘I stayed there for five months. I had no work and no one could help me.’

Malak fled and found work at the Sudanese border with Eritrea. He got kidnapped, managed to escape and tried two times to stabbing the border to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. He was picked up and brought back to the refugee camp.

He lost hope and went searching of smugglers who could take him to Israel. He reached the Sinai in Egypt. ‘This area is ruled by the Mafia. They have nothing human and sell drugs and people.’  Eventually he found a smuggler who promised him a safe route to Israel. With other refugees, they were pakked into three wooden boats, each with 25 people, to cross the Nile. Two of the three boats sank before his eyes and helplessly he had to watch while nearly 30 people drowned. ‘I can still hear the screaming of the people. We cried. Fisherman heard our shouting. They picked us up from the water and took everything from us. Later we found another smuggler and continued our journey.’ ‘I was 2.5 months in the Sinaï desert. The Bedouin asked $ 3.500 ransom. ‘The forced us to call our families to bring the money to a middleman in Eritrea. If you cannot get the money together, they cut one by one your fingers. ‘I was lucky Yasmin’. ‘We were beaten with sticks, got hardly any water and food and had to do construction work at night’.

‘When I had finally had collected the money, I could enter Israël. The Israelis were nice. They wanted their government gave us a work permit. We received a residence permit for four years, got some jobs and got paid little.

To be free Malak saved all his money. After four years they did not get a residence permit. On December the 27th in 2015 they were not allowed to work any longer and had to enter the camp. Their friends were very worried.

They were given three options:

  • To stay forever in Israel in a closed camp in the desert. Complete care, room and board, but they were not allowed to leave the camp. ‘According the Government we were ruining their Jewish culture.’
  • To return to Eritrea with $ 3.500 and a free airline ticket. Of course not an option.
  • Israël had signed a treaty with Rwanda: A free ticket, $ 3.500 and three days Hotel.

Malak knew a number of people had managed to enter Europe from Rwanda and he chose Rwanda. He gave his savings in hands from a good friend and left with empty hands.

After three days they found smugglers. For $ 2500, they transferred them in a minibus to Kampala, the Ugandan border. From Kampala they continued their journey to South Sudan. They were arrested by corrupt police officers who knew they came from Israel. Totally he paid $ 1000 to cross the border with South Sudan. They followed the main route to Juba, the capital of South Sudan. He paid another $ 500 and was flown to Sudan with a fake passport for $ 900. His friend in Israel sent money via Western Union. Someone was waiting for him at the airfield and so began his journey to the North.

‘It was awful. Everywhere were little checkpoints manned by teenagers with guns and we had to pay until we arrived in Khartoum. Here many people are waiting to go through. I stayed there for nine months. We were regularly arrested by the police, thrown in jail and we had to pay. I wanted to leave Sudan. I was worried and slowly I got mad. My money was finished, but my friend in Israel was willing to pay. I met an Eritrean with a residence permit in Sudan. He had a visa for Turkey for $ 7.000. ‘I got the money from my friend.’ With a fake passport Malak flew into Istanbul. He stayed there for two weeks, was put in prison and arrived in March, after the borders were closed, for the extremely high amount of $ 1500 in Lesvos.


Finally free! Again they put him in a detention camp. Now he is here for ten months without registration – without interview and without medical care. Unbelievable…

Although his emotions occasionally are visible, and his pain is palpable, his spirit is unbroken. Malak does justice to its name. He is really an Angel…

Although Eritrea is still at war with Ethiopia, the people do not care about this. In Moria they live peacefully together and have relationships beyond limits…

Om Shantii – let US leave in Peace


One Love

A day in Camp Moria in Lesvos

A day in Camp Moria in Lesvos

An icy cold wind is blowing through Camp Moria. There are no heaters in the tents and people barely have warm clothes. There is only cold water. The laundry will not dry. Most toilets do not work. Winter has to start yet! Four people were killed because they wanted to warm their tent. I see pain in the eyes of the boys who tried to rescue them…

Boys from Syria are dancing to keep themselves warm. I dance with them. Africans gather wood for cooking their maize porridge and just to have a feeling of warmth. People spend hours in the queue to get food. Others do not like this and prepare their own food.

For many, this is hell. But there is certainly a reason why those people are here together. On the road to a world without borders people must first learn to tolerate and to respect each other regardless colour, culture or religion…


If I should not have been a world citizen yet, I have become one in this week at Camp Moria. Detention Camp Moria feels like a large enclosed square where about 6.000 people staying in smaller and bigger tents. They are not allowed to do something. Some find a way out of hell. They help to clean, follow guitar lessons or walk to Mytilini to study English or Greek in Support Center Mosaic. A few, like a friend of Pakistan, is working as a volunteer.

Detention camp Moria Lesvos

The children are as careless as anywhere. They have no problems with ethnicity and play with each other without worrying about the future. They seems to know that we cannot plan the future – that the future just unfolds itself by embracing THIS moment at the fullest…

Some are unshakable positive. Others immediately deposit all their woes on us. I stop this as quickly as possible. I do not like to be dragged into a pool of perdition. I want to look for opportunities. I am Loving, honest AND if necessary confronting: ‘We did not ask for this. Europe is NOT waiting for you’. Every time the result is surprising. With a few exceptions, they put me all in their HEART.

After a cup of coffee in the tent of one of our Afghan friends, we meet for the 2nd time the Ethiopian community. Some of them still remember us from last August and even what I said to them. ‘You’re beautiful – you’re powerful. Whatever happens, stay centered in your heart’. Some of the 250 Eritrea are more than eight months here. They speak perfect English and are very open minded. This in contrast with most Afrikaners who live in their own territory.


I hear heart-breaking stories. After 8 months, none of them is registered. A process which must take place within 25 days. Many Eritrea has wounds from gunshot as they tried to flee from the army. One of them is in a horrible state. They took him regularly to a medical post. It was always: ‘Tomorrow’. The man is thin, he can barely walk and is in great pain.

Last March Doctors Without Borders have withdrawn from Camp Moria because they could not agree with the procedure of mass expulsion. We see heart-breaking situations. There seems to be hardly any medical care in the camp…

They look to us with a sparkling of hope in their eyes. Can we provide a lawyer or at the least can we ensure that their friend get the medical help he really needs? For this time we cannot, so we treat the man on the spot. He falls asleep on his seat and is more or less supported by his friends into his tent.

Many of these guys have fled from the army, because of murders within their families or because of other horrible things. They went to Israel and were given a work permit for five years. After five years, they were brought to Rwanda and given into the hands of smugglers. Through many wanderings they are here. No way they can go back home again…

We hear that the Greeks are not always that friendly to blacks. In certain cafes those guys were told that they only serve the Greeks…


Two lovers are kissing each other through the fences. They are from Eritrea and Ethiopia. Another couple lives together in a tent. For them Moria is a kind of a Paradise. Their government wants to separate them. But the people go beyond that and love each other…


Detention camp Moria Lesvos

While the soldiers marches in with shields and batons, I talk to a guy from Palestine. He wants to show me pictures of the fires. I know it all – I am not interested. One of the boys was beaten by the soldiers. ‘They are afraid of us.’ ‘Of course they are, you cannot understand this?’ After an intense confrontation I embrace him. He has changed totally. ‘Today my day is blessed. I met you’ the guy tells me. ‘I want to meet you again, here or in the Netherlands’. Also those guys are not registered yet. Unbelievable!

The Netherlands

Nias from Iraqi Kurdistan appeals to us in perfect Dutch. He worked for years in Rotterdam. His wife and children are in the Netherlands. He arranged everything to let his family come over to Kurdistan and was stopped by the IS. So he sold his house to return to his family in the Netherlands and was stopped in Lesvos. He loves to pay his own residence. Like many others…


Our presence within the camp brings a sparkling of joy into the hearts of everyone we touch. Afterwards we share our experiences with our friends in Panagiouda and are overwhelmed with Greek kindness and sweetness. I feel extremely blessed that I am in the circumstances to meet all those beautiful souls, refugees as well as Greek…

Om Shanti
Yasmin – December 8, 2016

Chaos again

Since last week there is a new wave of refugees. Every day there arrive around 150 people in Lesvos and in Kos. Now they are brought in speedboats…

NEW Video Yasmin ENGLISH about Non-duality and Refugees
– ‘Love is All that IS’

Back on the road to Greece

Back on the road to Greece

We live in a world created by our concepts, ideas and conditioning. When we start to live from the hearth, we are not limited anymore by our boundaries. We are ready to serve the world without being a servant…

On the road

When we arrive by car in Vezelay, our Pakistani son of Lesvos get been smuggled to the mainland. He escaped for the 2nd time from deportation.

Montsegur – Cave of Bethlehem


I stay at the top of the Montsegur and talk about the person who awakened my interest in the Cathars. As we descend the mountain at the end of the day, I met this person at the base. Miraculous or divine tuning…

Although the cave of Bethlehem is closed to tourists, we managed to find her flawlessly. She receives us with open arms…


I met her only once. The daughter of my favourite nephew. On the 6th of May 2002, the day our politician Pim Fortuyn was murdered, she came to my lecture. We are connected forever. My books are in her bookcase. Limitless we enjoy each other’s company at the Spanish border… ❤

Italy and migrants

In Ventimiglia, we meet hundreds of Africans. They are like rats in a trap. When they cross the border into France, they are picked up by the police and returned to Italy. Going home is also impossible. The residents are terrified from gatherings of black men, so the police is chasing them apart. Women and children are behind the church, protected by a fence.

‘We dream of a rich and loving Europe,’ Esna from Eritrea shares with us. ‘Here we find out that it is not like that anymore. We miss our family and we start to realise that life in Africa is not that bad…’

– What we see at an individual level, also takes place nationwide. Nobody wants to take the responsibility for the situation at their front-door and they are pointing their finger at Europe…

Torino – Osama from Egypt


He escaped miraculously from Moria-camp in Lesvos and works at night in the kebab restaurant of his brother. The nightlife and the loss of his beloved ones has left its mark, but he radiates of joy when we meet. We take him to the Egyptian Museum. Finally he sees something of its own culture, which in Egypt is only for tourists…

Sham from Pakistan

He flew to Paris and was singled out by customs. He starts to understand that a rejected asylum in Greece makes it practically impossible to get asylum elsewhere in Europe…

Tsangwa from Kenya

Three weeks he was missing, my dearest friend of Kenya. I was very worried. With the help of friends he was found in a desperate condition. Empty-handed again, but thank God – he is alive…


We crossed by ferry from Ancona to Patras and came home in Greece. We have precious Greek and non-Greek encounters. In Athens we found our Syrian families back. But that is for later…


Giri and I are very much okay. There is a huge inner space inside of me. No urge to do something or to be somewhere. Inside of me or outside, the energy does its job flawlessly. And even if it looks like doing  nothing in the outside world of forms, every day the circle of love is more tangible…

Om Shanti – Let US be in PEACE…


NEW Video Yasmin ENGLISH about Non-duality and Refugees
– ‘Love is All that IS’

The SHAME of Europe: Refuge as Business…

The SHAME of Europe: Refuge as Business…

A terrorist is not a Muslim. A terrorist has lost his faith…’
– Pope Francis in Moria.

‘Will Europe make a large detention center of Greece Yasmin ‘, asks one of our dear Greek friends with pain in his eyes. ‘I did like you to write a letter to the European Union with all the insights you have collected’. I look at him: ‘I am not an activist, but a peacemaker. But no longer I can deny this situation…’

There are places such as Kara Tepe where everything is neatly arranged. There are more social workers than refugees. I would send 90 percent of them home and I would put the refugees themselves at work. You give them the feeling back that they are human…

As a counterpoint, there are places everywhere like Moria-Camp. Moria symbolizes the shame of Europe. Even if it is not possible for us to enter through the front door, we have seen a lot through the back door. We have met people from more than twenty countries. Apathetic people – sad people – happy people and above all lots of brave people. I do not feel pity. That is inhumane and that I do not feel anymore. I tell them frankly that the situation in Europe is anything but rosy, and if they can not live together in peace at this place, they can  better go back to the war in their own country. They are surprised and get lively with my directness.

Of course I understand that there is no ready-made solution in this. But to put innosent people behind bars in a terrible kind of prison – where even NGO’s withdraw en masse, is mockery to our humanity and feeds the frustration.

We can not continue to commute our fear with buckets of money, of which like always only a small portion reaches the refugees.

In Moria-camp there is hunger – often a lack of water – people sleep in the bloody heat in a tent on the floor and the bathroom is a accusation. They fight for food – almost every day. Some time ago, the Afghans put the tent of Pakistanis on fire. 70 people get injured…

For some refuges their escape was a hell, for others a great adventure. The dream of a life without war, to have the right to speak out freely, kept them alive. That dream has been shattered. Except the people from Syria and Eritrea only a very few will have the opportunity even to leave the islands. You need to SEE a place like Moria to believe it!

By meeting people they are no longer images for me but living souls. By looking them in their eyes I put them in my hearth. We adopted our Pakistani hero. He asked me to bless him before we left Lesbos: ’Why Yasmin I had to wait for so long to meet YOU? I have met so many loving people, but the meeting with you both has lift me up. I dare to face life again…’

To BE with the people here has enriched my life. My heart was already open, it is even more open then before. I did not came for them. I am here in the first place for myself. If God is willing – Inshallah – we will go back by the front door – straight into Moria Camp. I like to do what I did everywhere: People learn to live together in PEACE.

Unknown makes unloved. Or as Sham told us: I am raised with hatred toward Israelis. Here I discover that Israelis are lovely people too.

A terrorist is brainwashed and lost HimSelf.  He never reached his inner Source –  I will call Love…

Part 2. The drame of Sham from Pakistan

Ons adoptiekind. Sham uit Pakistan

When you kill someone, you will kill everyone
When you save a person, you will save everyone
– Sham

The story of Sham has been stripped of self-pity, though he shows his emotions clearly when he talks about his parents. He wants to protect them – he does not like them to know the situation he is in…

The situation in Pakistan is not safe. You can find information on the Internet. I limit myself to Sham.

A brother of Sham and his uncle get killed. Others were tortured so they lost limbs. We know these stories from Kashmir, where the current situation – according to Sham – is worse than ever.

His family brought money together and he found a smuggler who should bring him safely to Europe. In Iran, he was kidnapped and tortured. Burns from hot iron are clearly visible on his back and arm. Eventually he get handcuffed and blindfolded left in the bush. He managed to free himself, got help and continued his journey. He went without too many problems through Turkey and reached seven months ago Lesvos. Finally free! Two days before they closed the borders…

Sham is Muslim and computer specialist. He meditates and write poems to transforms his trial.

His suffering is not over

A group of volunteers open a wonderful camp in the bush. There are 1500 refugees and no fences. Suddenly, with European funds, they restored the huge prison next door, including fences and barbed wire. The existing camp is dismantled. Five hundred Pakistanis go into detention. They will be sent back to Turkey. That is the end, Sham knows. He finds out when the guard is asleep and escapes. With blankets he climbs the high fences with barbed wire. He hides a month in the bush. Keeps alive by boys from the camp. If the detention order expires Sham returns to the camp through a hole in the fence.

He is not complaining about food or anything else. I feel that he is risking his life. But he likes to do what he has to do…

After an intense talk Sham leads us around the prison. It is a horrible place. Pope Francis called it during his visit the greatest shame after the Second World War! Caringly Sham puts his arms around my shoulders as if he likes to protect me…

  • Sham is never complaning. He is going for his asylum for Greece even if he knows he can sent back to Pakistan. He likes to enter by the frontdoor…

Part 3. A fortnight in Lesvos

Dogs, cats and pigeons. They fit naturally into the streets. Like the Romans, which, however, are left to their fate and try to scrape by begging their food. Refugees do not beg. We meet wonderful Greeks and volunteers from all over the world who seek us to ventilate their frustrations about their organization. The Greeks are the most lovable people I ever met. In every way life is more relaxed than in our country.

Without knowing anything I feel I need to go to Camp Moria, the hell of Lesvos. We defy the enormous heat and meet many people outside the gate or on the way. Sometimes little miracles happen:

Osana from Egypt is a shining Light
  • Like the family of Syria which we encouraged to move to Kara Tepe. Despair transformed into joy.
  • Haslo from Guinea with his open heart who wants to tell his children what life is like in Europe.
  • Basil from Jordan who has a spirit the world can float on. We eat together with his Syrian friends at Kara Tepe – of course with our hands.
  • Osama from Egypt who leaves his wife and child behind to find a way to make a living for them. He calls me his teacher and tries to learn English as much as possible during the meal we share. He wants to go to his brother in Italy. “Please, take me on the boat,” he asks. Unfortunately, even that is not possible.
  • Our friend Jafar from Afghanistan, together with his brother, survived the trip under a truck and arrived safely in Switzerland – thank goodness!

Part 4. The old hospital

Playing with Hothefa from 14

Back in Pireaus we are surprised by the heat and pollution of the city. We get told that we did better not to go the old hospital in the heart of Athens where our friends are, because the project is taken over by the Mafia. We just go. Without exeption our friends are very glad to see us. But the spirit seems disappeared. The dullness even struck at Fatia, the undefeated power of Piraeus…

What a drama! The project started by an English couple initially for Syrian families after the conclusion of Pireaus, has been taken over by Syrian youth. They steal food supplies and medicines collected by volunteers and convert them into alcohol and drugs. For days there is no food. Today we will eat together and we will bring some money to our families who have a hard time. Samir even thinks about going back to the war in Syria after more than half a year in Greece and no place to go. Even not to his daughter in Germany. Life here is too hard and too hopeless, he says…

According to Sham America and Russia are the culprits. They create refugees and saddle them onto Europe.

Anyway, a massive migration is taking place. Good or bad, we will have to learn to respect and to tolerate each other. The only way to do this is to walk the way my SELF…

Every day I get touched until my soul,

Om Shanti – Let US live in Peace

Salwa from Syria and I love each other

Pireaus Port – Refugees

Pireaus Port – Refugees

The moment you look people straight in their eyes, you will meet their true Being. Strangers no longer exist.

Syrians, Afghans, Kurds, Iraqis, Iranians, Cashmere, Tunisians. We meet them all at the port of Pireaus where they are stranded five months ago after the borders closed and which port is now in Chinese hands…

Although there is a difference in status, their stories are almost identical. Many have fled the war and lost relatives, others came because they wanted to build a better life in the ‘promised land’ of their imagination. They were imprisoned in Turkey, crossed the border in the night and were terrified to be arrested or to drown with the boat. Some left entire families behind, others have a family member somewhere in Europe.


The army and the church take care for food. There are tents and blankets provided by the UN. There is a Red Cross post, free transportation and loads of young people coming by organizations to assist with food and clothing distribution, to teach English or to play with the children. Some people are totslly apathetic, others like Fatia, her sister and their families have created a home where everybody, refugees as well as volunteers can recharge. You get offered something everywhere: tea, coffee, fruit juice or fruit. People are starting to know us, kids shine as they see us. Literally I put my arms around them, large or small. Sometimes we are a signpost for new volunteers…


We do nothing – and because of that the energy called Love flows naturally. The moment you embrase people, all judgments will disappear. No, the Syrians are not poor, but they lost their homes and family members in the war, left everything behind and paid huge sums to escape to a safe place. And we would certainly do the same. Whattsapp provides a wunderful connection with friends or relatives elsewhere.

Everyone lives his own blueprint. Situations that seem inhuman in our eyes, undoubtedly lead sooner or later to polish the pathway our soul has chosen for.


I am not here because I want to be good, I am not here because I want to be an angel. I am here because I want to be in all respects a true Human-being. To experience and to be present with an open heart and to put literally my arms around the people, all judgments are fading away and I meet all particles of mySelf. Undoubtedly all of us become richer…


Fatima - Modisa Afghanistan

Jafar from Afghanistan is here because for him there is no future in his country. He is caring for a group of Afghan men and acts together with those guys as brothers and protectors for Fatima and her daughter Modisa. Heart-warming! He does not see another way out then to leave the country illegally. But first he wants to find a safe place for this mother and daughter. We try to help him. There is no way back. In my heart I will travel with him…

‘The Koran is a wonderful guide to walk our pathway,’ Jafar tells me. ‘Unfortunately, there are just a few who live this nowadays…’

My dear Jafar, you are living it. And many people  I have met in those days…


A couple from Wales together with a group of Syrian people are creaking an old hospital. We pay the taxi for father Samir to get there with their furniture and we take the subway with his wife Salwa and their three kids. It is an incredible mess, but they are happy to have a place for now. We help Salwa to clean up the biggest mess. When we come back two days later their room is spotless, though there is still no toilet and electricity. Salwa is cooking for us and hungry or not, we have to eat. We know this habit globally! ‘I love you’, Salwa says as she looks into my eyes. ‘I love you too’, I answer sincerely.


Syria - Fatia - Yasmin and Zubaida

Will it finally happen? The police came around to mention that this camp will be closed on Monday.  Many families have already been evacuated elsewhere. There is a special camp for Syrians. Fatia and her family will get a caravan there. There is also a tent camp for Afghans.

But what to do with all the others – that is until now a mystery…

Om Shanti,

The power of silence

The power of silence

If all sounds are stilled and we have gone to the bottom of our fear, there remains nothing else then to surrender ourselves to the flow of silence. We finally come home to the world we were constantly looking for…


I wake up and stretch myself. While chuckling, I feel my heart is opening up. It is not a disaster to be alone. I am not bad company! I embrace myself in compassion and my heart opens up further and further. From the boundless flow of unconditional love my compassion is going to our Refugees. I am thankful that I am not in their shoes! In my imagination I embrace them with an open hearth while offering them a bunch of roses. I feel compassion for a world that feels alienating and split up because we live in the illusion of a separate I…


Although different than before, it can be pretty quiet around me now I am pulling back again from the visible world of activity. At the same time there is a huge need for silence inside of me. The moments that I feel uncomfortable, are those moments when I think I finally have to do something! Unfortunately, it is not working like that anymore. Once I let go and return to the boundless space in myself, there is no compulsion, and I am utterly boundless. I know I am doing what I have to do – even though my contribution seems less visible in the outside world.
People who are a tad alienated of this society feel at home with me. I accept them the way they are. Eventually I am also not a ‘normal’ tribe-member.


Regularly I go into nature. There is nothing that distracts me and I immensely enjoy the silence. All difficulties disappear like snow in the sun and I feel truly safe in the arms of the Father/Mother. I become one with nature – my nature.
Once you leave the beaten track you come to mystical places. In front of me a deer stands on the path. A buzzard is looking for the right thermals. What a power! How lovingly the couple coots take care of their young. A lapwing cries desperately after losing her nest. A swan with kids is swimming in the river. A lamb calls for its mother. Mother sheep breaks away from the flock and knows unerringly to find her child. A group of geese expels an intruder in their territory. Everything seems to be in bloom and the diversity of greens are a blessing for body and soul.
My energy is flowing abundantly and I feel grateful and privileged that I can walk, that I can enjoy…


I am grateful that I am born in the Netherlands. It is in many respects a great country and in essence we are a hospitable race.
We have, in my opinion, one weakness. We like to arrange everything and that deprives people of the possibility to discover the essence of life. Children need to learn the difference between good and evil. They can only learn this by experiencing this by themselves.


If we allow ourselves to make mistakes, if we dare to be rebellious, if we have the courage to question the established order, especially within ourselves, we eventually learn that we can only be responsible for our own Self. When we playful and curious dare to explore our own lives, when we honestly dare to look in our own mirror, we stop pointing to others. We accept that is what is, without having an opinion or a judgment. We reveal what the Creator intended with his creation. Words lose strength, silence takes its space. We quit to believe that we have to do something. We are what we are: pure Love…


Embrace your fear and it will disappear like snow in the sun. It does not matter which path we have chosen. It is always the right path! And if you need something from someone else, you just have to ask. It is that simple!

Om Shanti – Let US be in Peace…
Yasmin – Ambassador of Love